Here are the six most common sexual fantasies

A book just published in the United States reveals what are the most common fantasies. A ranking that might surprise you.

It is a book that should be a hit even if no one dares to assume it in public. In “Tell me what you want”, the psychologist Justin Lehmiller draws the top 6 most famous sexual fantasies in the UK. 4175 people were interviewed for two years for this study.

Variations between men and women

The most common fantasy? The triolism. A small threesome seduces men as well as women but in a different way. Men prefer to add a woman to the equation when their companions do not have a preference.

The second fantasy is BDSM. Probably inspired by the “Fifty Shades of Gray” saga, 65% of the people questioned dream to attach or to spank themselves. Women would tend to play the submissive when men are more dominant.

In the third position is the public place. Exhibitionism would have a bright future ahead of him. Among the favorite places, the office, the park or the elevator.

Then it’s the open couple. 79% of men want to have the right to go elsewhere, a figure that drops to 62% for women. On the other hand, 58% of these want to see their partner with someone else.

The fifth fantasy is very particular. They want to have a couple … harmonious physically and intellectually. Indispensable to feel desired and loved.

Finally, the last of the list is homosexuality. 56% of women dream of sleeping with another woman. A figure that falls to 29% for men.

And you, what is your number one sexual fantasy?

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