Fit-trends 2019: 5 forms of physical activity that you will want to try

One of your resolutions for this year was to take some physical activity? If you have not tried it yet, maybe the most popular fit-trends 2019 will motivate you.

We have the middle of April, the beginning of spring, and you still have not managed to implement one of your resolutions – namely that in the end you will start to move more and you will be more consistent in this? Well, we know how it is with such declarations with the end of the old and the beginning of the new year. Unfortunately, most of them die soon after they are born. Reason? No decisive action. The goal is not to make any changes, unfortunately. The intentions are important, but taking even a first step is able to influence that we will achieve a goal. Therefore, it makes no sense to assume in advance that it will be something spectacular. It is better to focus on what is achievable and strive for this by the small steps method. The top fit-trends that we learn from the report can help you“Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2019”, which brought us closer to MultiSport. What are the trends?

Trend # 1: Portable technology

Trend # 1: Portable technology

You know that every fifth active person (18%) uses mobile applications during training? The report “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2019” shows that one of the guiding fit-trends for this year are portable technologies. And these are not only smartphones with various types of applications or social media, where we share with observers their progress or traps, but also smart watches, devices to monitor heart rate or calories burned. Thanks to the MultiSport program data, we know that in Poland, 11 percent of people practicing sports at least once a month use gadgets to measure the number of traveled distance or pulse (MultiSport Index 2018). On the other hand, 31% watch videos on the Internet with instruction for physical exercise. And which of the “technological activities” do you use? Or are you going to use?

Trend # 2: Group exercises

Trend # 2: Group exercises - Fit-trends 2019. 5 forms of physical activity that you will want to try

Regardless of whether you like the exercise in groups or not, it is invariably the leading fit-trend in the world. Although it is a fact that individual classes are still more popular (in Poland the time is actively spending 48% in this way). According to the MultiSport Index 2018 report, we usually have friends (70%) or life partners (17%) during group training. He trains only 6% of children. people who prefer sport in the company.

Trend # 3: HIIT

Trend # 3: HIIT - Fit-trends 2019. 5 forms of physical activity that you will want to try

Do you suffer from a chronic lack of time? HIIT training or High-Intensity Interval Training is the perfect solution for you? This is nothing more than high-intensity interval training. It consists of short, intertwined anaerobic exercises with lighter cardio exercises and usually lasts no more than half an hour.

Trend # 4: Fitness programs for seniors

Trend # 4: Fitness programs for seniors - Fit-trends 2019. 5 forms of physical activity that you will want to try

Or maybe you do not need motivation and people from your surroundings? For example, parents or even older relatives, that is grandma or grandfather? Make them aware that there are special programs for seniors, and generally for people over 60 years of age. And this is one of the most popular fit-trends in the world. People regardless of their age are paying more attention to their physical activity. Therefore, they have more and more access to classes, which is possible even at membership cards (in Poland, for example, MultiSport Senior). It’s also a great idea if you would like to do something for others in your town. Maybe someone is waiting just for your move! 

Trend # 5: Bodyweight

Trend # 5: Bodyweight - Fit-trends 2019. 5 forms of physical activity that you will want to try

This form of activity may appeal to you for two reasons. First of all – you can practice it at home, or at open-air gyms, and secondly – you do not need more skills. Bodyweight is based on simple exercises, using the minimum equipment, and all this to get your body used to variable dynamics. So once, let’s do pushups, other times squats, pull-ups on the stick or a handful. Training is worth being varied with bike, jogging or cardio. Everything as far as your possibilities – time and strength.

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