Everything you need to know before wearing black hair with pink highlights


Black is an intense color that provides elegance and sophistication. Now him black hair with pink highlights, without a doubt, results in a look bold, trendy and very striking that we know you will love.

Would you like to know how to wear it? Keep reading and discover more about this coloration and the best ways to show it off, as well as the keys to doing it successfully.

Woman with black hair and bright pink streaks
Pink highlights are the most fun way to color your black hair. Credit: Instagram.com/catecutdye

In general terms, if your color is warm, opt for highlights in warm tones, such as brown, gold or copper. If your coloring is cool, your best choice is highlights in cool tones, such as white, ash or platinum.

The color pink can also be warm or cool. Hot pink has a red, orange, or yellow undertone (for example, a peachy pink), while cool pink has a blue, purple, or green undertone (for example, a lavender pink).

Use a specialized washing system

Use a specialized washing system. The shampoo Y TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner They are added with marula oil and resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant to hydrate, care for color and restore shine to dyed hair. Its technology helps maintain a vivid and lasting color.

Keep your hair hydrated

Add an extra dose of hydration to your hair routine. You can do it with Sedal super conditioner Maximum Hydration 1 Minutewhich combines the most powerful conditioning agents to give your hair the daily nutrition it needs.

go to a professional

Going to an expert colorist guarantees that the result will be as desired, especially when it comes to high-risk effects. Be sure to return every two months to keep your color radiant.

Half pink and black hair

Woman with slightly wavy half black and half pink hair
This coloration looks radiant, daring and very striking. Credit: Instagram.com/stylistssupportingstylists.

The bicolor hair you can also look amazing with half in black and the other in pink. If you are not afraid of color, then this will be your best choice.

Black hair with California pink streaks

Woman with dark brown hair and pink Californian streaks
You can wear California highlights in any color, even fantasy. Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr.

Put an eye-catching twist on your mane with a pink accent. You can wear it in a color gradient or a balayage. The result will look amazing!

Pink streaks in dark hair

Woman with pink streaks in short brown hair
Pink highlights are a great success to show off a pink tint without having to bleach all your hair. Credit: Instagram.com/youstylistaachen

Pink tones are perfect for lighting up your brown base and highlighting your features. you can get an effect hair contouringapplying some pink wicks close to your face.

Black hair with pink streaks

Woman with black hair and pink balayage highlights
Pink highlights are perfect for dark hair. Credit: Instagram.com/bedstylist

Do you love pink but do not want a very flashy tone in all your hair? Ask your stylist to lightly fade it and place it only in a few strands.

Black hair with pastel pink highlights

Woman with black hair with pastel pink balayage highlights
We love pastel colors. Credit: Instagram.com/haircode_iris.

Bet on some highlights in strawberry blonde. They are ideal for those who want to give life to their hair, and even provide a romantic and feminine style.

Black hair with pink tips

Woman with black hair and pink tips
Fancy colors are the boldest move and these magenta tips prove it. Credit: Instagram.com/birdsofparadyes

For fans of daring proposals, magenta bleached tips are ideal. To get this effect, ask your stylist to slightly fade the tone you prefer and place it only in a few strands.

Black hair with rose gold highlights

Dark brown hair with rose gold highlights
Metallic pink highlights are a combination of various shades: red, pink and blonde. Credit: Instagram.com/romeufelipe.

Chestnuts that prefer a discreet transformation can resort to hair rose gold. It looks fantastic in the form of highlights and highlights.

Black hair with colored streaks

Woman with black hair and colored streaks
Bet on this type of highlights if you are not afraid of risky ‘looks’. Credit: Instagram.com/jhair_stylist.

Opt for a subtle but very colorful touch of color, wearing only thick highlights in front of your face. Not only are they very easy to make, but they require almost no maintenance.

Black hair with highlights and pink bangs

Woman with black hair with pink highlights and bangs
Pink tints are a hit for any hair. Credit: Instagram.com/jhair_stylist.

Black hair with highlights is a very representative style of generation Z. If you opt for this coloration, we recommend you wear it with a long bangs dyed and a layered cut. You will not regret!

Pink streaks in brown hair

Woman with pink streaks in medium brown hair
Give light to your brown hair with pink highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/jhair_stylist.

Regardless of the base shade of your hair, a touch of pink can give it a unique twist. Do not hesitate and opt for some pink highlights, you will love the result!

Blond hair with pink streaks and black roots

Mary Charteris with blonde hair with pink streaks
Mary Charteris wears a pink balayage with a dark root. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

For those who want to keep their roots dark, pink gradients are the best option. This technique will give the face a lot of light and will highlight your eyes.

Short black hair with highlights

Kristen Stewart with pink streaks in short black hair
You can wear pink locks regardless of the length of your hair. Word from Kristen Stewart. Credit: Jacques BENAROCH/SIPA/Shutterstock.

In times of crisis, short hair often makes a comeback. Wear it with some neon pink highlights to raise the positive note.

We are not going to lie to you, to achieve a uniform pink tone, it is most likely that it will require prior bleaching. It is necessary that you ask your stylist if your hair is suitable for it or on the contrary, it is too fragile and would not support it.

The good news is that pink tints allow for many variations, depending on the base. You can opt for a near platinum finish or a darker version.

Now if you want to experiment with the fantasy colored hair You can opt for a temporary dye, as it does not contain ammonia or oxidants. You find them in different presentations; Although there are chalks and aerosols, the best hair dyes within this range are those in the form of shampoos, conditioners and foams, as they are more moisturizing.

Do you already know which of these styles you want to wear? Share your new look On Instagram (@allthingshairmex), we would love to see it!

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