Emo hairstyles are back on TikTok: these are the keys to wearing them


The rise of the emo aesthetic of the late 2000s is the next step in our cultural obsession with nostalgia. The emo hairstyles, with the side fringe and the short layers, once again appealing to millennials caught up in an emotionally overwhelming reality, longing to relive their adolescence; but also of generation Z, who, in the face of the global pandemic, environmental collapse and economic recession, finds solace in the romanticized version of a period they never experienced firsthand.

Emo music—a shortening of the word “emotional”—began in the basements of the Washington, DC hardcore scene in the mid-1980s. Bands blended pop elements into the stark, intense soundscapes of hardcore and punk, and they deviated from hypermasculine attitudes through poetic and introspective lyrics about pain, suffering and loneliness.

However, the emo aesthetic did not develop until the 2000s, with elements from other cultures, such as punk, gothic, grunge, skateboarding Y rockabilly. Contrary to mainstream trends, emo fashion was characterized by skinny pants, fingerless gloves, rock band T-shirts, hoodies, studded belts, dark makeup around the eyes, black nail polish, and straight hair. , sometimes dyed black or bold colors, with long bangs to the side.

Young people at the time also increased associations of music with taboo subjects, such as sexual fluidity, self-harm, and depression. For Gen Z, who grew up experimenting with gender expression and for whom talking about mental health is not only normal but necessary, the turn-of-the-millennial emo aesthetic and ethos has immediate appeal.

The first edition of the music festival When We Were Young —which brings together the best of early-millennium pop-punk and alternative rock—, as well as the launch of the song emo girl by Machine Gun Kelly in collaboration with Willow, would mark the heralded return of the emo aesthetic.

On TikTok, the hashtag #emo has over 27 billion views and counting. With celebrities like MGK, Willow Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, Kourtney Kardashian, Megan Fox at the forefront of the scene, the emo aesthetic has been given a makeover. If you want to join us, we have compiled for you some emo hairstyle ideas to get you started, as well as tips for ordering your cut and styling it correctly.

Billie Eillish with up-do emo hairstyle with long straight bangs
If you don’t want to cut your hair, you can imitate Billie Eilish and pick it up to simulate short layers that start from the crown of the head. Of course, the long fringe is essential. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

Popular between 2000 and 2010, emo hairstyles consist of layered asymmetrical cuts with long bangs and angular on the side. Cuts should be medium to long, and layers are usually short around the crown and long beyond.

Be sure to ask for a feathered cut (may be razor cut) and with layers that frame your face. If you are going to carry it on the side, have it cut directly like this, so that the fall is adequate. Or, if you want, you can also opt for a very current cut, like a mullet, shag, wolf cut either mixie and adapt it to the emo aesthetic.

Hair is usually black or dyed in fancy shades, such as purple or pink, and is preferred straight and with a tousled texture.

In men, it is also common to see the bangs combed all the way forward or, more recently, combined with other current styles, such as the book hairstyle.

On the other hand, the emo girl Today’s style is inspired by K-pop and anime, so you’ll also see pigtail or bun hairstyles accessorized like bows, tiaras, and star barrettes.

Editor’s tip: use the TRESemmé Extreme spray to tease or set your bangs with the highest level of control. The Ax Ice Chill wax It will also be a good ally to achieve instant fixation with a natural finish.

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