Eating nut may reduce breast cancer risk: Study

Everyone knows that walnuts are very beneficial for health. But do you know that by eating nut, women can be protected from breast cancer. Yes, a report of a recent study showed that intake of breast can prevent breast cancer from growing and the danger of this serious disease can also be overcome.

This study has been published in the journal Journal of Nutrition Research. Studies have reported that consuming 56 grams of walnuts daily for 2 weeks changes the genes of breast cancer caused by breast cancer. Marshal University researcher W Elaine Hardman said, eating nut may prevent breast cancer growth from growing.

He further said, our team has estimated that nutritious intake changes the genes of pathogenic women suffering from breast cancer, which can reduce the risk of breast cancer and its risk.

The first trial of the study included women who had a knot in Breast. Two weeks after the first biopsy of these women, they were asked to eat approximately 56 grams of walnuts daily until further surgery.

After this, it was found in the Pathology study that breast tumor in breast was of cancer.After two weeks of biopsy, women suffering from breast cancer were screened again.

The author of the study, Hardman, based on the findings, estimated that eating nut may reduce the chances of breast cancer in women. He further said, to confirm this, there is a need to conduct some studies on a large scale, to find out whether eating nut is really causing the risk of breast cancer or it prevents it from occurring again.

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