Do you have an excess of wax in your ears? There are very useful natural remedies

In our ear canals, it is normal for a natural substance to form, which has the function of protecting the inside of the introduction of all kinds of elements, dust, dirt, viruses or bacteria, which could be harmful.

Although the wax in the ears fulfills a natural function, if there is an excess of it, you may have the sensation of dizziness, dizziness, itching, irritability, hearing loss, etc.

The cleaning of the ears is fundamental, and so is doing it on a regular basis.

Causes of accumulation of wax in ears

We have all used the famous swabs or “sticks” to remove wax from the ears. The effect that these small tools can produce, although it may not seem so, maybe the opposite of the desired one. That is, rather than removing the wax in the ears, they push it inward and accumulate.


Wax can also originate using pointed objects, such as hairpins or similar utensils, which we all use to remove surface wax.

What symptoms do we have before an excess of wax?

In addition to the typical sensation of itching, which we try to alleviate by introducing all kinds of tools in the ear, wax can cause dizziness, buzzing, dizziness and pain. In the most serious cases, even hearing loss can occur.

The benefit of salt

An excellent saline solution is obtained by mixing a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of water until it dissolves well. When we have the mixture, a piece of cotton is dipped in it, dropping a few drops of the solution into the ear, tilting the head slightly upwards.

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