Do you feel tired all the time? That may be the reason for this fatigue

You sleep a lot, it’s been a long time since you got sick and yet, for a few weeks, you feel exhausted, you have terrible migraines and you can not concentrate on the office anymore?

The reason may be very simple: you may not eat enough iron-rich foods.

An adult woman should eat at least 18 milligrams of iron a day and if you do not have enough iron, you may have iron deficiency.

The body needs iron to produce hemoglobin, a  metalloprotein found in the blood that transports oxygen to the cells that need it.

Without sufficient oxygen, the body runs out of energy and feels exhausted, sleepy and limp all the time.

One can also have migraine, a pale complexion, brittle nails and cold hands.

You are more likely to have iron deficiency if you have heavy periods, are pregnant, or have just had a baby.

Athletes who practice endurance sports, vegans and those who regularly give blood are also at risk.

If you suffer from iron deficiency, you can take dietary supplements that will help you refuel, but be careful because they can have some unpleasant side effects such as stomach upset or constipation.

The most natural and simplest way is to try to find enough iron in your diet.

So do not hesitate to bet on this list of foods that contain the most iron:

Food Iron (for 100g)
Dried apricot 4,3mg
Artichoke 1.3 mg
Asparagus 2.1 mg
White beans 1,7mg
Red beans 2,3mg
Broccoli 1mg
Complete rice 1.4 mg
Cashew nut 5mg
Egg 1.8 mg
Minced meat 1.8 mg
Kale Chou 1,7mg
lentils 3mg
Oatmeal 7,6mg
Oyster 9mg
peanuts 4.6 mg
Potatoes 0.3mg
Pumpkin seeds 8,9mg
Quinoa 8mg
Raisins 2.1 g
Salmon 1,03mg
shrimps 2.1 mg
edamame 3mg
Spinach 2,7mg
Dried tomatoes 9mg
Sun-flower seeds 5mg
Tofu 5mg


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