Combing stories: Turning the shower into my personal space and my favorite therapy


Once again, I find myself with damp hair and in my pajamas ––because it is my outfits favorite, most comforting––, typing which will end up in a story that I’m sure you’ll relate to.

Specifically today, it was one of those days where everything seems like a nightmare. One of those in which anything irritates you, annoys you, makes you sad. You feel like the universe (and even technology) is conspiring against you. My horoscope said that it was going to generate very good results and that positive improvements would take place. But that’s what I get for reading stuff I’m (almost always) skeptical of! It was pure coincidence to find it, not that I was looking for it, but of course I felt very excited all day with the promise of an excellent day. As you can imagine, it didn’t end like that.

But, let’s start at the beginning and what led me here. It’s Thursday, it’s 8:30 pm and I must say that I feel like a pretty old person ––I’m having level 10 ailments: back pain, colic, contractures even in my little finger and I’m not even hungry, when normally at this time I’m about to make my fourth (or fifth) meal of the day. The tachycardia is not lacking and the fatigue is indescribable. All this is due to a series of things ––daily for many–– that I have been going through during the last three weeks: sick family members who need 24/7 care and a long-distance relationship that is beginning to have its logical problems. In addition, time has not allowed me to go to my classes of spinningwhich has resulted in constant anxiety attacks in response to the unusual weeks.

And what does wet hair and house clothes have to do with all this? You are reading a person who is quite analytical, self-critical and who Google would define as accelerated thinking syndrome. But sometimes that has its advantages. Somehow, after a seemingly endless day, I end up sleeping like a baby and my worries don’t wake me up in the middle of the night. Only yesterday, when I kept wondering why, after spending hours in the rush of the matter, I had gone to bed so quiet. Of course, I didn’t rest until I figured it out, and I realized that the shower is my remedy, my favorite therapy.

Woman in the shower washing her hair
Today I found out: washing my hair is my favorite therapy. Credit: Shutterstock.

After sleeping on it, I now know how much I enjoy a good bath and how I have unintentionally turned each one into my bubble, the one that protects me from what happens outside and helps me forget about everything. And don’t imagine a tub surrounded by candles and incense. I want to tell you how you can do it too to go to bed free of what happened. I hope my method works for you!

  • My bathroom has to be a clean place. The truth is that no one relaxes with clutter, thrown clothes and strange smells.
  • Don’t ask me why, but everything in my bathroom is white or neutral colors like beige and black. These characteristics have always helped me feel that everything is in order.
  • I close the door securely. I live with my mom and my sister, I’m not in the mood for interruptions.
  • Before going into the shower, I see myself in the mirror, looking for some flaw in my complexion (to see what mask I put on next).
  • I avoid playing music. They say doing it helps you, but being silent works for me.
  • I open the faucet and let the water fall. From that moment, I dedicate myself to listening only to the blows of the liquid pressure against the floor.
  • Once everything is full of steam, I inhale and think that I am entering a place that only I can see and feel.
  • Since the water is at the ideal temperature (warm), I lean down, close my eyes, let my hair fall to the ground and everything starts to come alive. If you let yourself go, the noise is quite relaxing. It is a moment away from everything, without watching your cell phone, television; with no one to bother you.
  • And this is where the best part begins: with the hair wash.
  • I take my favorite coconut-scented shampoo and put it on my hands. While I think and analyze why I am so tired and angry, so that the same thing doesn’t happen to me the next day, I ask myself massage with the fingers.
  • The process of washing and conditioning my hair takes a good 15 minutes, because I have the volume and density of a Tibetan Mastiff, so I even have time to meditate.
  • Then follow the massage on the face, with special soap for sensitive skin, and the rest of the body.
  • There went 25 minutes, which I had to think, let go and change my mood.
  • When I get out of the shower, it’s like everything has already changed.

If you notice, it’s all about a normal routine of washing the body and hair. The point is to know how to stop and think about why things affect us and what we are going to do to stop them from doing so, to understand that we cannot change them, but that giving ourselves a space outside the world, even if it is in the shower, is essential for rest.

Let the water wash away a bad day and let your clean hair lift your spirits.

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