Blue highlights in blonde hair, the trend that is conquering the networks


Blue is an intense and striking color that, despite being typically cold, has the ability to adapt to any skin tone. Now the blue streaks on blonde hair, they are, without a doubt, a coloring technique that is conquering the networks. Do you want to know how to wear them? We explain how to do it and we share several styles, shades and ideas that you will surely love!

Going with an expert colorist guarantees that the result will be as desired, especially when it comes to high-risk effects. However, if you already have some experience, you can try make yourself stripes at home.

  1. Comb through with a detangling cream or oil, such as Sedal Coffee and Castor Oil combing cream. With a formula made up of natural ingredients (free of silicones, parabens and colorants) it strengthens, softens and controls brittle hair while you style it.
  2. Untangle your hair and, with the help of a pointed comb, section it into strands.
  3. Apply the stain or developer from back to front and front to back. Let it act for a period of 35 to 40 minutes.
  4. Rinse with plenty of water and check that you have obtained the desired tone.
  5. Wash your hair as usual.

Blue highlights on dark blonde hair

Constance Jablonski with dark blonde hair and blue streaks
The ‘ombré’ highlights are ideal for maintaining a blue coloration with a blonde tint. In the image Constance Jablonski. Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock.

The blue hair is back!, but if you don’t want to dye yourself completely, don’t worry, we have the solution. Create a gradient from blonde to cyan to create a modern and futuristic vibe.

blue streaks

Woman with blue streaks in straight blonde hair
The blue stripes are the trend that we all want to wear. Credit:

Blue highlights are perfect for giving light and volume to your light hair in a matter of seconds. If you have a warm complexion, go for turquoise. On the other hand, if your skin is cold, it will be favored with an electric blue.

blue lights in hair

Woman with blue highlights in wavy blonde hair
Long live Y2K! The blue highlights, which we wore in the 2000s, are very easy to wear. Credit:

Blue streaks in blonde hair might remind you of My friend the mermaid the fun film from 2006. And it is that outfits with a retro air are the trend of the moment. Today, the wicks peekaboo They are the best way to give your platinum hair a fun touch.

Blue tips on blonde hair

Woman with blue tips in platinum blonde hair
Ask your colorist for an almost white blonde base and blue tips. Credit:

Give the classics a twist blue californian wicks, wearing them only as an accent at the ends. You will love the effect!

Blue Californian highlights on blonde hair

Woman with blue California highlights in light blonde hair
Add just a little color with a blue ombré effect. Credit:

If you are a fan of subtle proposals, blue bleached tips are ideal for you. To carry this effect, ask your stylist to lightly wash out the shade of your choice.

Highlights in blue hair

Woman with white streaks in her blue hair
Highlight your face with a platinum ‘hair contouring’. Credit:

If you’ve already dyed your hair blue, outline your face with a few blonde strands close to your face. The result will not only illuminate your hair, but it will give you a rejuvenating effect.

highlights dip dye

Woman with blue tips in straight blonde hair
Combine two cold tones to give dynamism to your long hair. Credit:

One of the best ways to wear light blue hair is in two tones, combining it with different textures and lengths. We recommend you take it in a dip dye, a technique in which only the tips of color are dyed, as if they had been put in a paint jar.


Woman with pinkish blonde hair with a blue streak
Do not be afraid to experiment and opt for highlights in different shades. Credit:

Another way of combining blue —in a pastel way— is on a base rose gold or blonde, either natural or dye product. Wear the cool color alone as an accent to create a bold and delicate look.

platinum blue hair

Avril Lavigne with platinum blue hair
Avril Lavigne wears a ‘look’ consisting of a blue ‘ombré’ over a fancy metallic tint. Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock.

Metallic shades are perfect for achieving a rock vibe. Ask your colorist to combine some platinum blue highlights to give your hair a visual effect of greater volume.

Blue streaks in the hair

Woman with blue gradient highlights in short blonde hair
The color gradients are perfect to give dynamism to your short hair. Credit:

Play around with your short hair, choosing a bleach in three different colors and interspersing them to form an interesting pattern.

Blonde hair with blue streaks peekaboo

Woman with blue and purple highlights in platinum blonde hair
If you want to give a touch of color to your white hair, your highlights should be in a faded blue. Credit:

The wicks peekaboo They are one of the favorite hair trends for many women who want to take the first step into the world of fantasy dyes and avoid frequent touch-ups.

Platinum blonde hair with blue streaks

Woman with platinum blonde hair and blue gradient dye
An inverted pastel blue ‘ombré’ will be a very original bet. Credit:

A daring way to wear Californians is inverted and in blue. The best thing is that this coloration can be worn light or dark.

Blue highlights on short blonde hair

Woman with blue streaks in platinum blonde hair
Some cyan highlights are great for a discreet change of look. Credit:

Those looking for a very flattering touch of color can apply some cyan highlights. The result will be very subtle and elegant.

Blue streaks in brown hair

Woman with blue streaks in light brown hair
Blue is suitable for all hair types. Credit:

The dark base highlights They are the best allies to illuminate your mane. If, in addition, you want a very original change, experiment with light and bright blue stripes.

blue stripes

Woman with blonde highlights in blue hair
Bright turquoise hair can go very well with platinum blonde. Credit:

The turquoise hair it can also look elegant and subtle. Combining it with a platinum color will give your hair dynamism and will make it look much more interesting and original.

Woman with blue California highlights in light blonde hair
Do you want to keep your hair impeccable? Follow these tips that will help you nourish, repair and protect it! Credit:

Uses a specialized washing system

Take care of the color of your streaks with the shampoo Y TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner. With marula oil and resveratrol, these products restore shine to color-treated hair and extend the life of color.

Wash with a toning shampoo

Use in each wash a toning shampoo purple will help you keep the color intact and your hair shiny. Thanks to its pigments, it also mitigates yellowish or greenish tones.

Moisturize your hair

To take care of your hair and keep it hydrated after dyeing it, our recommendation is to use the Dove Growth Replenishing Daily Super Moisturizeran intensive treatment that in just one minute improves the condition of the strands, recovering them from any signs of damage due to bleaching to allow them a fresh start.

Don’t forget the touch ups

All colors require religious maintenance, so visiting your colorist every two months will be the key to keeping your color radiant.

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