A natural change: explore the new line of Sedal with Bioexpert, without salt, parabens or colorants


Despite the rapid passage of time, we all continue in a process of change and adaptation after the health crisis. The restrictions have been lifted, everything seems to have returned to normal, but the fact of being cautious in health matters is still logical and necessary. We have changed habits and adopted a new lifestyle. In Mexico, the high volume of searches on Google shows that home treatments and natural ingredients are, of course, of interest to improve the appearance and condition of the hair.

In times like these, every detail counts. As buyers today we are more aware and look for products that create a positive impact on our hair, but also give us a sense of well-being. Also, let’s be honest: due to economic uncertainty, more and more of us are leaning towards accessible brands. And of course, let them be cruelty free it’s a plus.

Meeting all these needs has been the main goal in the beauty industry for the past few years. Different firms have opted for innovative ways to offer their customers quality items, with the logical consequence of healthier, stronger and more beautiful hair.

Sedal and Bioexpert are two of them. Although it is proven that the coffeethe coconut oil and even lemon works wonders for hair, the brands in question have joined forces to create a line that concentrates these and other less popular natural ingredients, but just as effective, such as flaxthe quinoa and the Green Tea. Of course, each product has a different purpose. Get to know them and take note so that you can successfully obtain all their benefits. Don’t miss them in the shopping cart next time!

Woman using products from the Sedal line with Bioexpert to improve hair health
Choose natural formulas from the Sedal line with Bioexpert to achieve the hair of your dreams. Credit: Shutterstock.

Coffee and castor oil to strengthen and stimulate hair growth

Activities of daily life can generate psychosomatic reactions, that is, when the body responds to an emotional factor. A great example is the stresswhich pauses the hair growth cycle and causes temporary loss.

Your great ally in this case could be the Sedal Café y Óleo de Castor washing and styling system, which includes a shampooa conditioning treatment and one styling cream moisturizing. These products are fortified with caffeine and Castor oil.

Why do they work?

  • The coffee and the Castor oil They are two powerful antioxidants, so they keep hair clean and protect it from external factors.
  • According to a study published by the International Journal of Dermatology, caffeine is an effective inhibitor of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the androgenic hormone that weakens hair and causes hair loss. Therefore, its topical use strengthens the hair follicle and stimulates growth.
  • Although no study supports that castor oil works against hair loss, testimonials say that it helps fight breakage and intensively hydrates hair.
  • If you suffer from dry scalp and dandruff, both ingredients will help prevent this condition due to their antimicrobial properties.

Quinoa and flaxseed to hydrate and control hair loss

the trio of shampoo, conditioner Y Sedal Quinoa and Linseed combing cream It is an excellent treatment against damaged and lifeless hair. Its repairing effect prevents breakage and, therefore, the fall. If your hair is curly, you can get even better benefits, since its irregular structure requires more hydration than a straight one.

Why do they work?

  • Both quinoa and flaxseed are responsible for repelling free radicals, protecting hair against damage.
  • Both natural ingredients also nourish hair follicles and promote healthy hair.
  • Quinoa extract is ideal for repairing very dry and dehydrated hair, prone to breakage. Also, it has no negative effect on dyed hair.
  • Flaxseed is known for its properties with omega 3 fatty acids, which nourish hair follicles, increase hair elasticity and prevent hair loss.

Lemon and matcha to purify the scalp and shine

To feel free, clean and fresh, citrus and natural green ingredients are the answer. These provide vitality and energy, and you can find them in the products of the Sedal Limón and Matcha line. The shampoo, conditioner Y styling cream They are perfect for oily scalps and hair with a rough texture, lacking shine.

Why do they work?

  • Lemon is a source of vitamin C, therefore it nourishes and gives hair shine.
  • Due to its purifying properties, this citrus also helps reduce inflammation of the scalp. Therefore, it is a great remedy for dandruff and excessive oil production.
  • Matcha is merely ground green tea, rich in catechins. Some scientific studies have proven that its topical use reduces hair loss and can promote thicker, thicker hair.
coconut oil for hair
With active coconut oil, the Sedal line co-created with Bioexpert leaves hair healthier and shinier. Credit: Shutterstock.
  • All products contain active coconut oil, which adheres to the surface and penetrates the hair fiber, softening and aligning the hair.
  • The entire line is free of salt, parabens and dyes.
  • The shampoos contain 92% ingredients of natural origin, while the conditioners and creams contain 97%.
  • In addition to natural extracts and oils, formulas in both shampoos, conditioners, and creams also contain glycerinwhich helps retain moisture in the hair fiber (ideal for all types of hair, although curly hair can obtain greater benefits).
  • Finally, we want to remind you that all Sedal products, as well as their ingredients, are free of animal cruelty, endorsed by PETA. This means that the tests are not carried out on animals.

Do you already know which treatment from the Sedal line with Bioexpert you are going to choose?

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