The best wedding dresses 2020: with veil, with flowers, vintage and original


Today we bring you a post that you have asked us a lot for all those who have your wedding coming soon and that is how to choose the bridal headdress. Within the bridal headdresses we can find those veiled headgear, vintage style headdresses, simple headdresses and also very original headdresses. In addition, we also wanted to bring you some ideas of bridal headdresses with flowers, which is a trend that we see more and more due to the rise of outdoor weddings and brides in bohemian or hippie style. Let’s see then what are The best wedding dresses 2020: veiled, with flowers, vintage and original.

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Bridal headpieces with veil

The first thing we should do is choose which wedding dress we want to wear and, as we have chosen it will be time to see what headdress goes with our style and makes the dress look better. Therefore, a very important question is whether on the day of your wedding you will want to wear a veil or not, since depending on this decision we will have to choose one headdress or another. As a rule, veiled headdresses are simpler since if it is a very elaborate headdress, adding the presence of the veil we could make it seem excessive.

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A headdress that we like very much and that follows a minimalist and modern style but still being delicate is this headdress that you see in the photograph above. It is very simple but it just highlights what you have to highlight and does not detract attention or importance to the dress but accompanies the dress and makes it look better. Based on this photo We found this headdress on Amazon which is very similar and we also find it very beautiful. We also believe that it looks good both to wear it with a veil and to wear it without it.

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If you want to be able to see more wedding dresses with a veil and a very elegant style, do not miss then this Photo gallery that we have prepared for you:

Bridal headdresses with flowers

As we said, one of the trends that we are seeing the most in recent times in the use of flowers for the bridal headdress. Artificial flowers are usually used to keep them beautiful all day and also it is easier to work them to adapt to our hairstyle. We can see them in the form of a headband, in collected, on the floor hair with hairpins and also in colors, in a single color, all white, in pastel colors, etc.

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Although most of the flower headdresses are associated with a hippie or Ibizan outdoor bride style, we can also give it an elegant air with a flamenco touch as in this bridal headdress that we see in the photograph above and that is phenomenal with a collected Of that style. Continuing with this flamenco style with flowers, we have found this bridal headdress on Amazon that also turns out to be one of the best sellers.

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If you want to be able to see more of the wedding headdresses with flowers, do not miss then the Photo gallery that we have prepared you and that we leave you next:

Vintage Bridal Headpieces

Another trend of recent years in bridal headdresses is to go to a more retro or vintage style. Obviously, to choose one of these headdresses there will be to choose a similar dress line and that the styling also follows that line. Within the vintage headdresses we can also find several different styles, some simpler and others more elaborate. The truth is that this type of headdress is now a trend, and we can even choose it if we are invited to a wedding, not only if we are the bride.

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This style of vintage headdress, like the one you see in the photograph that you can see above, looks great with a tilted pick-up or with a half mane with waves to the water that gives the retro touch you need.

Also, if we combine it as the model with a air shoulder dressThere is a very beautiful look, but also with a marked “vintage” or “retro” style, as marked by the latest trends. In Amazon we have found this resemblance that is also at a very good price and with a collection, putting it sideways can be very good.

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Click on the following Photo gallery To see more vintage wedding touches:

Original bridal headdresses

Finally, we also wanted to show you some of the original bridal headdresses that we can find and that can give that different touch to our look. If we want a striking headdress we recommend you to play a lot with the colors and with the different shapes.

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A headdress like the one you see in the photograph is perfect for brides who want a different and original look, since it has a different structure and striking colors that are the punctum of styling. Therefore, to combine this style of bridal headdresses it will be better to choose between simple wedding dresses because if not, it could be very ornate. In Amazon we have looked for the most original bridal headdresses and the one we liked the most is this one that you see here, which gives you the touch of color on the white dress.

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Click on this Photo gallery To see more original bridal touches:

Bridal headpieces with pearls

The pearl wedding headdresses They are also headdresses that will serve you to look like a beautiful bride at a wedding of this 2020. Somehow, they have a style or air that can bring us closer to the aforementioned “vintage” headdresses, but with greater elegance if possible See in the image below.

This is a pretty pearl headdress, combined with a leaf-shaped pin design, ideal to wear with a collected “boho” that will also be perfect to wear if your wedding dress is for example with a princess style, or also with a “vintage” style, or perhaps with a modern style. A functional headdress that can in fact combine with any “look” of a bride we think.

For brides who have a markedly classic style, you can bet on this other pearl headdress that we show you below. A nice headdress with big and small pearls that you already see how good it is with a bun or low heel, very much like a dancer or ballet, and that it is perfect for example to wear it with a dress that has, for example, a long tail.

The colored pearls It is another option we have to be able to wear a beautiful pearl headdress for brides. In this way, you can opt for a headdress like this one that you see next, in which pearls of different shades are combined although very similar. An elegant wedding headdress, which can be combined with a bun or low heels, with a certain bohemian style and that you can also wear both with a white dress, as one that is champagne or beige.

If you want to see more of the wedding dresses with pearls, do not miss the Photo gallery We leave you below:

Bridal headdresses with pins

Bridal headdresses with pins are also one of the great trends in bridal headdresses. In fact, many of the current headdresses, and many of them we have already seen, are made from pins, so you can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs. One of the first ideas that we propose is this headdress with pin that you can see below; a headdress that has a design in which the pin is formed with flowers and this can also add a veil. A romantic and classic style that any bride will surely like.

Another idea of ​​wedding dresser with pin that we want to show you is this one that you can see below. A nice headdress consisting of a pin formed from the design of several small-sized flowers and also of different colors. A headdress that can be perfect for a white wedding dress, or of course, for a dress that is a color like pink, or beige.

We can also opt for a bridal headdress with pin That has a simple design like this other proposal that we want to show you. A nice headdress that is nothing more than a pin with the symbol of infinite and that you can choose to hold your haircut, in the case of not wanting a hairstyle that is too flashy or maybe, if you want to wear a small headdress even having short hair.

If you want to be able to see other proposals of bridal headdresses with pins, do not miss then the Photo gallery We leave you below:

Bridal headdresses with braids hairstyles

Finally we want to talk about those who are Bridal headdresses with a braid hairstyle. Throughout the post we have already seen not only many bridal headdresses, but how some of them were combined with collected hairstyles that involved braids, but we can add other options such as the case of the hairstyle that you can see below , a beautiful headdress that has a braid headband, as marked by the latest trends in hairstyles. In this way, you can wear a beautiful style from this hairstyle in which it is worn a braid crossed behind and also apply a pin to hold the hairstyle well.

For those who want a modern bridal hairstyle, in which both the headdress and the braids are protagonists, nothing like opting for a hairstyle like the one you see next, in which the bride wears a thick braid, with loose strands combined also with a pearl headdress that are actually different forks that are fixed and distributed throughout the entire braid.

On the other hand, we can choose a modern style, but at the same time very romantic, as we see in this other proposal. A wedding hairstyle made from three or four braids, which are carried from one side to the back and that you can also combine with a small pearl headdress, which serves to hold the braids, as well as the small low bun that culminates the hairstyle.

If you want to be able to see more of the wedding hairstyles with headdresses and braids, do not miss now the Photo gallery What are we going to show you:


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