ATH thinks | What is the TikTok hair theory and how does it influence your image?


The TikTok hair theory has taken social media by storm, with more than 48.3 million views on the platform. But, what is it about? Does hair really play such an important role in our image? Let’s open the discussion!

Beyond proving that the way you wear your hair has the power to change your appearance, hair theory argues that people perceive you differently based on the color, length, or shape of your hair. That is, they treat you or speak differently.

Furthermore, it suggests that certain hairstyles can enhance beauty or enhance appearance. The simple act of tucking your hair behind your ears allows for a full view of the face shapewhich can go unnoticed with other styles.

The truth is that some styles can make facial features appear more prominent or less noticeable. For example, if you have thick, curly hair, it can add volume to your face and make your features appear more pronounced. Conversely, if you have fine, straight hair, it can have a slimming effect on your face.

The Hair Theory: What Hair Says About Your Personality

Woman with copper hair in straight bob cut with fringe, woman with black straight hair, woman with curly hair.
This theory is less about the way these styles make you look and instead focuses on perception. Credit: monstera/Pexels.

As social creatures, humans have an innate ability to perceive and interpret the behavior of others. From facial expressions to body language, we constantly analyze the actions of those around us to make judgments and decisions about how to interact with them.

The theory of hair is linked to the psychological phenomenon of shrouded cognition, which tells us that the behavior of others changes depending on our clothes, and how this idea can be applied to hair. Neuroscience has shown that our brains are programmed to look for patterns and associations, and that we often make judgments about people based on stereotypes and prejudices.

According to Shu-Lan Cheung, technical educator at FFØR Haircare, hair is a communication tool. The way we cut, style and dye it can say a lot about our personality. Hair can convey confidence, hint at our personal style, and even our mood.

We cannot deny that there is truth to the idea that hair can affect the way others treat you, and what this trend brings to light is that there is a broader conversation about why. By being aware of these perceptions, we can work to cultivate a more positive and inclusive view of others, regardless of the hair type or style.

While it is obvious that changing your hairstyle will affect your overall appearance, it is important to know that your hair does not define. And neither are the styles you choose to wear. Remember that hair can be a fun form of creative expression that changes daily based on your choice.

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