+20 hairstyles with crystals and pearls for hair that will make you shine


We know that it is not always easy to bring trends from the catwalks or red carpets to our looks everyday. But luckily, that’s not the case with the alluring pearl-in-hair trend.

And it is that, in addition to referring to accessories such as barrettes, headbands or inlaid headdresses, we are talking about literally sticking rhinestones on your hair or on the hairline.

Hairstyles with pearls, like crystals and diamonds, have stood out so much in looks red carpet and runways for years, and have even made it to the street style! If you like to experiment with accessoriesThis is the perfect opportunity for you to give your hair a distinctive touch.

Pearl Headband Hairstyles

Gal Gadot with pearl headband in her hair
If you want to get a hairstyle with pearls, opt for a headband like Gal Gadot’s. Credit: Stephen Lovekin/EIB/Shutterstock.

The headbands They are the most obvious and functional option when it comes to wearing pearls in your hair, because although they are already designed and built to blend with any hairstyle, they will help you be ready in a minute. And it is that, in addition, they create a dramatic air and give life to the hair without effort.

You can opt for basic and simple outfits, such as low buns or ponytails so that your accessory with pearls is the protagonist of your looks.

Hairstyle with pearl barrettes

Hairstyle with pearls on braided hair
Opt for pearl barrettes to adorn your hairstyles. Credit: Shutterstock.

Now, of course, headbands are not your only option to wear pearls in your hair. In fact, you can find thousands of possibilities in accessories to complement your hairstyles, such as hair clips. It doesn’t matter if it’s a braida ponytail or a loose styleif the pearls are raised and the pins hidden, you will get a sophisticated and polished effect.

Hairstyles with pearl hair extensions

Hairstyles with pearls and chongo for brides
Use strands of pearls to achieve this chongo look. Credit: Instagram.com/chiriac.ionela.

Get some strings of pearls that have a hole right through the center, you can find them at any haberdashery or craft store! Join them with a thread nylon of the length that best suits your hairstyle. You can also wear a bracelet or necklace. Use pins in the color of your hair to accommodate them in your hairstyle and that’s it!

Editor’s tip: Regardless of which of the above options you choose, support yourself with styling products like Folicure Original fixing gel to keep unruly hairs under control. Or apply the Sedal Anti-Knot Moisturizing Combing Creamwhich leaves hair soft and easy to comb.

Katherine Langford with pearls stuck in her hair
Katherine Langford sports a pearl glued hairstyle. Credit: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock.

An easy way to put pearls by the strand or by the piece in your hair ––whether up or down–– is to glue them one at a time. Although the process can be tedious, by doing it meticulously and with patience, the result can even be sophisticated in nature, to go to a formal event. It all depends on your style and what you want to achieve.

Editor’s tip: Use an eyelash glue, so you will avoid mistreating your scalp. In the same way, you can use the pearls that are used to decorate the makeup and that already come with glue.

Also, pearls do not always have to be white, you can find applications in other colors or even metallic.

Pearls to stick on the hair

Heidi Gardner in soft waves and hair pearls at the 2019 Emmy Awards
You create your own pins with pearls. In the image, Heidi Gardner. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

Another possibility is to weave the lines of pearls with thread of nylon and special hair pins, or tie them to a barrette the color of your hair, so you can place them where you want and make sure they stay put.

hairstyles with crystals

Hairstyles with pearls and crystals in the hair
Mix pearls and crystals of different colors in the same hairstyle, as is worn on the streets of Paris. Credit: Photoeventshd/Shutterstock,

If pearls aren’t enough for you, you always have the option of accessorizing—or substituting—with crystals, stones, and sparkles. These will give you a dramatic and extravagant effect, very much in line with aesthetic that generation Z has positioned as a stellar trend. Dare yourself!

Editor’s tip: Do not forget to finish with a layer of TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Spraywhich will leave your hair shiny and will fix your hairstyle without leaving it sticky or stiff.

Do you have more options for hairstyles with pearls in your hair? Share them with us through @allthingshairmex. We read you!

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