8 Things a Strong Woman Does not Tolerate in a Relationship

Books and films have been written on the female universe since the beginning of time, as it is complex and multifaceted. Men of all ages have sought the secrets to understand female psychology without ever succeeding. Cultural progress has also exacerbated the situation: the woman of our time is more and more resolute and mistress of herself; little by little, the prejudices that considered it the weakest part of the family disappear (thankfully), and it is often the woman herself who assures the economic support of the family unit.

In this regard, we compiled a list of 8 mistakes that a woman sure of her would never tolerate.

8 Things a Strong Woman Does not Tolerate in a Relationship
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1. She can not stand (fake) excuses. Whether it is a late dinner or something more serious, there is not much a man can say to be forgiven. Apologizing will only make the situation worse: it’s better to be honest so you have a chance to fix it. 
2. She can not stand being disrespected. If a man shows that he has little regard for his needs or underestimates his interests, a strong woman will tend to end the relationship. 
3. She does not tolerate control. If a man shows he does not trust him and wants to encourage him to stay at home or not to be independent, he makes a big mistake. A confident woman knows what she wants,
4. It does not support unreliability. If a partner gives you an appointment or promises to take care of something but nothing is done, the relationship will not last long. A strong woman knows that her time is precious and she does not like what is not done.

8 Things a Strong Woman Does not Tolerate in a Relationship

5. She does not tolerate lies. A woman knows how to accuse and absorb blows and knows that everything can be repaired, except dishonesty. It is always good to be honest with her, a solution will always be found; if you lie, on the contrary, you lose from the first moments. 
6. She does not wait forever. If a man, as often happens, is unsure of his feelings and wants, a strong woman can wait for him, but not always. Soon will come the moment when love will bow to respect for herself, and it will be she who will go away. 
7. She does not tolerate lack of support. If a man is intimidated by the success of others, he must stay away from a strong woman. She usually has specific goals and she expects to be supported and unhindered. 
8. She does not accept jealousy. A woman who has confidence in her chooses her partner and does not allow her to doubt her. If he shows that he does not trust her, it will only be a sign of great weakness and could lead her to go away.

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