7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders

Have you always thought that anxiety was a disease or a disorder ? Let us enlighten you a little bit. A person who suffers from anxiety is not easy to manage, but you should not look at it with a bad eye. When someone has this kind of disorder, without knowing it, he can also develop superpowers, which can help him in many situations of everyday life.

TheWebFry team has studied the powers and mental qualities of an anxious person, and discovered that they are sometimes really useful!

1. Easily recognize a lie

7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders
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People with anxiety disorders are more sensitive to their environment than anyone else. They are fully aware of what is going on around them and what is being said and done. Because of this, they can easily discover lies if something does not make sense to them .

When you speak to them, they concentrate and listen to each of your words. So, it’s not smart to lie to them and expect you to believe them.


2. Higher IQ

7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders
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Here is the picture of  Kim Ung Yong , who is considered the greatest genius in the world. He knew four languages ​​at the age of two, learned algebra at the age of three, studied at the age of four, and was invited to NASA at the age of seven. His name appears in the  Guinness Book of Records as holder of the highest IQ in the world, 210.

Particularly anxious, Yong is also a very analytical and sometimes fearful person. This has been attributed to his higher level of intelligence. Nothing escapes his eyes and his mind, and he pays close attention to every detail. It is often observed that people with high IQs suffer from anxiety disorders, and vice versa. The researchers have shown that there is indeed a relationship between brain capacity and anxiety.


3. The power of the sixth sense

7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders
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People who are naturally anxious are often able to predict the future. We can say that their sixth sense is particularly active and that it helps them to foresee and to avoid possible tragedies. Anxiety has existed since antiquity and human beings have always been concerned about it. The ability to feel a threat and be able to warn others is a huge asset.

According to studies , anxious people can detect potential threats in about 200 milliseconds. They may feel in danger very quickly, and even have enough time to save a life.


4. Skills to read in people’s minds

7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders
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Anxious people can read in the minds of others by understanding their “vibrations”. They have the ability to identify the energy of others. They can also easily detect negative signs and react accordingly. It is also difficult for them to stay long with people who have negative vibrations.

Anxious people are very sensitive and can easily know what is going on in someone else’s mind.


5. Improved memory and creativity

7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders
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Anxious people can think for longer periods, so it’s easy for them to remember things. They are also very creative because they are very imaginative . Unlike normal human beings, they tend to see situations from different angles. It helps them to think differently and their memory helps them connect the past with the current situations.

With time, their imagination continues to grow, just like their memory.


6. Improved judgment and empathy

7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders
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Nobody is better placed to make a judgment than anxious people. As they go through a variety of emotions, it is easier for them to feel these things in others. They understand each other’s feelings very well and empathize with them. They may also include different types of emotions better than anyone, probably because they are in the same emotional situation.


7. A stream of energy

7 super powers of people who suffer from anxiety disorders
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People tend to think that anxious people feel depressed all the time. But not at all ! In reality, they have a  higher energy level . Their minds never stop thinking and their bodies never stop moving. They experience a constant amount of energy throughout the day that prevents them from staying still or quiet.

It is always advisable to channel this energy towards something profitable that can help them minimize anxiety disorders. At first, it’s difficult, but gradually, many people are learning to do it.

After all, anxiety is not such a terrible burden to wear! Especially when you know all the skills that flow from this state of mind …

Have you noticed other super powers in anxious people? Tell us in the comments below!

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