5 signs that show you are not using the right shampoo

For weeks now you have been using a new shampoo that smells too good, but one morning, you start to express some doubts about its real effectiveness or at least its compatibility with your hair. Flat hair, dandruff, fat roots … Do you really use the right product or do you have to change to a mild shampoo? We take stock with the dermatologist Didier Coustou on the five signs that give the alert. 


You have just changed your shampoo and since two or three washes you feel that your hair quickly asks for a little fresh air? Do not look, your new shampoo is the cause! Add to that the external elements such as stress, hormonal disorders and pollution and your scalp suffocates! In this case, it is better to favor soft or even neutral products. The additives will come to weigh down the hair and grease it more quickly, as much avoid them!


Your rather normal hair suddenly starts to become dry, brittle … You have more and more difficult to unravel … Again, it is time to change your hair routine. To avoid in this case the silicone-based formulas that smooth and sheath but smother the hair. Know also that sulphates can be the cause of your worries. Finally, a reminder: washing the hair too often weakens the scalp and scale. And if you have hair quite dry nature, straw bale effect is never far! 


We all had pitchforks at one time. Stop this capillary heresy that consists of splitting your damaged spikes! This phenomenon is due to premature aging of the hair. An aggressive shampoo, too vigorous brushing and overheating of the mane will weaken the keratin inside the hair. It is therefore recommended to obtain a mild, nourishing or repairing shampoo if you have roots that tend to grease. In addition, once or twice a week, as needed, make a mask before shampooing to protect sensitive parts during washing. Last solution, Blake Lively’s method for brilliant ripples : Coat the tips with coconut oil before washing. The star ensures that the material protects its beautiful hair of limestone and washing products while making it silky. Up to you… 


Tingling, itching and small red patches are things to consider. The use of a bad shampoo can result in this type of skin reactions. Therefore, if you do not have a disease strictly speaking as eczema or psoriasis for which there are adapted shampoos, then it is that your shampoo is simply not for you. 


This is not the most beautiful and eventually it can become a great psychological and aesthetic embarrassment. If you’re not used to having these little dead skin that invade your roots, then it’s probably your shampoo’s fault. It may be that you rinse badly but also that your washing product attacks your scalp too much to the point of drying or greasing. If changing your shampoo you see fast results is that you have targeted the problem. But if the phenomenon persists, we recommend you to see a dermatologist.

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