5 positions that she hates in bed

Although widespread and highly appreciated by men, some sexual positions do not please all women. 5 positions that she hates in bed

The doggy style

“Some women really do not like greyhound because they consider themselves in a degrading posture,” says Isabelle Braun-Lestrat, psychologist and sexologist clinician, vice president of the National Union of Clinical Sexologists. Especially since this sexual position , where the woman is on all fours and the man enters by positioning herself behind her, “the angle of penetration makes the penis abut on the bottom of the vagina, which can be unpleasant, even painful”.

Finally, in this position, “women fear the look or the risk of being affected in the anal area”. So many reasons that, even if the greyhound remains a classic position, appreciated by men, it is not necessarily by their partners!

The 69

This position allows both partners, lying head to tail both (side-by-side or one on top) to obtain mutual pleasure simultaneously through oral sex ( oral sex for one, cunnilingus for the other). “Some women do not like 69 because they have trouble keeping in touch with their feelings, absorbed by the pleasure to provide their partner and the appropriate practice,” continues Isabelle Braun-Lestrat. Not to mention that in this position, no exchange of glances, kisses (on the mouth!) Or penetration (with sex).

The Amazon

In this position, also called that of the cowgirl or Andromache , the woman is sitting or squatting on her partner, who is lying on her back. While some women appreciate this position that favors vaginal orgasm , others do not particularly like, because “they can see the skin, the breasts that dangle, especially if they lean forward over their man “. Better to have a good esteem of his body to practice this position, not to mention that the depth of penetration can also cause pain in the vagina.

The reversed amazon

Similarly, some women do not like one of the variations of the Amazon, which consists in practicing this position but in an inverted way … that is to say, that the man remains to lie on his back, the woman rides him, but face turned to his feet. She then offers her partner a view of his fall of the kidneys. “In this position, the angle of penetration pulls on the vagina and will butter on the symphysis pubis, support sometimes perceived as unpleasant.” Again, it is better to have good self-esteem, because “the view that the man can have on their buttocks can be very disturbing if they do not like this zone of their body”.

Make love … standing

Finally, “women do not like to make love standing up for lack of sensation”.

Whether the man behind the woman or the two partner face to face, this position requires some concentration to keep his balance, but also strength in the legs. However, “some women very much like this position, like the positions previously mentioned, it all depends on the respective anatomies and individual sensitivities,” concludes Isabelle Braun-Lestrat.

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