5 Incredible WWE Superstars that can win money in the bank match

WWE PPV Money in the Bank is just a few weeks away. If someone says that he is not excited for this PPV, then he is probably lying. There are some memories associated with this PPV, which bring the audience to this point.

Most of us have grown up looking at this PPV. It does not matter how much you attracted to this PPV, but it is a special time for the wrestling fans when they know about WWE plans.

During this PPV, we get to see the disappointment of getting our stars from getting new stars. This is a PPV that brings out different types of emotions from inside the audience. Apart from this, during this PPV, many such moments are seen, who are shocked.

In this year’s money ladder matches of Money In The Bank PPV, such superstars have been filled out, whose winnings can surprise us.

# 5th

Ali is one of the best-handled wrestlers by WWE. Nobody thought that he would be successful in WWE, but he somehow made space in SmackDown from 205 Live.

Ali’s creative team has been very clever in SmackDown! Looking at SmackDown Live’s record of his wrestling style, character, win-loss, it looks as if the company is paying much attention to them. So can we predict that Ali is going to win Money in the Bank this year?

Big superstars like Finn Balor, Braun Strowman are part of Men’s Ladder match. So what is the thing that Ali has been involved in this match? We think that Ali’s ability to give 450 splashes with the high ladder and being popular among the audience is the reason that he has got a place in this match.

If Ali wins this match while making impossible, then it is to see where WWE takes them from here.

# 4 Dana Brooke

Though Dana Brooke is not one of the biggest divisions of the Women’s Division, yet they have worked hard to come here. This is the same Dana Brooke, who used to work Titus Worldwide till recently. Regardless of whether Dana can give the best promo in RAW or perform better in the ring, but it can not take them to the heights that she wants to get because her role is only a common wrestler in this match, and it There is a strong truth.

But what if WWE Dana won this ladder match and let them reach the peak of their career. There are also some people who would be very excited to see Dana getting an opportunity because they are tired of seeing the old wrestler winning in these events.

# 3 Randy Orton

Randy Orton is one of the greatest superstars who has stepped into the WWE. Many other superstars like John Cena, Rock left WWE, made a career in Hollywood, but Orton stayed here Orton’s days may have been in the form of a top champion in WWE, and perhaps there is no longer time to take the sunshine from wrestling. Can Orton win this match? Yes we think Yeah

Randy Orton is currently playing the role of Heel and if Orton wins the Briefcase, it would be great. Winning his briefcase is also right because if a heel wrestler wins a briefcase, then the storyline becomes quite fun.

# 2 Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is the cover girl of SmackDown Live Women’s Division. Therefore it is clear that WWE is constantly pushing them and it is also right. Rose has made a lot of changes in the past few times and even if she is not able to get to the level of Charlotte Flair, she still has a lot of talent.

So can it help them win a briefcase? This thing seems to be happening because in this match there is no other wrestler besides Dana Brooke and those who will benefit from winning this match.

# 1 Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is one of the most disliked wrestlers in the WWE and because of being an authority hanger, his fellow wrestler also hates them. In addition, they have endless opportunities in WWE, due to which the WWE Universe dislikes them.

There is no doubt that Corbin is the top hedge of RAW and he is also aware of this. That’s why he takes advantage of this. Corbin has also won Money in the Bank Briefcase before, but Corbin was unable to cash it in. They will want to use this right by winning the briefcase this time.

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