30 haircuts for young men that will inspire your next ‘look’


passing by quiff even the different types fadeThe trends have changed a lot in recent years. This season, for example, a retro vibe, understated air and play on lengths are the key attributes that define today’s young men’s haircuts.

If you hadn’t noticed yet, what’s going on today is long hair with daring and character that sets the standard for experimenting, defying the looks traditional and giving rise to a freer masculinity.

Whether you’re looking looks that provide greater control but with a modern touch or you want to be guided by originality and break with all schemes, in the image gallery (above) you will find the ideal style for you.

Young men's haircut mid fade
Whether high, medium or low, the ‘fade’ is one of the favorite cuts of the moment. Credit: Shutterstock.

The list of trend cuts for men is extensive, ranging from mullet eighties and the shaggy seventies to the most classic ones such as the layered cut or the degrafilado. However, keep in mind that the fadeso much high as half and lowis the most popular and the most requested in hairdressers.

It is a fade, which can even reveal the skin over the ears and on the nape of the neck. This can accompany any cut, in fact, it is the best complement to give life to the hair.

Wavy Mushroom Haircut for Young Men
A free and carefree style or ‘aesthetic’ conquers the streets. Credit: by Photoeventshd/Shutterstock.

In 2023, Generation Z sets the tone with cuts aesthetic, which are very fresh and youthful. These options, with a relaxed, casual and somewhat sporty vibe, include the book style or cut, the fluffy hair and the mushroom cutto mention a few that wink at the 90s scene.

On the other hand, there are other possibilities that take up aesthetic characteristics of other times, such as the mullethe shaggy and the duck tail. Either option will undoubtedly take a couple of years off your mind.

For a cut to be really flattering, look at the following tips. They are infallible!

  • Look at your features. Before trying a new looks, identifies the shape of your face, measuring your forehead, cheekbones and jawline. This will help you to know if the cut you have in mind will favor your features, making you look much more attractive. For example, if you have a round face, you may want to avoid long bangs and rounded styles. It is better to opt for cuts to the side and with angles, with volume at the crown of the head.
  • Don’t rule out your hair type. Based on this, you will be able to choose between haircuts for young men that highlight or control your exact hair type, and the best way to style and care for it.
  • Take into account your lifestyle. From the rhythm of your daily routine —including the places, people, and activities you frequent— to your own philosophy of life, these are aspects that you should consider when choosing your ideal cut.
Side Layered Haircut for Young Men
To give your cut texture and shape, choose a styling wax or mousse. Credit: Shutterstock.
  1. Create the ideal base. Keep your scalp healthy by choosing the ideal washing system. A good option is the eGo Deep Cleaning shampoo. Its formula with activated carbon —a powerful cleansing active ingredient—removes environmental impurities and residues from other products, strengthening hair follicles and encouraging healthy growth.
  2. Provides control without taking away movement. Whether short or long, the new haircuts for young men are characterized by their dynamism. However, to give yours a more sophisticated and intentionally playful finish, it’s important to provide control with the right products. For example, if you plan to have very fluid short or medium hair, opt for a product like the gel wax Ax Urban. you will get a looks long-term tousled or very firm but with movement. On the other hand, if your thing is to wear long hair, the Original Folicure mousse is ideal for you. Models and fixes the hair, creating a natural style without leaving it rough or dry.
  3. Give it maintenance. Remember to visit your hairdresser regularly to keep your cut well defined. Keep in mind that how often you’ll need to do this will depend on the style you’re wearing and its length.

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