20 tattoo ideas to be in summer all year long

20 tattoo ideas to be in summer all year long
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The warm sand beneath the feet, the sun caressing the skin and the iodine water that makes the hair wavy … All these little things make that in summer, we are well and we do not care about anything anymore. 

But unfortunately, all good things have an end and the return will not be long. If like us, you fear this return to reality, we let you discover this selection of tattoos 100% summer vibes. 

Nostalgic for this time of year when happiness rhymes with idleness? We have concocted a selection of tattoos that smell good summer. Small or big drawing, it is sometimes enough of a nothing to soften the daily life. With the help of a sun, a wave or a palm tree tattoo on the skin, we are projected during our favorite moment of the year.

The one during which, we only think about enjoying life and basking on our deckchair. But once all this is over, the school year is sometimes tough. The arrival of autumn and greyness does not help, we are sometimes a little depressed. But at a glance, the smile can be found thanks to a small sunny pattern tattooed on your skin. We advise you to place it in an area where you will see it easily.

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