13 Kim Kardashian looks that you should imitate

The look of the most popular Kardashian clan, Kim Kardashian West is elegant, feminine and very sensual. Throughout these years her taste for clothes has evolved, choosing textures, cuts, and colors that favor her. Haciendo that is sure of itself, highlighting the favorite parts of your body and is not afraid to put what you want. I’ll tell you what to do to copy Kim’s look and not die trying.

1. Bodies


Image source: eonline

Kim’s favorite phrase is “less is more”, so let the bodies with different textures or cuts that look in their outfits. If you like this garment and you do not know how to use it, try a smooth bodie while you get familiar with it, as well as the shape it gives your body and the material you choose; if it will be lace, medium or smooth.

2. Trends

Kim trends

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… we are talking about Kim Kardashian! Obviously, she goes on and tries all the trends in fashion to find out what she likes and what she has left, as she is small, she wears long dresses-blouses with V-neck or short dresses with boots from the same palette of warm or cold colors, depending. If you want to try this look, do it! Do not lose anything, remember “fashion that suits you”

3. Glued dresses

Stuck dresses

Image source: Elle

Show your curves! Kim is aware that she has no model body, no height! It measures 1.57, but it does not affect her in the least. The socialite is super proud of its curves so that everyone can make them notice with fitted dresses. If you are not so daring to wear a fully glued dress, you can choose one that highlights the neckline, arms or back or, the hip or legs, you decide!

4. Neckline


Image source: Allure

Kim loves to wear blouses with a pronounced neckline, something that makes her feel powerfully feminine. If you want to copy this, you do not need to show so much, use a bralette or bra that enhances the bare breast.

5. Textures

Image source: Daily Mail

If something Kim has done in these years that has been in the world of fashion, is to experiment with the textures that she likes. Yes you love how you see some garment but you have doubt if it will fit you, always try it, sometimes we see the clothes hanging or on the mannequin and we do not like it, but once put on we love it!

6. Rebel style

Rebel style

Image source: Refinery29

In her rebellious style, Kim is very basic, like any bad girl. Yes, she will always wear high heels or booties, skinny black jeans and band shirts, skulls, studs or something that makes her look rebellious but chic, which of course combines with her incredible black jacket! This look is not complicated to copy, but beware! It’s not always black, you can mix red, white and black and you’ll still be a rebellious girl. Use some ripped jeans and if you do not want high heels or wear biker boots. You will look amazingly powerful!

7. Pants


Image source: Bravotv

“What I love most about fashion is that you can express yourself and what you feel depending on what you wear, I think it is, that fashion is subjective, but I also believe that you can be just who you are and your personality through the clothes you wear. ” Once again Kim shows us that we can look amazing even in casual clothes. If you are going to try this look, always remember that part that looks chic are the shoes, so go for it in the selection of these!

8. Black


Image source: Vogue

Kim almost does not use “flashy” colors, we almost always see her with dark and muted or neutral tones. She usually dresses with brands, such as Balmain Margiela, Balenciaga and Givenchy. Kim Kardashian loves the color black because she thinks it is a chic, elegant color that makes her slim and slim. Copying this look will make you fall in love with your silhouette and you will want all your black clothes, remember that tastes break genres and black is not the color of death. Voucher?

9. Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts

Image source: Los Angeles

An icon of the Kardashian. This garment usually favors tall girls, but Kim has made them a must-have for going out on the streets because the high waist style accentuates Kim’s curves. Put on a high waist skirt or pencil with a white shirt tucked in, add a wide or thin belt, a matching jacket, and high-heeled shoes to have an outfit inspired by Kim.

10. Design


Image source: Metro

Kim loves fashion, and above all revealing and original clothes. Copy the look, it never hurts to get out of the box, use nets, Mayas, bolsters and extravagant clothing models when you go to a special place, feeling as if you were on the red carpet.

11. Transparencies


Image source: intouchweekly.com

Most of Kim’s outfits are neutral colors focused on the texture or in this case in laprenda. If you are as daring as Kim, make sure that a garment is bright and vibrant. Everything else must be black, white or tan.

12. Jeans


Image source: Entertainment Tonight

Kim wears tight clothing that highlights her figure and jeans are no exception, jeans with frayed hems are a basic garment for Kim. Get some jeans stuck to look like her. Choose some jeans with large and bold holes to show off the legs.

13. Leather Jacket


Image source: PopSugar

A leather jacket with studs, a raincoat, or a blazer are the basic items in Kim’s closet. They are simple garments that combine almost with anything. Kim even uses them on dresses as the focus of attention of the outfit. With the cold that is being felt lately, this tip of fashion to copy the look of Kim you will love it!

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