We teach you how to do highlights in long hair without having to go to the salon


The highlights in long hair are the best option to renew your looks. It is a quick and low-maintenance coloration that consists of dyeing certain strands with a lighter color in order to illuminate the face and hair.

The best thing is that, thanks to its versatility, you can wear them in almost any shade. Are you ready? Keep reading and discover how to wear them.

Heart Evangelista with golden highlights on long brown hair
The streaks are perfect for those looking for a simple ‘look’ change. Credit: Photoeventshd/Shutterstock.

Highlighting long hair is a coloring technique that involves adding natural light to the hair. It consists of bleaching and dyeing some upper strands, which are characterized by giving a similar tone to the base, so the most used tones are beige, ash and gold.

Unlike the highlights, which are more discreet and do not require bleaching, the rays are a little thicker and are worked by bleaching the hair, managing to lighten it up to one or two shades.

On the other hand, highlights focus on coloring the hair in a localized and strategic way. They can be of different thicknesses depending on the taste, the quantity and the length of the hair.

How to do highlights on long dark hair
When selecting the tone of your rays, make sure that they illuminate your face and eyes. Credit: Shutterstock.

To avoid failures in your lok It is best to have it done by a professional stylist. However, you can try make yourself stripes alone at home.

How to make highlights with a hat on long hair

  1. Comb through with a detangling cream or oil, such as Dove Anti-Knot Hydration daily moisturizer. You can use it inside or outside the shower.
  2. Add some powder to the cap with the holes and place it on your head.
  3. With the help of a pointed comb, begin to pull strands of hair through the hat. Take into account that the thickness of the strands will determine the size of your streaks.
  4. Once you have removed all the wicks, you should comb your hair again.
  5. Apply the stain or developer from back to front and front to back; all the hair has to be in the middle of the hat. Let it act for a period of 35 to 40 minutes.
  6. Rinse with plenty of water without removing the cap, check that you have obtained the desired shade and carefully remove the cap.
  7. Wash your hair as you normally do.

How to make highlights by hand

  1. Untangle your hair and, with the help of a pointed comb, section it into strands.
  2. Apply the dye or developer and let it work.
  3. Rinse with plenty of water after 35 to 40 minutes.
  4. Check that you have obtained the desired shade and carefully remove the cap.
  5. Wash your hair as you normally do.

Highlights in long black hair

Woman with orange highlights in long black hair
A bold coloration perfect for a colorful ‘look’. Credit: Instagram.com/tonytony1226.

If you love bold proposals and want to experiment with your dark foundation, then pay attention, because the colored stripes they will be perfect for you. You can wear them all over your mane or just as accents.

Editor’s tip: Take care of your coloring using a washing system that prolongs it. We suggest the shampoo Y TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner, added with marula oil and resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant to hydrate, care for color and restore shine to colored hair. Its technology helps maintain a vivid and long-lasting color.

Red highlights in long hair

Daniela Rodrice with red and blue highlights in long blonde hair
Daniela Rodrice puts a spin on ’90s red highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/danielarodrice.

The red streaks They are perfect to give a touch of color to your long hair. You can wear the color only on the ends or with thin streaks in the tone you prefer.

Highlights in light hair

Casimere Jollette with blonde highlights on wavy light hair
We love the understated and elegant coloring of Casimere Jollette. Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock.

If your base is light, you can ask your colorist to intersperse streaks in beige, ash, and gold tones to give your hair more light and volume.

Rays in colored hair

Mary Charteris with pink streaks in long brown hair
The best way to color your hair is with some fantasy streaks. Word of Mary Charteris. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

Give your hair a touch of color without having to dye it completely with a few colored streaks. You can wear them in warm or cold tones. Both options will look amazing.

White highlights in long black hair

Woman with white streaks in long black hair
Dye your hair with some ‘money piece’ highlights and give it a modern accent. Credit: Instagram.com/dogtorizzy.

The white streaks in black hair They are a trendy combination. This coloring is perfect for playing with the size of your hair. We love how they look with techniques like the ombre, balayage Y money piece.

Editor’s tip: To prepare your hair and keep it hydrated before dyeing it and exposing it to this color process, our recommendation is the Sedal Maximum Hydration Super Conditioner 1 Minute. We are talking about an intensive treatment that will leave your hair silky and nourished in just 60 seconds.

Blonde highlights on brown hair

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with blonde highlights in light brown hair
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s mane looks more voluminous thanks to her golden highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/halleybrisker.

The blonde highlights They are ideal for bringing more light to the hair and face. These shades will make your hair glow instantly no matter your base shade.

brown hair with highlights

Camila Cabello with golden highlights in brown hair
The caramel highlights are perfect to give movement to the brown bases. Get inspired by Camila Cabello. Credit: Instagram.com/dimitrishair.

A balayage candy or gold not only helps you sweeten the appearance, but it will allow you to give your brown hair more light.

Blonde highlights on long hair

Sabrina Carpenter with blonde highlights in long wavy hair
We love the subtle and luminous color that Sabrina Carpenter is wearing. Credit: Instagram.com/allanface.

If you want to add a rich and warm dimension to your hair, opt for light highlights that provide more light. for a looks very natural, ask your colorist to gradually blend thick highlights as you work your way down the length of your hair.

hair with silver rays

Woman with blonde hair and silver highlights, silver highlights in wavy hair
Silver babylights are perfect for hiding gray hair. Credit: Instagram.com/dvir_tvik.

The white streaks, ashes and silver are ideal for concealing gray hair. Ask your stylist for a balayage start three centimeters from the root, emphasize the frontal strands and leave the ends of the natural color.

Silver highlights in long hair

Woman with platinum blonde highlights in straight black hair
The ‘money piece’ technique is ideal for giving light to your face. Credit: Instagram.com/artistic.aestheticss.

The silver highlights are perfect for those looking for a dramatic result, without failing to illuminate their face and hair.

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