The ‘tomboy’ cut for women is the sexiest and most feminine style of the moment


That the social construction in relation to the haircut tomboy for women has completely changed during the last decades is, without a doubt, a big step in the established culture of this side of the hemisphere. Although there are still some barriers in relation to beauty and gender, this aesthetic option —which made its way thanks to the greats of European fashion— went from having a negative connotation that attributed a “masculine behavior” in women, to be synonymous with style and sophistication.

The outfits tomboy today they reflect a new femininity, full of independence, self-esteem and security. It is a style that prioritizes comfort and practicality. And it is that the list of options no longer only includes short haircutsthe possibilities range from a pixie up to a wolf cut that ends at shoulder height…

Iris Law with tomboy cut for women
Cuts referred to as ‘tomboy’ can be short, like the Iris Law cut, or of a longer length, like the ‘wolf’ cut. Credit: Shutterstock.

Despite the fact that this hair trend began with a very marked short length and a gradient or shaved at the nape, accompanied by a straight or frayed fringe; the haircuts tomboy They can also be medium or long. Although it is a gender-neutral style and there is no longer any “forbidden ground” for women, there are cuts like the mulletthe shaggy short and even the mushroom cut from your childhood that could be very flattering. What’s more, you could even kidnap yourself! We promise you that there is no more liberating feeling.

Ursula Corbero with curly pixie haircut
No matter your personality or your hair type, a ‘tomboy’ style cut can be very flattering. In the image, Ursula Corbero. Credit: Leire PJ/Dydppa/Shutterstock.

who wears fashion tomboy he is credited with a strong, rebellious personality and an androgynous aesthetic. But of course, if none of these characteristics suits you, you can still break the obvious and look spectacular with the haircut of your choice.

Woman with tomboy haircut with short bangs
Another ‘tomboy’ cut option is a ‘bob’ with ‘baby bangs’. Credit: Shutterstock.

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Woman with short pixie haircut
The list of possibilities is very extensive to wear a ‘tomboy’ cut. It does not matter if your hair is curly or straight, if your face is round or square, here we leave you the best options. Credit:

the haircuts tomboy they are for everyone Of course, as with any other style, there are certain tips that you can follow to take your look to the next level. For example, we recommend that women from round face and reduced, avoid very long, straight and thick bangs, as these round out the face even more. If what you want is to soften the features and lengthen them, it is better that you opt for fringes baby or defaced.

Or, if your hair is straight and you want to give it volume, then opt for a pixie. In curly hair, a mullet It will be ideal to remove weight and leave it manageable. The possibilities are endless, discover here the one that best suits your needs.

haircut tomboy + mullet

Ursula Corbero with short mullet haircut
Get inspired by Ursula Corbero’s ‘mullet’ haircut. Credit: Angel Naval/MARINA PRESS/Shutterstock.

Nostalgia for the best of other times is very noticeable today. Just as trends dictate the return of long, layered hair (as it was worn in the ’90s), 70s haircuts are making a comeback. In addition to its visual appeal, the mullet It is ideal for all those who want to appear taller and lengthen their face.

To style it like Úrsula Corberó, we recommend the Original Folicure Fixing Gel and the Sedal Light Hydration spray. Thus, you achieve volume in the indicated areas without compromising the shine and natural texture of your hair.

Long hair + cut tomboy for woman

Iris Law with tomboy cut for women and black highlights in blonde hair
Iris Law sports a trendy ‘tomboy’ haircut with an 80s vibe. Credit: Ash Knotek/Shutterstock

With an 80s vibe and rock style, this haircut combines a french crop with a mullet. Look at the details: the bangs are short and faded towards the front, with a straight finish. In addition, the entire crown is kept short, and strands fall from the nape to reach shoulder height. Everything plays an important role that you cannot lose sight of to achieve the best result.

Now, if you want to add a more interesting touch to the lookdye your tips a color that contrasts with your base tone.

Cut tomboy for women with round faces

Sophie Thatcher with tomboy cut for women
Sophie Thatcher sports a ‘shaggy’ haircut, ideal for round faces. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

To frame the face and lengthen it, make a haircut shaggy short with asymmetric bangs. Thanks to the short layers, this creates the perfect volume at the crown to flatter round faces. Of course, avoid the fringe touching the eyebrows and do not forget to ask your stylist to let strands fall to the sides to soften the contour of your face.

tomboy + cut fade for woman

Young woman with tomboy cut fade for women
Are you looking for a comfortable and easy to style cut? Try the taper fade.

If you’re looking for a super comfortable, easy-to-style cut, the taper fade is the best choice for you. This fade haircut gained popularity in the 2000s and is now back in its most modern version, which many women and men want to wear.

Although it practically settles on its own after washing, you can shape your fade with the Ax Ice Chill Waxideal for instant fixation with a natural finish.

mushroom cut

Brunette woman with mushroom cut for straight hair
The mushroom cut, very popular in the 90s, is back in its classic and timeless version. Credit: Shutterstock.

The mushroom cut He is also living his comeback with great force. You can wear it the classic way, which reaches to the height of the ears and keeps the nape of the neck shaved. Part of the charm of him is that he is very flattering on both curly hair and straight hair.

Cut tomboy korean for women

Korean tomboy cut for women
This Korean cut is cut in a V shape and reveals the ears and the nape of the neck, with a subtle gradient behind. Credit: Matthew Chattle/Shutterstock

It is not necessary to attend the biggest catwalks in the world to know that Korean haircuts are being one of the hair trends More popular. With spending a couple of hours on social networks, you can find different versions to inspire you. Some include layers and others straight bangs, but far from the extravagance and dramatic essence, they all end in a very soft and delicate result.

Woman with korean short haircut with bangs
Get inspired by this Korean version of the famous ‘bowl cut’. Credit: Shutterstock.

Although this style is like a pixie accompanied by a paraded bangs short, leaving visible the ears and the nape with a cut in V, you can also find versions like the bowl cut with longer strands on the sides (as if following a U-shape).

japanese court hime cut

Young woman with layered straight haircut with bangs
The ‘hime cut’ haircut, with Japanese references, is conquering social networks. Credit: Pixelformula/Sipa/Shutterstock.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the hime cut. Just as popular in the world of cartoons as in real life, this one is characterized by short locks that fall over the cheeks, which may (or may not) be accompanied by bangs in front. Of course, the hair is always longer at the back, to make the difference in length noticeable, and it is commonly worn straight.

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pixie + cut tomboy for woman

Blonde-haired woman with tomboy pixie cut shaved from the nape
The ‘pixie’ is one of the most versatile and flattering cuts for any type of face. Credit: joshpereira/Unsplash.

A cut pixie as it complements soft, fine features, as well as can bring out stronger, firmer bone structure. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly, this look it will make you look spectacular.

Woman with asymmetrical pixie haircut and blue highlights
The asymmetric ‘pixie’ is par excellence one of the most used ‘looks’ in ‘tomboy’ fashion. Credit: Dinendra Haria/Shutterstock.

Just as there is the very short version with straight bangs, you can also try an asymmetrical style and a longer length. If it goes with your personality, you can also add some highlights in shades of fantasy colors to complement.

Woman with shaved haircut at the nape of the neck

Woman with short wavy hair shaved at the nape
A ‘pixie’ + an ‘undercut’ is the perfect formula to achieve a ‘tomboy’ style ‘look’. Credit:

As we said before, since its inception the cut tomboy he was shaved from the nape and let his ears be seen. If you want to keep a classic style, then this is your ideal option.

Cut wolf

Wolf-cut model for women on the catwalk of Louis Vuitton 2017
The ‘wolf’ cut is one of the most popular Korean styles today. Credit: Shutterstock.

Famous for its layered design and long bangs, the cut wolf It is one of the most requested in beauty salons. It has become so popular that videos are even circulating on TikTok to learn how to do it at home. Dare to wear it!

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Do you already know what your court is? tomboy Favourite? Share it with us and find more styles to be inspired by @allthingshairmex.


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