The Colombian 7 haircut: what it is and how to wear this urban style


The Colombian 7 haircut has been in fashion for a few years now, but, for many, it remains a mystery. Perhaps, because it is an urban style that hairdressers have been perfecting on the fly.

Often confused with a mohawk cut or a mohawk fade, because it shares with these styles the characteristic of having shaved sides and a longer center. However, to fall into any of these denominations, the cut would have to leave a crest —even if it is short—, and this is not always the case. It is also often misinterpreted by a court mulletbut this one does not have shaved sides and is longer.

So, what is the paisa cut that everyone is talking about? In this article, we not only clear up your doubts, but we also give you ideas to wear it.

Man with the Colombian 7 haircut with a V shape on the nape of the neck
Due to its urban character, a V-shaped finish complements the paisa cut very well. Credit:

The Colombian 7 haircut or paisa cut is a type of cut fade for men characterized by wearing the central part —from the forehead to the nape of the neck— in a short to medium length and the sides faded, forming a kind of inverted number seven around the ears.

We could say that it is a variant of the burst fade, a cut in which the sides fade in a semicircle around the ears and down to the neckline, but not touching the nape of the neck. The difference is that in the Colombian haircut, the side fade is more like a square.

At the front, this style often features a fringe very short and straight. Usually this is a short haircut. However, it can also be worn longer, taking —now yes— elements of the mullet and the Mohican.

Of course, the hairstyle depends on the length of the cut. In most cases, it is worn short, so a wax will suffice to give it texture and hold. use the wax eGo Matte for men to achieve a firm, matte and long-lasting effect. Remember to warm it up between your fingers beforehand and apply it only when your hair is dry.

On the other hand, if you leave the back area longer, apply the TRESemmé Antifrizz styling cream from means to ends on your wet hair. Its keratin concentrate will help prevent frizz.


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