Textured haircuts for men that give hair volume and body


We’re all born with different hair textures, but it doesn’t matter if yours is curly, wavy, or straight, a textured cut can completely change how you look and feel. Therefore, it is one of the best options to break the monotony.

This type of hair style not only leaves the door open to experiment with volume, but also with different hairstyles that can give you a different touch every day. You want to know more? Keep reading.

Wavy Textured Haircut for Men
The textured cut for men gives body and volume to the hair. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun.

To texturize the hair, your hairdresser or barber can do it with tools such as tooth scissors, a razor, or even a machine. The finish can be soft or very marked, and is achieved by removing weight from the ends or thinning all the hair in sections.

Sections of hair can also be cut straight or spiky. The point is to break with the flat and to dominate a sensation of body, definition and depth. In short, giving hair texture is filling it with life and volume.

Using this technique is essential to achieve different cuts, such as mullet and Caesar, among others.

Haircut with textured bangs for men

Men's Long Textured Fringe Cut
The textured fringe can be worn long or short, in a Caesar cut or whatever you choose. Credit: Instagram.com/alberttadevosian.

Long, textured bangs can complement any haircut. However, keep in mind that if you have the round face, it is better that you opt for short and side bangs, although if it is oval and oblong, long bangs can be your best allies. It is about finding a balance point so that the looks be flattering.

French crop textured

Textured French crop cut for men
Join the trend of the textured and straight ‘french crop’. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun.

A french crop It will be the best possibility for those looking for a relaxed and comfortable style. Very similar to the Caesar cut, this one keeps the fringe shorter and straighter, making it perfect for playing sports and maintaining a looks casual.

Textured cut for men with undercut

Cillian Murphy Men's Textured Undercut
Textured side bangs, with an ‘undercut’ ––like Cillian Murphy’s–– will make you look taller and soften round features. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

This cut, especially if worn to the side, is quite flattering on any type of face. Think about it: if it is very round or square, the undercut As a complement, it will soften the features and make them look longer. Or, when it comes to a face with a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones, the bangs will hide it and balance everything.

Long textured cut

Textured layered faded haircut for long straight hair
Captured at Italian Fashion Week: Bold layers are the best option for giving long hair texture. Credit: Mauro Del Signore/Shutterstock.

When hair is long, it tends to concentrate its weight on the ends, especially if it is curly or wavy. If it is a smooth structure, the weight also does its thing and turns the looks in a flat and lifeless one. To avoid both scenarios, the best option is to texture your hair with layers, which can either be feathered or feathered.

Fade textured

Men's Textured Fade Cut
Consider a textured cut if you’re thinking of doing a ‘fade’. Credit: Shutterstock.

Although the court fade It concentrates a greater density of hair in the crown area and leaves a visible gradient down to the skin, giving it texture is quite attractive for many today. Not only will it make your hair look thicker and more dense, but it will visually lengthen your face and even make you look taller.

The faded can be highmedium or low. You can also reveal the skin or ask your hairdresser to subtly lower the sides.

Caesar cut

Tanner Reese in a Textured Caesar Cut
Tanner Reese sports the Caesar cut, achieved with feathered layers. Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock.

To accentuate this classic cut, which had its heyday in the 90s, the hairdresser will have to lower the sides of the head and the back part, directing the hair towards the forehead with layers. Although the Caesar cut It ends in a fringe that can be long or short, it provides texture and volume.

Court mullet

Men's short mullet cut with texture
Give texture to your ‘mullet’ with paraded locks. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

Texture is one of the characteristics that make mullet an iconic cut. Disheveled and with a rebellious air, you can wear it long or very short. Just keep in mind that if you choose the second option, the more layers you add, the better!

Medium length textured haircut

Men's Machine Gun Kelly Textured Mid-Long Cut
Machine Gun Kelly has embraced textured cuts as an essential part of her personal style. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.

as if it were a mullet Longer, this style is achieved by parading the locks, that is, thinning the hair with special scissors, removing weight at the ends and making curved cuts.

Degrafiled textured cut

Men's Long Wavy Textured Cut
Try a Korean cut the next time you go to the barber. Credit: Shutterstock.

The korean cuts they are a trend that has been dictated by generation Z and that is among the favorites of the year. Although they have arrived with great force, it is only a matter of daring to try something new to raise your looks. Just ask for a few faded layers and let your hair air dry every day for that tousled look.

side cut

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau with a Side Parting Cut
Take the dullness out of straight hair with a bob cut, just like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Credit: Shutterstock.

If your hair is very fine and the weight gains, it will suffice to cut a few layers and wear all the hair to one side, leaving more volume in the upper area and lowering the sides, to visually obtain dimension and density.

The selection of correct styling products is key. For example, wax can help you give your hair a tousled effect, but with a natural finish. For its part, the spray generates volume and the gel sets the hairstyle. Take note of these tips!

  • Remember that cleanliness is important. The first step to achieving a good textured hairstyle is to leave your hair clean and manageable. For this, the Ax Gold liquid soap It is ideal, and also works for the beard and the body.
  • Use fingers and wax for a tousled finish. Apply in your hands products such as gel wax Ax Urban and ruffle random strands with fingers. Its effect is long lasting.
  • Fixed with gel. To achieve a firm, even wet look, take a considerable amount of eGo Gel Fall Control Alpha. While leaving your hair textured, it will protect it from breaking and falling out.
  • Use the iron. The hair straightener can be your great ally to give your cut more body and texture. You can take strands at random and comb the ends inwards.
  • Create volume with a comb and spray. Once you’ve sprayed a layer of spray on the hair, take an open bristle comb and run it around the hair in an irregular fashion. Fixed with a final coat of spray. A functional option is the Folicure Original Extra Firmwhich protects hair against breakage.

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