Light Chocolate Balayage: The Color All Brunettes Must Try


We all want a well-lit mane, but if you’re looking for an understated and elegant way to achieve it, then you’ll love the balayage light chocolate.

This tone is the ideal bet to provide greater light and dimension, both to hair and to skinned skin. Do you want to know how to wear it? Keep reading, we have the answer for you.

Taylor Hill with light chocolate balayage on wavy hair
Taylor Hill wears a light hair that highlights her features. Credit:

Chocolate hair by applying a light brown base (light or medium) and adding some blonde undertones. According to hair colorimetrylight chocolate brown is achieved with tint number 6.6

Light chocolate hair color is one of the most versatile shades you can wear. If you have a cool skin tone, the light chocolate tint will help to highlight your features and achieve a subtle change of appearance. look. On the other hand, if your skin is warmer, it will be ideal to balance and neutralize.

balayage light chocolate brown hair

Woman with light chocolate brown balayage on long wavy hair
Light chocolate is an ideal discreet color to illuminate the dark tone of your hair. Credit:

If you’re looking to lighten your dark hair but don’t want a dramatic change, a balayage chocolate It will be the ideal option for you. This warm tone brings brightness and warmth in a very subtle way.

Dark: balayage light chocolate

Woman with dark balayage on light chocolate hair
Light chocolate is ideal for warm skin. Credit:

Dare to say yes to light hair, dyeing your hair with a blonde balayage. This technique is a great way to instantly brighten and soften your features. If you dare to wear it, remember to add an extra dose of hydration to your care routine.

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Light chocolate balayage on short hair

Woman with light chocolate balayage on short hair
A light balayage is perfect for adding movement to short hair. Credit:

Give your hair a subtle change with a balayage Brown. A technique that works well with any length and texture, resulting in a casual and relaxed look.

Light chocolate balayage highlights

Maddie Ziegler with Wavy Light Chocolate Balayage
Blonde highlights are great for bringing light. In the picture, Maddie Ziegler. Credit:

A balayage golden It is ideal to lighten your hair, especially if you still do not dare to venture into blonde hair.

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Light Chocolate Balayage

Woman with Light Chocolate Balayage, Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair
By playing with different brown shades, it is possible to bring light to the hair. Credit:

One way to join the trend is through a balayage Brown. This technique will allow you to combine light and dark tones to create a warm transition in your hair.

balayage in light chocolate

Chrissy Teigen with Caramel and Honey Gold Balayage on Wavy Hair
Light chocolate balayage has the same base as golden brown but comes very close to blonde. In the picture, Chrissy Teigen. Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock.

This color is ideal for playing with highlights of other shades and creating a play of light and shadow that rejuvenates the face and adds movement to the hair.

balayage golden light chocolate

Olivia Palermo with golden light chocolate balayage and wavy hair
Olivia Palermo shows us that golden highlights are the best complement for your chocolate dye. Credit:

The light chocolate gold hair It is one of the most popular and flattering. This shade consists of a dark base with golden blonde reflections, ideal for achieving a three-dimensional effect.

highlights balayage: light golden chocolate hair color

Woman with balayage highlights in light chocolate hair
If you’re looking for low-maintenance coloration, balayage highlights are your best bet. Credit:

With some golden highlights that contrast with your light brown base you can reinvent your look. look and frame your face.

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balayage straight light chocolate

Joey King with light chocolate balayage on straight hair with fringe
Joey King opted for light highlights that give dynamism to his straight hair. Credit: Domine Jerome/ABACA/Shutterstock.

A balayage in warm tones it is ideal to give your straight hair a twist. This low-maintenance technique will help give your hair movement and volume without resorting to complete bleaching.

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