‘French crop’: this is how the cut with straight bangs is worn in 2023


Due to its versatility and low maintenance, the french crop It has made its way among the favorites of the moment. And it is that, just as it retains an urban vibe, it can also be adapted with a sophisticated air. The point is to find the fringe most flattering and the best products to style it.

If you want to join this trend that has stood the test of time, here we leave you the keys to wear it with a lot of style.

What is the cut ‘french crop’?

Man with French crop cut
The ‘french crop’ is usually faded on the sides and maintains a straight fringe in front. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

Very similar to Caesar cuta french crop It is characterized by being short at the back and slightly longer at the top, with bangs in front. This is usually short, although it can also be worn just touching the eyebrows. Regarding the sides, they are lowered and, on occasions, faded.

Especially oval and square faces, may be the ones that are most favored with the cut, while in other face shapes, it can always be adapted.

Editor’s tip: To stylize your cut, use products such as eGo Matte wax, which allows you to keep unruly hairs under control and achieve flexible hairstyles with an opaque finish. Distribute it in the hair with your fingers, downwards.

eGo Matte Wax

Court french crop long

Young man with long French crop cut
Choose a long fringe to hide a broad forehead. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

The magic of this cut lies in the fact that, even if the rules to wear it are broken, it can always work. Although the bangs are usually short, there is the option of taking advantage of a wide and wide forehead with a long fringe.

French crop textured

Man with French crop and high fade
Texture your cut for added movement and volume, Credit: Instagram.com/r.braid.

A style like this can be flat or textured, to give it more volume and a sensation of movement. To achieve this, the locks must be cut with tools such as toothed scissors, a razor, or even a machine. The finish can be soft or very marked, and is achieved by removing weight from the ends or thinning all the hair in sections.

In this case, the ends are cut pointed, with the aim of breaking with the flatness and creating dimension. When combing, take them up with your fingers and fix with products such as Folicure Original Extra Firm Spray. In addition to keeping your cut in perfect condition during the day, its aerosol formula, enriched with Folisaccharides and Panthenol, cares for hair against falling out due to breakage.

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French crop on straight hair

French crop cut with texture and purple tint
If texture is your thing, style with a comb and spray your cut. Credit: Instagram.com/r.braid.

He french crop It is one of the most requested and recommended options in hairdressers for its effect of texture and movement in the hair. straight hair. Being its main objective to give body to the hair with feathered locks and faded sides, this also leaves the door open to hundreds of possibilities to style it and give it life. In general, it is ideal to break with the boring and make it come alive.

Court french crop Chinese

Curly French crop cut for men
If you have curly hair, you can also wear a ‘french crop’. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun.

Despite the trend among men with straight hair for texture and movement, the french crop can also play for chinese hair. By slimming down the sides and removing weight with layers of varying lengths, this style is ideal for controlling volume and keeping hair manageable.

Editor’s tip: Direct the hair towards the forehead with the eGo Deep Moisture modeling cream. It will help you control unruly hairs and create soft hairstyles with movement and texture.

cut with frets

French crop cut with frets for men
Give a distinctive touch to your cut by adding some fretwork. Credit: Instagram.com/kool_kuts_for_men.

For those who want to push their creative horizons further, the fretwork they are a great option. This cutting technique allows you to experiment with different designs, and although they are high-maintenance, it never hurts to try different options to make them part of your style.

French crop + cut mullet

Mullet cut with fringe for men
Merge a ‘french crop’ with a ‘mullet’ in the same cut next time. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

Now merge the mullet with other cuts it is being the stellar trend of the moment. If you want to join, you can mix it with a french crop and a faded guy taper fade, only in the area of ​​the sideburns. This will give you a casual and somewhat rebellious air, which is conquering the street style.

What is a ‘high fade’ with a ‘french crop’?

High fade cut with French crop for men
A ‘high fade’ can be the best complement to a ‘french crop’. Credit: Instagram.com/charlievenn_barber.

As we mentioned before, the key to identifying a french crop It is the straight fringe and the faded sides. These can be high, low or medium. choose a high fade (or high fade) if you want your cut to elongate your face and give you the illusion of being taller.

How do you do the ‘french crop’ haircut?

Men's French Crop Haircut
To achieve a ‘french crop’, it is essential to lower the sides and leave more volume in the upper area. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

Keep in mind that, to follow this process, you will need to gather tools such as the clipper, special hair scissors (with teeth), a comb, and a mirror.

Editor’s tip: Before you start, wash your hair with moisturizing and purifying products, such as Folicure Original shampoo. Its formula with Folisaccharides, panthenol and biotin promotes growth and will leave it soft.

Original Folicure Shampoo
    1. Mark the length. Although the french crop It is characterized by having short sides and a longer, textured top, you need to mark the length at which you want the bangs in front, to fade.
    2. Section A. He takes a comb and divides the top part of the hair. Hold it with the help of tweezers, leaving the sides loose.
    3. Lower the sides. With the razor (between number one and three), reduce the sides and the back of the head. Start from the bottom up, following the pattern of natural hair growth. Keep in mind that creating a gradual fade is key, which is achieved by mixing the shorter length on the sides with the longer length on the top. To do this, use different numbers on the machine as you go up. Thus, you will get a natural look.
    4. Cut the fringe. Once you have achieved the desired length on the sides, move to the top of the hair. Remove the clips, they are the ones that held this section and, now, bring the hair towards the forehead. With the machine, make a straight cut.
    5. Texture the upper area. All you have to do is put the hair between your fingers and trim the ends with the toothed scissors or normal ones, making vertical cuts.
    6. Stylize. Take an open bristle comb and create movement with it in the hair, in a forward direction (ie, from the crown of the head to the forehead).

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