Eyebrow cut: the inspiration and the step by step to show off this urban ‘look’


The eyebrow cut is a trend that consists of creating a small cut, often diagonal, in the eyebrow hair. It has gained popularity as a form of self-expression, particularly among the younger generation. Brow trimming can be done using a number of techniques, including shaving, threading, or even the application of temporary or semi-permanent makeup to create the desired look.

It has its roots in hip hop and urban culture, where it was initially embraced as a symbol of rebellion and individuality. Over time, it has become a mainstream trend embraced by people from various backgrounds.

It can be done at different points of the eyebrow, allowing for customization. While some people go for a low-key cut, others go for bolder designs that even blend with their haircut. You want to know more? Keep reading!

What does an eyebrow cut mean?

Jason Momoa with brow cut and long curly hair
Jason Momoa’s eyebrow cut is natural — it’s a scar, the product of an accident with a glass — but it looks great! Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock.

The eyebrow cut has its origin in the hip hop culture of the 80s, when the singer Big Daddy Kane popularized it. Over time, the looks It was associated with gang membership, but today that connotation has been lost. Still, for many people it is an intimidating appearance.

There are also those who associate eyebrow trimming in women with the LGBTQ+ community.

How to do the eyebrow cut?

Maluma with a cut eyebrow and bleached hair
One of Maluma’s best ‘looks’ is this one with the eyebrow cut off. Credit: Shutterstock.

Getting an eyebrow trim is easier than it seems. Follow these steps:

  1. Comb your eyebrows up.
  2. Place two strips of micropore tape, delimiting the space you want to cut.
  3. Run a clipper, razor, or razor blade over the area between the two strips.
  4. Remove the tape tape.
  5. You can remove the smaller hairs that remain on the line with tweezers or by running the razor again.

You can also do a fake brow trim like this:

  1. Comb your eyebrows up.
  2. Using a flat, angled brush, apply a dab of long-wear, high-coverage concealer to the top and bottom of your brows to outline.
  3. Use the same brush and the concealer to draw a line through one of your eyebrows, simulating a cut.

Editor’s tip: Once you’ve finished your trim, use gel or wax to style your brows. Gel works well for long hair, while wax is better for short hair. Do you plan to go shopping? We suggest you try the Folicure Original fixing gel wave eGo Matte wax. The first, in addition to fixing, strengthens the hair, while the second will give you an opaque and natural finish.

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