16 types of ‘fade’ cuts for men, the most comfortable and versatile gradient style


Yes, although it is one of the most popular styles and requested in hairdressers, there are different types of cut fade for men. Perhaps at first glance they all seem similar, but if you pay attention to the details, you will notice that the possibilities between the famous low fade and the taper fadeso in trend, are extensive.

This style allows you to experiment with other cuts, such as a classic quiff and even the so daring mullet. Perhaps its versatility is the characteristic that has made it one of the stellar trends of the last decade, as it works on all types of hair and adapts to all face types.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle gradient or a transition that reveals skin, here are the best options for you to try.

Young man with fade taper cut
The ‘taper fade’ cut is a subtle gradient that reveals the skin above the ears and at the nape of the neck. Credit: Instagram.com/ppatrickmarinho.

While the process for creating a cut fade (fade cutin Spanish) is leaving the hair longer at the top and progressively cutting the back and sides with a clipper, a taper fade It is tapered and gradually changes the length of the hair, with a subtle finish that reveals a little skin both at the nape of the neck and above the ears.

types of cut fade taper

Back view of men's fade taper cut
This is what the gradient looks like at the nape of the neck in a ‘taper fade’ cut. Credit: Instagram.com/criztofferson

This style can vary in length above the crown and can be combined with any other haircut, but it is always short at the bottom. In this way, an edge is created that provides a modern and casual essence.

Editor’s tip: Regardless of the type of cut fade Whichever you choose, it’s important to wash your hair with products that leave it clean and manageable. For those men who put practicality first, we recommend the Ax Gold liquid soapwhich not only works to clean the hair, but also the beard and the body.

Created in 1940 by the US Army and making a comeback in the 1980s thanks to the kings of hip hop, the high fade It is a haircut for men that can be of any length in the crown area, but respects a high fade that starts from the height of the eyebrows (or higher, towards the forehead), revealing the skin of the sides of the head and neck.

high-fade with long hair

Man with long hair and a beard with a high fade haircut and two braids
The ‘high fade’ is not only worn with short hair, it also looks very ‘cool’ with long hair. Credit: brockwegner/Unsplash.

We said it before: any type of cut fade can go with long hair. Although in this case the high gradient is the protagonist, the hair to the shoulder plays an important role that completes a outfits urban and relaxed. In addition, this style is ideal to take weight off your hair if it is curly.

Editor’s tip: You can also add stripes or some design to your beard if you have one, to lift the look. Also, if you are uncomfortable wearing your hair down all the time, we recommend braiding it back with the help of a gentle product likea eGo Matte wax for menperfect for those who want a hairstyle firm, matte finish and long lasting. Remember that you can also use it to style the beard.

high-fade with design

Curly-haired man with high fade high cut type with design
Just as the kings of hip hop wore it, ask your hairdresser for a ‘high fade’ cut with design. Credit: Shutterstock.

You can ask your hairdresser for an organic design to transition from fade up to the skin. In this way, you break with the classic and add texture to the hair with a personal touch.

hi-top fade shaven

Bad Bunny with a shaved haircut and two stripes with a high fade
Take the boring out of shaved hair with an angular design and a high fade just like Bad Bunny’s. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Shaving the hair has its charm, but how about adding your own design? In addition to creating two lines to frame the crown and create dimension, you can add a high fade just below the stripes, to make it more subtle and take the flatness out of the cut. This style is ideal on all hair types and perfect for those who want to achieve a look rebellious vibe.

high-fade short with beard

Senior man with high fade haircut with beard and mustache
A ‘high fade’ + beard can be the perfect formula to achieve an elegant and distinguished look. Credit: Shutterstock.

hair in a high fade It can be left very short, close to the skin, or shaved, as in the image. Although there is no connecting point with the mustache and beard, this style can be your perfect companion to create a look elegant and sophisticated.

Editor’s tip: As we mentioned before, there are products that are functional for washing both hair and beard. If you have a taste for fragrances with sweet and spicy notes, try the Ax Dark Temptation liquid soapwhich cleanses hair, beard and body.

high-fade + french crop

Young man with mid fade haircut and bangs
If you want texture and movement with a classic cut, ask for a French crop with a high fade, like this one. Credit: Shutterstock.

The type cuts french crop They are classic styles with bangs, low maintenance and that add texture to the hair, since they are created in short layers towards the front. With a high fade underneath, you will have a youthful appearance that elongates the face.

angle cut + high fade

Man with Caesar haircut and high fade
As if it were a Caesar cut or ‘french crop’, but with an angular fringe, this style is perfectly complemented by a type of high ‘fade’ cut.

Generally, cuts with fade high look better if they are complemented by symmetrical shapes, although they are not necessarily always straight. By adding angular bangs to the front, the whole style balances out.


Man with low fade haircut and pompadour
Another option is to opt for a low fade with a pompadour. Credit: Shutterstock.

The type of cut fade bass begins to fade from the top of the ears and down to the neck. It is very common that this style is complemented with a toupee or a pompadourlike in the image.

Editor’s tip: To style your cut as in the image, we recommend applying a light layer of Original Folicure Fixing Gelformulated with Liposome V, which helps strengthen hair to control hair loss.


David Beckham mid fade cut for men
David Beckham’s ‘mid fade’ with ‘toupee’ is perfect for adding volume to straight, fine hair. Credit: Shutterstock.

As its name says, the mid-fade is a cut that starts the gradient at the midpoint of the head, between the fade high and the fade bass. Just as many men ask for it with visible skin, you can opt for very short hair if you do not want to lose hair.


Man with mullet haircut and burst fade
The ‘burst fade’ is characterized by the curved gradient that goes above the ears. Credit: Instagram.com/4hairpleasure.

The burst fade It also respects the traditional fade of the style in question, but it consists of cutting a curved section above the ears, which can work both in curly hair and straight hair.

Editor’s tip: Give hair texture (with a natural finish) by combing through with your fingertips and applying a little Ax Ice Chill Wax.

mid-fade with cut mullet

Man with curly mullet haircut and undercut with gradient
The ‘mullet’ with a gradient is the most modern and youthful combination today. Credit: Shutterstock.

Although it is common, it is not necessary that the types of cut fade cover the entire contour of the head. You can do a subtle gradient on both sides, above the ears, to add dimension to your cut mullet and give it a special touch, while removing weight and volume from curly hair.

Men’s V-cut (back) with fade

Men's V-Cut Back
Balance your fade haircut with a V-shape finish. Credit: Instagram.com/jackhat_barber.

If you’re a fan of angled cuts, ask your hairdresser to fade your hair into a V-shape. This will create a look different and sophisticated.

taper fade with mushroom cut

Man with mushroom cut and gradient on the nape rear view
Give the classic mushroom cut a ‘twist’ with a gradient at the nape of the neck. Credit: Instagram.com/brett_thebarber.

Although the taper fade has the objective of creating a gradient only on the nape and on the ears, it is ideal to complement the mushroom cut your childhood favourite.

Men’s Fade Mohawk

Older Men's Fade Mohawk
Spotted on the streets of London: the fade Mohawk is perfect for taking a couple of years off your face. Credit: Dvora/Shutterstock

The Mohican is an excellent choice for all those looking for a look modern and youthful. But not only that, it is very flattering for men with a round and reduced face.

fade with pompadour

Man with pompadour haircut with fade
Put a modern twist on the classic ‘pompadour’ with a fade cut. Credit: Instagram.com/the_barbercave_oldtown.

To appear taller and lengthen a round facethe pompadour It is a classic style and very functional. You can comb it with gel eGo Black for men to keep your hair under control throughout the day.

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