12 irresistible ideas to wear chocolate hair with beige highlights


Chocolate hair with beige highlights allows you to choose between getting a looks delicate, as if lit naturally by the sun, or create a high contrast with very light strands on a dark base.

In addition, this technique is very functional for those who are going to dye their hair for the first time or who want to lighten it without having to opt for a total coloration.

No matter what tone of chocolate dye and wicks you choose, the result will be a mane full of shine, light, depth and movement.

gwendoline christie
‘Peekaboo’ highlights in a light beige shade, like Gwendoline Christie’s, complement a medium chocolate tint. Credit: Matt Baron/EIB/Shutterstock.

Beige and chocolate, being two neutral colors, combine flatteringly in the hair. Beige is a tone that blends both cold and warm undertones, with ashy undertones. For this reason, it can coexist in harmony with dyes such as chocolate and other lighter ones, such as gray.

What reflections does the color chocolate have?

The same happens with browns or chestnuts, which can be adapted with either golden or reddish nuances to illuminate the hair as on a summer afternoon, or else, be taken to a cold tone, with ash reflections.

Beige highlights require prior bleaching, which can end up leaving orange or yellowish spots. In some cases, even greenish, depending on the level and the tint.

Uses a toning shampoo purple to counteract the yellowish or greenish effect left by blondes, ash and platinum. Or, a blue toner to eliminate the orange and brassy tones that can appear with gold and brown haircolors. Once you have this in mind, follow these steps so that your beige highlights are always in perfect condition:

  1. Apply the toning shampoo to damp hair.
  2. Use it only once a week, otherwise, you can damage your hair.
  3. Complement with a washing system for colored hair, such as shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner. These take care of the color and restore the shine of colored hair.
  4. Let it act for the time indicated on the package, never leave it longer than it should to avoid unwanted tones. In general, 10 minutes is enough to obtain an optimal result.
  5. Moisturize your hair, especially if you bleached it, to prevent it from looking dry and lifeless. At the same time that you use the toning shampoo, apply products such as Dove Growth Replenishing Daily Super Moisturizerwhich improves the condition of the strands with a mixture of active nutrients.
Megan Fix with chocolate hair with beige balayage highlights
Warm beige with gold undertones, like Megan Fox’s, is achieved with a 9.3 tint. Credit: Carlos Tischler/Shutterstock.

Beige is a tone that enters the list of blonde dyes, that is, you can find it with codes that start with the numbers 8, 9, and 10, referring to light blonde, extra-light blonde, and platinum, respectively. The second number determines the reflections and shades, which can be cold or warm. Here is a list of options:

  • 8.1: Light ash blonde tint.
  • 8.3: Light golden blonde.
  • 9.1: Extra light ash blonde.
  • 9.3: Extra light golden blonde.
  • 10.2: Pearly or pearly blonde.
  • 10.3: Golden platinum blonde.

Do you already know what shade of beige highlights you are going to choose to wear with your chocolate base?

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