11 Types of Dark-Based White Highlights You Should Try This Year


If you have brown or black hair and want to dye it with a daring and very original effect, the white streaks with a dark base are what you are looking for. And it is that white hair, like gray and platinum, are the ideal trend for those looking to turn their look.

Are you ready? Find out more about this fascinating coloring technique, as well as the best ways to wear it.

Eve Hewson with gold money piece highlights on black hair
White hair requires many processes and treatments. In the picture, Eve Hewson. Credit: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

The first thing you should keep in mind if you want to get some white highlights is that it will be necessary to select and bleach some strands of your hair for six or seven stages. Bleaching is a chemical process that removes the color from the strand, modifying the structure of the cuticle, which can be quite aggressive for the hair.

Editor’s tip: To prepare your hair and keep it hydrated before dyeing it and exposing it to this color process, our recommendation is the Sedal super conditioner Maximum Hydration 1 Minute. We are talking about an intensive treatment that will leave your hair silky and nourished in just 60 seconds.

How to do silver highlights on black hair

Our recommendation is that you leave your hair in the hands of a professional colorist. Now, if you prefer, you can try make highlights at home. Here we explain how!

  1. Comb through a detangling cream or oil, such as Sedal Moisturizing Anti-Knot Combing Creamformulated with raspberry roots and a fusion of oils.
  2. Brush the hair perfectly and make the part where you usually mark it.
  3. Prepare the mixture and apply it to the desired strands, you can do it with the help of a brush for highlights. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, decide how far you want to bleach.
  4. Apply the dye or developer and let it sit for 35-40 minutes.
  5. Rinse with plenty of water and check that you have obtained the desired tone.

How to make platinum highlights with a hat

  1. Add a little talcum powder to the cap with the holes and place it on your previously brushed hair.
  2. Using a pointed comb, start pulling strands of hair through the hat. Keep in mind that the thickness of the strands will determine the size of your highlights.
  3. Apply the dye or developer from back to front and front to back; all hair should be in the center of the hat. Let it act for a period of 35 to 40 minutes.
  4. Rinse with plenty of water, without removing the cap.
  5. Check that you have obtained the desired shade and carefully remove the cap.
  6. Wash your hair as you normally do.

Platinum highlights in brown hair

Eve Hewson with platinum streaks in straight brown hair
Eve Hewson’s peek-a-boo highlights are perfect for adding a subtle contrast to your dark hair. Credit: Instagram.com/evehewson.

The platinum highlights in black hair They are a winning combination. This coloring creates a unique contrast that allows you to play with the dimension of your hair. Our favorite option to wear them is as a subtle accent.

Hair with silver lights

Woman with black hair and silver lights
Bet on some silver rays and give light to your hair. Credit: Instagram.com/chiriac.ionela.

Do you want to give your hair a unique touch without having to dye it completely? The silver rays will enchant you. You can wear them in warm or cool shades. Both options will look amazing.

platinum highlights in black hair

Woman with platinum highlights in wavy black hair
You will love the contrast of a black base with platinum tones. Credit: Instagram.com/jhair_stylist.

A few highlights in cool tones will help you create an interesting contrast with your base. A great way to show them off is by opting for platinum blonde on a dark brown base.

Editor’s tip: Once you treat your hair, it is important that you use special products for colored hair. The shampoo Y TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner They are formulated with marula oil and resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant to hydrate, care for color and restore shine to colored hair.

Gray streaks in dark hair

Woman with gray streaks in straight black hair
This is a clear example that dark hair can also wear highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/jhair_stylist.

The gray streaks They are perfect for those looking for long-lasting, low-maintenance color.

Silver highlights on black hair

Woman with silver lights in long black hair
White highlights also look perfect in their ash version. Credit: Instagram.com/chiriac.ionela.

If you want to make the transition to light tones without completely dyeing your hair dark, you can opt for platinum or ash highlights. They will take your look to another level!

Ash highlights on dark hair

Woman with ash streaks in wavy dark hair
Ash highlights are very flattering, regardless of your base tone. Credit: Instagram.com/chiriac.ionela.

The subtle blend of blonde and gray tones is perfect for those looking to brighten up a dark base, without undergoing too much of a flashy change.

Editor’s tip: This type of coloration requires certain care to look incredible. For this reason, we recommend that you include in your kits of basics shampoo Y TRESemmé Shielding & Regeneration conditioner. Its formula restructures the inside of the hair, making it up to 100 times stronger and protecting it against harmful external factors.

Platinum highlights in short black hair

Woman with platinum highlights in short black hair
Platinum highlights add drama to any hair regardless of length. Credit: Instagram.com/hairxjojo.

The short black hair looks more dynamic with platinum highlights. It is a good option for those who want to highlight their features.

White streaks in brown hair

Woman with white streaks in straight dark hair
If you have brown hair, do not hesitate to experiment with light highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/jhair_stylist.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair and wear some lighter strands. This coloring technique will not only bring light to your face, but it will also make you look younger.

White streaks in black hair

Woman with white streaks in wavy black hair
A dramatic change but very successful. Credit: Instagram.com/hairmassiah.

A small detail of color is enough to give your hair a twist. Go ahead and wear a gradient in white tones. The result will amaze you!

White highlights for men with long hair

Man with white streaks in long black hair
The wicks are perfect to start with white hair. Credit: Instagram.com/4hairpleasure.

The wicks are perfect to venture between the white hair. Whether you apply a few or prefer a more intense coloration, they will look amazing in all textures and lengths.

platinum tips on black hair

Scarlett Moffatt with platinum tips in semi-wavy black hair
Scarlett Moffatt shows us how amazing black hair with silver tips looks. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

If you are looking for a low maintenance coloration, the dip dye it is perfect. This technique gives your hair a fun look and doesn’t require as much care.

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