Zinc for hair will be your new ally against dandruff and hair loss


Whether you want to prevent a cold, forget about acne or improve hair health, element number 30 on the periodic table may be what you’ve been looking for. Although zinc for hair helps keep it strong and healthy, it can also be a great protective asset against dandruff (or to get rid of it). In addition, it plays an important role in the repair of hair tissue, and by consuming it frequently, the hair follicles (the openings from which the hair grows) are strengthened so that it grows strong and long. Also, this nutrient helps the sebaceous glands that surround the follicles to work properly.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to take supplements, you can find this essential element in different foods such as red meat and some whole grains. Keep reading to discover all its benefits and what you should know before adding it to your diet.

Long-haired woman consuming zinc for hair
The key is to find a balance. Just as a lack of zinc can cause hair to fall out, an excess of this element can have the same effect. Credit: Shutterstock.

Although zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, it should be consumed in small amounts, as some health reports – published on the website of the National Institutes of Health in United States- have suggested that ingesting too much can also cause hair to shed.

zinc pills for hair

With regard to supplements, in general, commercial brands always specify the preferred amount to be consumed on the labels or containers. For adults, the recommended dose tends to be 15 to 30 mg daily. Actually, you shouldn’t exceed 40 mg a day.

Foods rich in zinc for hair

Almonds and oats with zinc to strengthen hair
Some foods like almonds and oatmeal contain zinc. Credit: polinatankilevitch/Pexels.

The properties of zinc can also be obtained from a diet rich in protein. If your meal plan includes red meat, poultry, shellfish like crab and lobster, oysters, whole grains (oats), beans, almonds, nuts, and dairy products, You shouldn’t need to take supplements unless your doctor has told you to because of a health condition you have, or you lead a vegan lifestyle.

Editor’s tip: If you want radiant hair, you can complement your healthy eating plan or your intake of zinc tablets with a washing system rich in other vitamins that nourish the hair. For example, him shampoo Y Bioexpert Macadamia Oil conditioner they have palmitoleic acid, vitamin E and sterols. Its soothing and softening properties are ideal for protecting the hair fibers from external agents, helping to hydrate and reduce the frizz.

Bottle of zinc tablets for hair
In addition to finding zinc in supplements, you can consume foods that contain it daily to obtain its benefits naturally. Credit: amandajones/Unsplash.

Remember that each supplement is different and that the amount of zinc varies depending on the foods you eat. For example, an 85g serving of beef contains 5.3mg of zinc, compared to whole grains which typically contain 2.8mg per serving. It’s really all about finding a balance. If you are going to have oatmeal for breakfast, eat roast meat and then a dessert with nuts or almonds: you do not need more to make your hair look strong and beautiful. Of course, experts recommend avoiding daily amounts of less than 40 mg.

On the other hand, we advise smokers and pregnant women to consult a specialist to avoid side effects. In these cases, the necessary doses of zinc vary, and it is better to have the opinion of a professional.

Zinc Side Effects

Note that some doctors recommend daily high doses of zinc only for patients with acne and diarrhea.

Too much zinc in the body can cause digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, and unwanted effects like headache, poor appetite, and hair loss.

How to know if I have low levels of zinc in the body?

Image of zinc tablets for hair care
One of the main signs of a person with a lack of zinc in the body is hair loss. Credit: tarawinstead/Pexels.

If you show any of these signs, then you should consume supplements or foods rich in zinc:

  • Hair loss.
  • Bad healing.
  • Weightloss.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Diarrhea.

Editor’s tip: If you experience more serious problems than these (such as fainting and dizziness), see your doctor.

Woman with zinc treatment to remove dandruff in her hair
Hair products formulated with zinc are generally used to eliminate dandruff. Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels.

Some hair-cleaning products are formulated with pyrithione and zinc sulfate, which have antibacterial properties and are generally used to prevent or treat dandruff and reduce scalp irritation. Here our favorites:

Sedal shampoo with zinc for hair

The Sedal Control Dandruff and Freshness shampoo It acts deeply on the hair fiber to help reduce and prevent dandruff, as well as leaving the scalp feeling fresh throughout the day. Its formula is paraben-free and, in addition to zinc pyrithione, contains aloe vera and mint, which help prevent itching and have a refreshing effect. Your hair will be hydrated, with shine and volume.

Folicure shampoo with zinc for hair

To clean your hair thoroughly without leaving it dry or damaged, we recommend the Folicuré Dandruff Control Renewing Cleansing shampoo. In addition, its effective formula with zinc, biotin, panthenol and Folisacáridos, helps to strengthen the hair, preventing hair loss.

Folicuré 2 in 1 shampoo with zinc for hair

In addition to eliminating dandruff, strengthening hair and preventing hair loss, the 2 in 1 shampoo Folicuré Control Dandruff Hydration It is responsible for hydrating the hair from the roots to the ends. And if you’re looking for a paraben-free formula, this product is for you.

Image of zinc in tablets and vitamins for hair loss
Zinc is one of the best elements for hair care and health. Credit: nataliyavaitkevich/Pexels.

Not surprisingly, zinc is high on the list of best vitamins and proteins to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss. As we said before, its role is essential for the production of proteins and cells. In addition to this, there are other vitamins and minerals essential for hair to stay strong and not fall out:

Editor’s tip: In addition to finding these vitamins, proteins, and minerals in some foods, you can obtain their benefits topically. For example, in the case of products formulated with loot, our favorites are the shampoo, conditioner and the Combing cream from the Sedal Care line + Prebiotics + Biotin. This trio provides intense hair care, helping it feel healthy and grow optimally.


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