The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes


Having a boyfriend is great and it’s a unique experience, but not all romances are like love movies where old people die together. There are times when your boyfriend and you fight all the time and for any little thing and there are times when they do not fight for anything in the world and it seems the perfect relationship. You have realized?

Although all couples are different, the majority goes through 6 stages that I will explain. Remember that each relationship is unique, so you and your boyfriend do not go through the same thing as your BFF and his lover.

Before you start some kind of relationship, the first thing that happens is the crush. You see someone for the first time and you feel butterflies in your stomach and you think cupito has just stuck one of his arrows in his heart. In reality, it is not ” love at first sight “, because love is something that is constantly being built, it is ” attraction at first sight “, well they say that love is born from the eyes.

The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes

Once there were flirting, talks, exits or a previous relationship (such as being acquaintances or friends), then the moment comes when they begin to walk. This does not happen magically. It is a mutual agreement and a decision that both take to want to engage and have a relationship.

Now, this is what happens. (The time periods vary in each person and relationship).

Step 1. Enamoramiento. It goes from month 1 to 3 months.

We have always heard that the first months are the most father and the most romantic part of the relationship, where everything is rosy and happiness is maximum. It is true! Your relationship is very new, there is a lot ofattraction among you and in automatic you see all the good things about your lover and let go of the negative aspects.

During this stage, endorphins invade the brain and we have super-intense sensations. (That’s why we believe that we already love him after a month). Normally they want to be together all the time (literally everything), to do everything together and there are almost no fights because one seeks to please the other or because you are simply afraid that it will affect your relationship.

The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes

Stage 2: Knowledge. It goes from month 3 to 6 months.

In this stage, you begin to know more about your gallant. They talk about hoooooooras in the early hours and things get a bit cornier. Normally here the nicknames come out and there may also be some other very small discussion because they are realizing what they like and what they do not.

The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes

Stage 3: Coupling. It goes from 6 months to 1 year and a half.

This stage is the most difficult but also the most beautiful.

This is when the fights start. Be careful, there must be no fights in all relationships, but they are very common because they begin to know each other better and adapt to each other. Many couples do not pass this stage because it is a constant litigation streak and also because to fit in, there are things that you will have to give in to and there are things in which you will have to give it up; and many times we are not willing to compromise.

The key to overcoming this stage is communication. Speak everything you feel and tell things clear and direct. Only in this way will they be able to get to know each other in-depth and they will begin to fit together like a good team!

The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes

Stage 4: Stability. From 1 year, up to 2 and a half years.

Yeeeei, you just survived a difficult stage of pure fights, but I have good news for you. They finished! Ok, they did not end completely, but at this stage, the problems are solved by talking and no longer give them the same importance as before. This stage is super nice because it is when you really feel happy and the thing is a little more serious. You will realize that they are super connected and that they no longer ask what plan they are for because they already know that movies in your house are the perfect plan. Excellent team!

The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes

Stage 5: Reaffirmation. (It can be felt from the second year and its duration varies).

This is another stage not so cool that they go through. It is when they begin to compare themselves with other couples and questions about their future come to your head. Be careful because this is where doubts about infidelities could arise (either from him to you or from you to him) and you could come to question your love.

It is important that if you do not feel safe, do not stay with someone because of the habit or because “it’s your boyfriend of years”, but if both are committed and they want the relationship, this stage can happen very quickly and reaffirm their love.

The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes
The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes

Stage 6: Love

I am not saying that it is up to this stage where you can feel love, but here you can proudly put that title. If they went through all the previous stages, they are likely to last much longer. This is when plans and future visions begin to look more real. They know each other perfectly, they have a language of gestures and signs that only you two understand, thousands and millions of local jokes and they are already enjoyed 100%. In this stage, you feel again a little like in stage 1, where you are happy, full and you would not change it for anything in the world.

If you are already of age, this is where you could commit yourself.

The stages through which any relationship of courtship passes

Remember that a relationship is DOS and it is a job that has to be done day by day. If there is a problem, solve it, if something you do not like, say it, if you can improve something, do it.


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