The keys to wearing a ‘burst fade’ in 2023


Among the most popular fades, the burst fade It is one of the top of the list for being a cut that allows you to experiment with other styles. In addition, its design meets the guidelines both to control the volume of curly hair and to give body to straight hair. Likewise, the fusion with other cuts makes it ideal for round and short faces.

If you have a rebellious nature and are a supporter of comfortable fashion, with an urban twist, explore this article for inspiration.

Burst fade cut for men short hair
The ‘burst fade’ is a half round fade that can complement any haircut. Credit:

He burst fade It is a haircut with a semicircular fade around the ears. This reduces the volume to the sides, in a concave shape, and leaves the hair longer both at the nape and at the crown of the head. The gradient transition is noticeable as it follows the hairline.

This can be that distinctive touch that is added to any haircut, regardless of whether it is short or long.

Editor’s tip: For a fade of this type to always look flawless, cleaning is step one. And it all starts from the shower, with a shampoo that acts directly from the roots to the ends. Such is the case of eGo Control Hair Loss 2 in 1 shampoo, which also prevents hair breakage. Use it to leave it visibly healthy.

Mid fade burst cut on curly hair
You can choose a medium burst fade to complement your favorite cut. Credit:

As for the midfadethis term refers to a dissipated medium, which starts from the high point of the eyebrows and fades to the nape, revealing the skin or not, depending on the design. However, the amount of hair always decreases, from top to bottom.

Curly mid fade cut
Your half circle fade can be very noticeable or very subtle. Credit:

You burst fade could be middle, as well as high or low. You can also wear it with any length or type of hair.

Drop fade cut for men
The difference between the ‘burst fade’ and the ‘drop fade’ is that the latter maintains an angle towards the crown of the head. Credit:

On his side, he drop fade is often confused with burst fade due to its degraded effect on the ears. However, the difference is that the second is done in a semicircle, while the first maintains an angle towards the crown of the head and then goes down towards the nape of the neck.

burst fade mohawk

Burst fade mohawk cut for men
The Mohawk with a semicircular fade is ideal for elongating the face. Credit:

One of the goals of the semicircular gradient is to simulate a dramatic and “explosive” effect. Therefore, a mohican It is the best company, plus it will be the winning option for those who have a round face. This option visually lengthens the face and increases the height by a few centimeters.

To style it just like in the picture, choose products like the eGo Matte wax. This will help you fix the hair with an opaque finish and a natural effect.

burst fade low

Low burst fade cut for men with straight hair
Opt for a low burst fade to give your hair dynamism. Credit:

as if it were a low fade, this low style fades slightly over the ears and nape, very close to the hairline. An interesting combination would be with a long, lopsided haircut to create movement.

Court burst fade mullet

Men's Burst Fade Mullet Cut
The ‘burst fade’ is key to wearing the most current version of the mullet. Credit:

Cuts with nods to other times continue to be a stellar trend. Such is the case of mullet, like something out of the eighties rebel scene. However, Generation Z has set the tone for how to wear it in 2023, and the burst fade is essential in its new version.

burst fade with design

Men's faded cut with frets
Your ‘burst fade’ can go with a couple of lines for a distinctive touch. Credit:

For those who are not satisfied with a hybrid of two cuts, there is always the option of adding frets or lines to reflect and express your personal style. It is possible that your hairdresser or barber can do them if it is a simple design, however, in the case of a more complex one, we recommend you go to a professional.

Burst fade cut with design
Personalize your cut with lines or frets. Credit:

Editor’s tip: If you have a hard time keeping your hair manageable and free of frizzopt for products such as eGo Deep Moisture modeling cream so your cut looks polished at all times.

Burst taper fade

Burst taper fade cut for curly hair men
Opt for a ‘taper fade’ to balance the volume if your hair is curly. Credit:

To create a cut taper fade, Your barber or hairdresser should leave the hair longer at the crown of the head and progressively lower both over the ears and at the nape of the neck. This should be like a low fade, gradually changing length with a subtle finish.

It is a very functional cut, especially in curly hair, as it leaves it manageable and balances the volume.

textured cut

textured cut
If your hair is straight, the textured cut may be the one for you. Credit:

Using a razor or toothed scissors, your groomer can chop up locks to make a textured cut. Especially those who have straight hair can get great benefits from this style, as it gives it body and movement. By merging it with a burst fadeyou can get depth and dimension.

Editor’s tip: To keep the texture and volume intact throughout the day, brush your hair with the help of a comb in the opposite direction from the source and apply fixing products, such as Original Folicure Spray. Its aerosol formula, enriched with Folisaccharides and Panthenol, protects the hair from falling out due to breakage.

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