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Ted Talks Topic and Ideas that will motivate you



Ted Talks topics and ideas that will motivate you

Ted Talks is no longer an unknown name in the digital world of today. People all over the world like to listen to experts and TED Talks of celebrities to get inspiration, motivation and knowledge.

Many Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, activists, philanthropists and world leaders have given their speeches on Ted’s platform to date. All these talks have been seen billions of times and several million people learn something from these talks every day. Ted’s motto is Ideas Worth Spreading. Some such ideas are being presented here for you, which are unique in themselves, they are associated with different fields and whose information will definitely make you think.

Ted Talks Topic and Ideas that will motivate you

Questioning the Universe – Stephen Hawking

Ted Talks Topic and Ideas that will motivate you

Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist Stephen Hawking talk about some of the questions that may have troubled you once, like where have we come from? How did the universe originate? Are we alone in the universe? Is there alien life? e.t.c. Hawking explains that despite intensive research of the SETI project, we have not received messages of any alien activity to date. According to Hawking, this shows that there is no alien civilization in our hundreds of light-years that have reached our level in development. They say that to ensure survival for a long time, we have to go to space because that is the future of humans.

Why the secret to success is setting the right goals – John Doerr

Ted Talks Topic and Ideas that will motivate you

John Doerr, chairman of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, ranked 215 on the world’s rich list, according to Forbes. He explains that he has worked with many teams in his life who have chosen both right and wrong objectives. He talks about an easy goal-setting system called Objectives and Key Results that works not only for organizations and teams but also for individuals. Objectives here are your goals and results are ways to achieve those goals.

How India Went to Mars – Ritu Karidhal Srivastava

Ted Talks Topic and Ideas that will motivate you

19 years before today, when the distance was measured in days and hours along with kilometers, Ritu joined ISRO in Bangalore, 2000 kilometers or two and a half days away from her home town Lucknow. She states that being the deputy operations director of the Mars mission, she had only 18 months to complete it and that the Mars mission of any space agency had not been successful in the first place. In spite of all this, hundreds of ISRO Scientists worked together and soon came the day of 24 September 2014 when 1.3 billion Indians told the world that they too had the ability to reach outer space.

The Danger of a Single Story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Ted Talks Topic and Ideas that will motivate you

This Nigerian writer says that there is no single story of any person or place, but because of not knowing other stories, we accept the same story as true. Her roommate was surprised to see her when she came to America in connection with studies because by then she had known that Africa is a backward area. She says that stories are important which can also be used to show or empower someone.

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How does Facebook Dating work?



Facebook Dating is a tool that will work as a kind of Tinder with the characteristic that it will be easier for you to find that person through your profile in this network.

The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the news of the firm at its annual conference of developers (F8), where he highlighted an option for their users to find a partner and the launch of a virtual reality glasses at low cost. 

“One in three marriages in the United States start online,” said the businessman at the event, which is held until Wednesday in San Jose (California) and is broadcast online. “And we had not made any option to find partners,” he reasoned. 

Although he did not specify when, “Dating” will allow users to create a private profile for dating, in the style of popular apps like Tinder, with people who are not “friends” and who coincide in Facebook events or groups. “This is going to be to build real long-term relationships, not just adventures,” Zuckerberg said in an expected speech where he made clear the intention of the platform to “continue building” a connected world while investing in improving privacy.

What is Facebook Dating?

This is an application within the same Facebook, the best of all is that you do not need to download anything from Google Store or IOS so we are already starting well. In addition, the people you contact will be closer to you in terms of proximity.

It is already available for Mexico and Peru because according to some surveys, it is the countries that venture the most to meet people not only from their locality but also from other countries. That is why Mark wanted to reach Latin America because his target audience is here.

Facebook Dating is a tool that will work as a kind of Tinder with the characteristic that it will be easier for you to find that person through your profile in this network. What’s more, the one you believe in this page will be quite personalized.

How to use it to find a partner?

To use it, you must go to the toolbox of your profile, there you will see that there is an option that says “Facebook Dating” or “Facebook Couple”, just click and your adventure will begin. The first thing you have to do is create a profile with the photos and information that you want to see.

What it will ask you mainly is your full name, a photo to be an image and your location. As I said above, Zuckerberg wants this to be quite personalized so that the search for people is private and no one is at risk, so you can choose who does and who does not see your Dating.

In addition, it has security filters so that your navigation is the best of all. If you want to talk to someone you know, it will not be through a Messenger bubble but a separate one, so your conversations with friends will not be mixed with that of new people.

This is how you will feel more protected and cannot violate your privacy through your Facebook profile, be aware that all this is also your responsibility. So it is more than certain that your experience will be enriching and who knows, you can meet the love of your life.

Steps to meet the love of your life on Facebook Dating

1. When you update your Facebook, at the top of your start you will see the option of this app where you will be offered “connect with other people in an exclusive space to find a partner”. There are two options: “Not now” and “More information”, you click on the second one.

2. Afterwards, a page will open on the same Facebook where it explains that Dating is an exclusive service for users who want to find a partner and also tells you that both your profile and your information will not be shown by this social network.

3. The compatibility you have with the people you want to know, Facebook will let you know according to the interests you are looking for. This network will make an exhaustive search of your publications and will give you some names of those that may be of your liking.

4. In addition, it will tell you that depending on what you have in the Dating, you can also find suggested profiles. Maybe it’s from people who like the same thing as you, have attended the same events, share the likes, etc.

5. Then, I will explain that although there are users who want to contact you, you are the only one who can continue with the conversation.

6. The best thing is that you can choose the genre with which you identify yourself and also with the one you want to relate or know. It’s a way to create inclusivity throughout Facebook.

7. Finally, choose the photos you want to appear on your profile, you can also choose to show your profession and other information to make your Dating more personalized.

Many call it the Facebook Tinder, however, others believe it is better. Would you dare to use it? My friends have already tried it and are very happy with the result, I think I will do the same, it never hurts to try new things.

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By Fingalo - Own work. Image renamed from Image: 07Delphi Apoll01.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Surprising audio: They reconstruct the oldest scores and they sounded like that …

Music in ancient Greece was constant. As can be seen from other artistic categories, in writings or paintings, musical instruments were often present and played as entertainment or to be accompanied by dances. And although we know which instruments were more common (the liras and the aulos or double oboes for example) or the notes and the scales that they used for the compositions, it has never really been given to the sound of the music they played and they listened in the Greek polis. This is because the indications for the musical interpretation that they left in writing are complicated and unknown, which makes the current reproductions strange and unattractive.

The situation has changed greatly thanks to a project that has been developed since 2013 to investigate ancient Greek music and that has made very interesting advances.

The central theme of the old song was its rhythm, but since mechanical chronometers that defined a fixed rhythm did not exist at that time, it is often not clear whether they should be sung and played fast or slow. Setting an appropriate tempo is essential for music to sound good, so when playing music of this type, it is strictly based on the duration of the syllables of the words, similar to the metrics of the poetry.

Thousands of words have been recovered on the theory of melody and the harmony of the writings of ancient authors such as Plato, Aristotle or Ptolemy. Many documents with ancient notation in papyrus or stone have come to light intermittently since the sixteenth century. Gathered, transcribed and interpreted carefully, they give us a better opportunity to understand how music sounded.



The first substantial musical document, found in 1892, preserves part of a chorus of Euripides’ Orestes, from 408 BC. For a long time he has raised problems of interpretation, mainly due to his use of quarter-tone intervals. Western music operates with integer tones and semitones; any smaller interval sounds in our ears as if a note was playing out of tune.

But new analyzes of the Orestes fragment, published earlier this year, led to surprising ideas. First, it was shown that the elements of the score imitate the meaning of the words with the melody thanks to the fact that they found a decreasing rate when the word “lamento” was sung and a large jump of ascending interval that accompanies the word “jumps upwards”. “

With these premises in view, in 2016 at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford we could hear the music of the Orestes coral papyrus with the accompaniment of aulos, establishing a fast pace, almost like being in Greece in 400 BC

It is often said that the western tradition of classical music begins with the Gregorian chant of the ninth century. But the reconstruction and understanding of ancient Greek music have shown that this must be recognized as the root of the European musical tradition.

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The way you sleep reveals about your relationship



When we sleep, we all have our little rituals, habits and quirks. Some sleep naked, others make a cozy nest with the cushions and others still wrap in their quilt like spring rolls. And couples also have their little habits when it comes to sleeping. Whether the relationship is fresh or already well underway!

So save the money for the couple therapy and see how you sleep with your other half. Because the language of the body reveals not only the state of your relationship but also where you are talking about sex. It’s convenient “especially when you do not dare to talk about it,” says Patti Wood, author and body language specialist for 30 years. And many psychologists who agree with him and have proved the following results in behavioral studies. Do you want to know where your relationship is? Follow the guide!

1. The classic spoon

One in five couples opts for this position. One of the partners snuggles against the other in a protective way. In this position the “protected” person is sexually vulnerable and therefore tells the protector: “I trust you.” This is a very common position among new couples seeking physical contact from the partner.

2. The ordinary spoon

This variant of the first position is chosen by people who have been in a relationship for some time and are looking for a comfortable sleeping position. The sexual aspect of the classic spoon disappears, but confidence is strengthened.

3. The leak

This is a position similar to the spoon. Except that here, one of the partners is more or less banned and takes refuge at the edge of the bed. This may mean that the “hunter” is a little insistent or that the “prey” is uncomfortable and afraid to annoy his partner. However, this may also indicate that one of the partners needs more space, forcing the other to withdraw from his side of the bed.

4. Interlaced

Partners often adopt this very intimate position after sex or if the relationship is fresh. This position also indicates excessive dependence, often preventing one of the partners from sleeping. 

5. The sliding knot

About 8% of couples fall asleep intertwined and end a few minutes later like that. It’s a good sign because it’s a perfect compromise between intimacy and independence. 

6. Back-to-back

Contrary to what one might think, sleeping back to back is a good sign. Partners feel connected to each other and trust them. If like 27% of couples, you sleep like that, it indicates that you have found a compromise between independence and proximity. As you do not know what your loved one is doing behind your back, this position expresses a blind trust on the part of both partners.

7. Back-to-back with contact

This slight variation of back-to-back classic is quite rare and is found in couples who are still in 7th heaven. Trust is there and physical proximity is always desired from both partners. In short, the jackpot!

8. Hollywood’s romantic position

You may have noticed, in absolutely ALL movies, couples fall asleep and wake up like that! This position, where one of the partners is intoxicated by the scent of the other, the latter lovingly listening to the heartbeat of the first, indicates great confidence between the two lovebirds. At the beginning of a relationship, the couple often opts for this position but it becomes rare over time.

9. Intertwined feet

If your partner is kicking you while you sleep and wrapping his leg around yours, it means he is craving sex or just more emotional intimacy. But it can also indicate that your half is really addicted to you and can not do without you!

10. The plane

Warning! By forcing you to retreat to the edge of the bed, your partner shows that he is selfish and takes over you. This position indicates that it is seriously time to have a discussion to redefine the place of everyone in your relationship. Yet 3% of couples sleep in this unfair position.

There are other signs to know where your relationship is. For example, the one whose head is closest to the top of the bed is more dominant. In the same way, if you feel that you do not make love enough often, try to sleep naked! You will see that your night will be a little more olé ole!

These techniques allow you, in a matter of seconds, to have an almost exact overview of your relationship. Body language is full of surprises!

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6 signs that show you have heart problems



Cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death in France and affects both men and women. Heart problems can be treated if they are detected in time. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not pay attention to the signs that are present, associating them with other, less dangerous health problems. This ignorance can have tragic consequences. Here are 6 signs to really pay attention to:

1. Shortness of breath

You lose breath as soon as you climb a few steps? Not very good sign! If you have difficulty breathing after a light physical exertion, such as walking, it may indicate cardiovascular weakness or heart disease. Of course, there are other reasons for this, such as asthma or low oxygen levels in the blood, but it is still best to talk to your doctor.

2. The inflamed joints


High blood pressure can lead to inflammation of the joints and heart disease. If you have joint inflammation, talk to your doctor.

3. Excessive sweating

Do you sweat when it’s not hot or you’re not doing anything? Be careful, as this may indicate the presence of a heart problem. A heart attack and often preceded by cold sweats.

4. Pain

The pains can have different explanations. However, few people suspect that a heart problem can cause pain in the shoulders, chest, belly, neck, chin or arms. This is perfectly plausible since heart disease reduces blood circulation, which in turn causes pain. The pains in the chest should always alert because they appear when the disease is already well established.

5. The pale skin

This symptom can have many different causes (iron deficiency, cancer, fatigue, etc.), but a decrease in blood flow related to heart problems can be the origin of pale skin. This symptom appears especially just before a heart attack.

6. Fatigue

In addition to the other symptoms mentioned above, a few weeks or just before a heart attack, women in particular experience acute fatigue.

Many factors come into play in the development of cardiovascular and cardiac diseases: stress, obesity, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, etc. It is recommended to walk for at least 40 minutes four times a week, follow a high-fiber, low-fat diet, quit alcohol and tobacco, and live as healthy as possible. 

Before anything else: listen to your body! These symptoms are not necessarily related to heart problems, but it is important to take your health seriously.

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Eating nut may reduce breast cancer risk: Study



Everyone knows that walnuts are very beneficial for health. But do you know that by eating nut, women can be protected from breast cancer. Yes, a report of a recent study showed that intake of breast can prevent breast cancer from growing and the danger of this serious disease can also be overcome.

This study has been published in the journal Journal of Nutrition Research. Studies have reported that consuming 56 grams of walnuts daily for 2 weeks changes the genes of breast cancer caused by breast cancer. Marshal University researcher W Elaine Hardman said, eating nut may prevent breast cancer growth from growing.

He further said, our team has estimated that nutritious intake changes the genes of pathogenic women suffering from breast cancer, which can reduce the risk of breast cancer and its risk.

The first trial of the study included women who had a knot in Breast. Two weeks after the first biopsy of these women, they were asked to eat approximately 56 grams of walnuts daily until further surgery.

After this, it was found in the Pathology study that breast tumor in breast was of cancer.After two weeks of biopsy, women suffering from breast cancer were screened again.

The author of the study, Hardman, based on the findings, estimated that eating nut may reduce the chances of breast cancer in women. He further said, to confirm this, there is a need to conduct some studies on a large scale, to find out whether eating nut is really causing the risk of breast cancer or it prevents it from occurring again.

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