Salt-free shampoo: what it is and why you want to include it in your routine


The salt-free shampoo is a sodium-free formula, which has the power to gently cleanse your hair without completely eradicating its natural oiliness. This attribute helps you protect the scalp, preventing it from drying out and losing vitality. It is wonderful to keep your hair hydrated!

excited? We too. However, before you rush to buy yours, there are some facts you should know. Take note!

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The salt-free shampoo is the perfect ally for dyed hair. Credit: Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock.

Salt-free shampoo does not contain sodium chloride (common salt), which is used to thicken it. It is more respectful of the natural structure of the hair, since it does not remove the natural oils or keratin that help keep it hydrated.

Now, it is not the same as a sulfate-free shampoo. The salt is the sodium chloride that serves to add thickness to the product, on the other hand, the sulfates are the salts of sulfuric acid. Sulfates are chemicals that cleanse the skin and hair. They are part of cosmetics because they are very effective in removing dirt and excess oil.

Although sodium chloride —present in most washing systems— serves to provide greater consistency to the products, it has also been proven that, over time, it can dry out the hair and make it prone to further damage such as he break and the fall. Also, salt washes dyes more easily.

For this reason, although it is suitable for anyone, the salt-free shampoo is ideal for curly, dry, brittle or chemically treated hair, since it requires greater hydration.

A shampoo is salt free if it does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Gluconate or Sodium Benzoate in its list of ingredients. In addition, you will notice that the texture of the salt-free shampoo is lighter.

Salt and paraben free shampoo

As buyers, we are becoming more aware and looking for products that have a positive impact on our hair, but also that give us a sense of well-being.

Meeting these needs has been the main objective of Sedal and Bioexpert. Both hair care brands have joined forces to create three new lines free of salt, parabens and dyes, and with 92 to 97% natural ingredients. In addition, all products contain active coconut oil, which adheres to the surface and penetrates the hair fiber, softening and aligning the hair.

On the other hand, the extracts and natural oils, the formulas in both shampoos and conditioners and creams also contain glycerin, which helps retain moisture in the hair fiber (ideal for all types of hair, although curly hair can get longer). benefits).

Finally, we want to remind you that all Sedal products, as well as their ingredients, are free of animal cruelty, endorsed by PETA.

He Sedal Quinoa and Linseed shampoo moisturizes and controls hair loss. Quinoa is rich in essential amino acids that protect and strengthen hair, and flaxseed has Omega 3 fatty acids that nourish hair follicles. Curly manes are loving its benefits!

He Sedal Coffee and Castor Oil shampoo promotes hair growth and strengthens it. The caffeine stimulates the hair follicles, and the castor oil is rich in protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants – the perfect combination for healthy hair development.

He Sedal Lemon and Matcha shampoo purifies and gives shine to the hair. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which purifies and shines hair, and matcha tea, an antioxidant that protects from pollution.

Bioexpert salt-free shampoo

The shampoos of this brand have 91% ingredients of natural origin, have a neutral pH and do not contain salt, parabens, paraffins, alcohol or dyes.

He Bioexpert Organic Cocoa Extract shampoo smoothes the surface of the hair and nourishes it from the inside.

He Bioexpert Blue Agave shampoo hydrates hair from within and controls frizz, leaving it soft and visibly healthy.

He Bioexpert Silk Cocoon shampoo strengthens hair fibers, preventing them from breaking and falling.

He Bioexpert Macadamia Oil shampoo contains the oil extracted from this fruit, which restores and hydrates the hair, leaving it radiant and beautiful.

He Bioexpert Plant Stem Cells shampoo promotes hair regeneration and is a powerful ally against damage. Plant stem cells are the lifeblood of plants; They are immortal and continually reproduce themselves.

He Bioexpert Coconut Oil shampoo forms a protective film on your hair, leaving it radiant and beautiful.

He Bioexpert Plant Placenta shampoo nourishes and restores the hair fiber, restoring its innate beauty.

Salt-free shampoo for keratin

He Bioexpert Keratin 2-in-1 shampoo strengthens strands and visibly smooths them. Provides cleaning, restoration and conditioning.

Editor’s tip: All these shampoos do not contain salt but do contain sulfates, which are necessary to clean the hair of grease, which, by clogging the pores, can be one of the main causes of hair loss.

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