RAW: The Shield together for one last time

WWE announced that Dean Ambrose’s presence at RAW on April 8, 2019, was his last appearance on our screens. As you know Dean Ambrose’s contract ends in April with the WWE, but the company still had not specified the date.

Ambrose is still announced for some live events during the month of April, so his adventure is not totally over. But the WWE has announced its withdrawal from the screen as it will be removed from the new storylines that will begin next week with Superstar Shake-Up.

After the April 8 show, the Shield gathered for the last time in front of the fans. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins spoke to make a message of farewell to Ambrose. The three wrestlers then posed in front of the crowd. A lot of songs ” please stay Dean ” and Seth Rollins responded to the crowd saying that he had already tried everything, but there is nothing to do.

For now, no one really knows if Dean Ambrose will leave the WWE when some rumors had begun to circulate that Ambrose was going to sign a contract now that Roman Reigns is back. The next weeks will tell us more!

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