110+ Orange Nail Designs

Hello reader, how are you? Again I have prepared for you a collection with the nail of a specific color. This time we will try orange nail designs.

I leave more than 70 designs with different shades, matt, neon, brick and combinations such as black, gold, white, blue and more. Let us begin!

Decorated Orange Nails

? Nail Designs Orange 2019

Among the available designs, we find for example the most vivid shades of orange combined with white dots, which allow us to give a youthful touch.

orange and white nail decoration

Check out some of the best orange nail designs we found on the web and let yourself be convinced of the movement. Look at the following design by artist Alina Hoyo.

degraded orange nails

Orange is really an unusual color for nail polish. However, with the advent of Nail art, there are new designs that complement the color creating spectacular results.

stamped orange nails

Orange nails go well with almost any combination, such as the next set that is very simple but beautiful.

orange nail decoration

In orange nails also looks very flirtatious with prints and gradients, do you dare to wear something different?

orange nail decoration

The color orange is associated with the sign Leo. The keywords of the orange color are: energy, joy, happiness, attraction, creativity.

simple orange nails with white
orange nails marbled effect

The flowers are associated with spring and go very well on orange nails. This color is very versatile and also adapts for autumn

orange nails flowers

If you liked the design above you can see more nail designs with flowers.

If you are looking for a different effect, look to paint your nails matte orange. If you do not have a matte enamel, you can see this note with matte nail designs where I tell you how to transform a common enamel into matte.

matte orange and colored nails

A very nice combination of orange nails is blue as you can see in the following decoration.

short orange nails
orange decorated nails and flowers
orange marbled nails

The abstract is ideal for those who do not have much experience using the brush to make designs. Look at this idea of ​​orange nails with black and white.

orange nails with black and white

Or this other slightly more complex design where brick-colored nails blend with gray, white, black and dots.

orange with gray nails

With a more tender touch, we find this orange nail design with flowers, delicate and precious.

orange nails with silver

Orange has a darker shade that they call brick color. Look how simple is the following design.

orange nails with white dots

Orange nails for autumn, another occasion that you can not miss to show off your orange nails, a complete beauty.

orange nails decorated with flowers
matte orange nails with flowers

One of the most sought after is the neon orange nails, a stronger and brighter color.

simple matte orange nails

Orange nails with white dots, simple and quick to make for those who have little time to decorate their nails.

orange nail decoration with white dots
orange autumn nail decoration
orange nail designs
orange with white nails
orange nails with designs
Sim design of orange nails
orange nails animal print
orange with blue nails
orange nails with design
orange nails with flowers

Depending on the shade of orange nails you use, you can achieve different effects such as this elegant one.

elegant orange nails

Another brick-colored nail design, in this design with a beautiful floral print.

matte orange nails with floral print

The gold and its characteristic neon orange glitter nails are perfect for a warm summer day but also look beautiful on any occasion.

matte orange nails

With black, the neon orange color works as a base, for multiple ideas, such as these silhouettes.

orange nails neon animal print

This is a lighter orange neon nail tone, I really like how it looks. One way to get to that tone is to paint a white base before giving color, you will notice the difference.

neon orange nails
Nails decorated orange with blue
orange decorated nails with flowers
orange decorated nails

And why not, the use of citrus fruit figures look perfect, with the season.

nails decorated with orange
elegant nails decorated in orange

Adding touches of animal print on orange nails match the orange nail tone.

simple orange pastel nails
orange nail design
acrylic nails orange with pink
acrylic nails orange with pink
orange decorated nails 
orange decorated nails
long orange nails
long orange nails

? Orange with gold nails

As you can see, the orange looks great combined with the golden occasions, there are hundreds from small lines, points to more complete combinations.

matte orange with gold nails
orange with gold nail design

An unmissable idea is to combine the orange nails with gold glitter on the nails, it gives a different and fun touch and is a super fast design.

orange nails with golden glitters

Orange with gold nails is usually sought to attend elegant parties.

orange nails with gold and nude
orange nails with gold
orange nail decoration with gold
orange nails with golden french
simple orange nails with gold
Nails decorated with orange and gold
Nails decorated in orange with gold
orange with gold nails
orange nails decorated with gold
matte orange with gold nails
elegant orange nails with golden lines
elegant orange nails with golden lines
Nails with orange and gold tones
Nails with orange and gold tones
elegant orange with golden nails
elegant orange with golden nails
orange with green and purple golden nails
orange with green and purple golden nails
Nails decorated orange with gold
Nails decorated orange with gold

Orange with black nails

The last combinatorial of this article is orange with black nails. Look at the following images and use them as inspiration to create your own designs.

orange nail design with black
orange nails with black and silver
orange with black nails
elegant orange nails with black
Neon orange with black and white nails
Nails with orange design
orange decorated nails with black dots
orange french nails with black
orange nails with black animal print
orange nails with black ombre

Previously, we already published nail photos for Halloween and that is what the following orange-black nail design is about.

orange with black nails
matte orange with black nails
orange nails with black lines
simple orange with black nails
orange nails with glitter and black

If you dare, paint your nails in orange and share them on our Facebook!

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