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Game of Thrones: an actress still angry at the end of the series “It makes no sense”

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You still have not digested the end of Game of Thrones at the end of season 8? You are not the only ones. Natalia Tena – Osha’s interpreter, was appalled by the level of writing and the choices made during the last episodes. Attention spoilers.

An actress angry at the end

With her role of Osha in Game of Thrones, it is logical to think that Natalia Tena loved the end of the series with regard to what was reserved for Bran, a character intimately linked to his. And yet, it is not so. Invited in the podcast White Whine Question Time with Kate Thornton, the actress has indeed claimed to hate everything that was put in place during the final episodes.

Finally almost everything. Natalie Tena still wanted to clarify at first, everything was not to be thrown during this season 8: ” I loved it until Arya stabbed the Night King in the heart. I loved it so far. “And then? ” After that … I did not understand anything anymore “.

A season 8 “that makes no sense”

Like many other fans, the Osha performer was disappointed with the writing of the latest episodes. While HBO was ready to give more time to creators, the latter – who no longer had George RR Martin’s books to adapt – surprisingly claimed to be able to complete everything in just six episodes. It was bad for them, according to the actress: ” The level of writing towards the end, with the intrigues, the twists and the way in which all this was concluded, when compared to any other season it gives the impression that it was written by different people, and I personally think it does not make any sense . “

Strong words? Yes, but at the height of his disappointment. If the star ensures not to join some viewers ” I do not think I’ll go so far as to sign a petition “, she does not stop, the conclusion was missed: ” I do not understand why they made these choices (…) I had several glasses of wine in my nose when I watched the final and I started screaming at my boyfriend for almost an hour to tell him how much I hated the end. And then I called a friend and I got upset about it. “

The creative team behind the first spin-off will have a big pressure on the shoulders, that of reconciling the public with this universe …

Game of Thrones: an actress always angry at the end of the series "It makes no sense"



30 Ideas of Hairstyles for Short Hair Very Easy to be More Beautiful



hairstyles for short hair

Ideas of Hairstyles for Short Hair – More and more women are encouraged to use short hair even if we are honest this type of haircut is not for any face and is sometimes related to male haircuts although of course, everything depends on the hairstyle that we then do and the face shape that we have so that it fits us really well.

As many celebrities were making short haircuts more and more the trend was increasing and the fashion of short hair prevailed over long hair hairstyles and is something that often influences the length we leave in our head.

To mention some celebrities who cut their short hair we can mention Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron among other famous internationally known.

Do you dare to make a cut in your short hair?

That is the question for those who never made this type of cut although when we cut it short it is because we have a change in our life and it is very consistent that women when we change our look or hairstyle something internal happens through us, you surely understand me and You ever made a radical change in your hairstyle. But if you did not do it, I think it is time to start meditating and if the idea is to have short hair I leave you the most complete and excellent sample of photos with cuts and hairstyles for short hair that you can get.

Within the hairstyles, we have different styles and sizes that we must respect so that they can be done since if we shave our heads we don’t have many options. In the different ideas and styles that exist created by recognized hairdressers, we have hairstyles that are straightened, afro, asymmetrical how fashionable it is currently for those who encourage an informal cut, short layered hairstyle, with bangs, with French braids among others.

Then something that we have to evaluate especially who is going to do the hairstyle or ourselves if we have patience and delicacy in front of the mirror, is if our hair is thick or thin since that will influence the hairstyle.

Hairstyles for short hair

I will explain the different haircuts and layered hairstyles that exist for women who want to have short hair as it happened to me and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life regarding having a change of look

HERE YOU HAVE MORE Easy Hairstyles

Hairstyles with Short Hair: Rockabilly Hairstyle

It is a woman’s haircut that became very famous from the 50s where rock and roll music was fashionable and Elvis Presley was a reference of the hairstyle with the tupe, in the best style of other references of the music like Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.


As I always say, the fashions are recycled and they reappear something that is being used a lot nowadays with the rockabilly hairstyle with the tupe look in the best Pompadour style.

This leads as a derivative of Pin-up hairstyles that were so fashionable among women as a way to demonstrate female liberation, where long wavy hairs on the shoulders were also very fashionable.

They had the characteristic of being collected at the top of the head all the mane but with the characteristic of being hollowed out to achieve the maximum possible volume.

Short Haircuts for Women with Permanent

Achieving those curls with so much volume and flashy was something wonderful that occurred in past decades, mainly in the 60s and 70s, but now it is used again mainly in women who have short haircuts.


You can find different types of curls from the longest and most sensual where love and passion were always reflected and characterized.

Even the smallest curls in the best afro style used by women with brown skin.

Important clarification: do not be afraid of permanent ones because they bring shine to the hair today.

I understand that in past years making you a permanent was to spoil the hair and in the long term until you have hair loss but with current hair techniques that is a problem of the past and it does not happen so cheer up your permanent if you have short hair.

The idea is to gain a lot of curly hair volume and give a thick appearance in the hair, in the best style of women with black pigmentation.

Short Hair Women with Japanese Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle and cut has a lot of influence on the Manga of Japan that became popular.

This type of look is characterized above all by the straight hair and layered cuts.


Short layered hair is of great influence and the form that this hairstyle acquires can be from straight, smooth and asymmetric hairs.

It has the characteristic of having a symmetrical shape on one side of the head and on the other hand part decontracted naturally.

The Japanese straightening arises from this type of hairstyle from the symmetry of ultra-smooth hair and the use of half-cut hair perfectly as if it were a bonsai.

Different types of lengths are used in the same mane to give that effect to Japanese manga and culture and two-colored strands can be implemented.

Short Hair Woman: Bob Hairstyle

This is one of the hairstyles and haircuts for women that I like the most and is one of the next looks that I’m going to do.

I can definitely define it as one of the most classic haircuts of modern feminine trends.


And best of all, it is maintained in a very simple way.

The bob hairstyle consists mainly of having the longest hair from the front than from the back of the head.

Another advantage that allows different hairstyles and styles since it can be a total curly, or with waves, but also a smooth end.

The bangs for this cut are used above the eyebrows.

This year’s trend is to use the much more informal and asymmetric bangs to implement in different types of lengths.

It is a very feminine look and looks beautiful if you use it in short hair or in medium hair.

If you like to use the hair straightener, a bob hairstyle is recommended.

Short Hair Cuts: Pixie Hairstyle

It is also called this type of haircut for women elf hairstyle or elf hairstyle and is widely used because it is a fashion and beauty trend this year.

If you want to use a youthful haircut of course this is the most recommended to use.


The secret of the Pixie is that by taking it shorter from the sides of both the left side and the right side and at the back of the neck, you a better fit.

What is the front part of the hairstyle you can take it as you want both short and with bangs, asymmetric or even longer?

You can comb with your fingers or with a comb the tufts combing back with only a few hairs on the forehead.

Many celebrities chose this year to use this haircut among the best-known actresses I can name you Elsa Petaky and Audrey Tautou who are fans of pixie short hair.

Short Haircuts: Garzón Hairstyle

The garzón cut is undoubtedly the best option if you are more classic and you like Pixie hairstyle.

But unlike this cut is more formal and timeless, there is no trend since it is used at all times of the year.


If your personality is more formal and you do not want to attract much attention, it is the ideal cut, this does not mean that you are precious in your face.

In the 60s this cut became fashionable and the hairstyle lasted until today among women who want to forget long hair.

The classic style of the garzón does not mean that it cannot be modern and that you give it a personal touch.

You can add jelly or gel as well as wax to give it a wet or shiny effect.

This serves to mark the hairstyle and the stripe that you use inside it, but if your idea is to use it the most informal look it is best to use it disheveled with your fingers.

Short Haircuts for Women: Punk Hairstyle

It emerges from the end of the 70s with the social and cultural movement of Punk music and then continued as a fashion trend.

Currently, it is used a lot if you are more playful and you like to use short hair but also shaved from the sides.


This is undoubtedly a radical change for any woman where you are going to shave the sides of your head.

Here I leave skinny cuts for women that can help you get new ideas.

Do not forget that the classic crest can also add value if you want to make this kind of rebel look.

Straight hairstyle with a short haircut and a braid that collects part of the hair


Braid behind the head and hair all pulled back with gel to give volume to the hairstyle


Hair collected with an applique that you can use the one you like most picking from the head of the head for very short hair


I cut my short hair and started using a new hairstyle

I tell you my personal case where I encourage myself to go to cut my hair very short but I went to a professional who is dedicated to these types of cuts as well as hairstyles that is the stylist and hairdresser Bebe Sanders the daughter of the renowned hairdresser Alberto Sanders. Undoubtedly, the cut can be a little more expensive when it comes to paying than another neighborhood hairdresser that is not renowned but could not leave a hairstyle and look in the hands of someone who has no experience.

One day when I was watching television, I saw Pamela David, a magazine editor where she made this same radical change that I told her she cut her long hair for a short one, I imagine a change of image that I wanted to make and encouraged me to look for who He made that beautiful cut and that’s how I got to Sanders.

I went to her hairdresser and it was without a turn that they attended to you, as you arrived it was that the cut corresponded to you and she recommended me by my face and the shape of my head what kind of cut would suit me to do which I followed her advice and it was the best change I made for my look since all my acquaintances liked me.

To keep in mind that when you have short hair you should have maintenance of going to the hairdresser every two months approximately so that the cut does not deform and you can continue doing the hairstyle that you like the most.

Video with Hairstyles in Short Hair

Images of Short Haircuts

Looking for the most wanted hairstyles I found many of these photos in case you want to change your hairstyle and join the women’s side with short hair.

Hairstyles for short hair pictures
short hairstyles
short hair
short hair hairstyles for women
Hairstyle 2
Hairstyles for bride with short hair
short haircut
hairstyles for short hair
hairstyles for short hair
hairstyles for short hair
Hairstyles for short hair
hairstyles for short hair
hairstyles for short hair
party hairstyles in short hair-10

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49 Must See Movies of all time



must see movies of all time

Here are the 49 must see movies of all time that you absolutely must see once in your life.

“Grease” made several generations sing and dance, “Titanic” made tens of millions of spectators cry in the late 90s, “Scarface” glamorized bad boys, “Psychosis” kept many people away from everything shower curtain, “ET L’Etraterrestre” has made many children want to go elsewhere, “Fight Club” showed Brad Pitt at its peak, “Drive” raised Ryan Gosling to the status of a sex symbol, “Matrix “has sent us into the womb for a round trip,” The Big Lebowski “has given its bowling acclaim, and” Edward with silver hands “has opened the doors to the magical world of Tim Burton.

These are strokes of genius, stories that touched us, moved us, made us laugh, made us cry, made us dream. Many have become cult films that we keep watching. They enchanted the Venice Film Festival, won over the Cannes Film Festival, won numerous Oscars. Some were even shunned by critics, but not by the public, and today, they are anchored in the collective memory. This is a non-exhaustive selection of feature films that we should all see at least once in our lives. Review of essentials.

Must See Movies of all time- Hollywood


Must-See Movies of all time

The synopsis> Forrest is a rather simple boy, whom Robert Zemeckis stages from his childhood, in the 1950s, to his adult life, in the 1980s.

Why you have to watch it > Because the feature film, which won six Oscars, is poetic. So much so that some aftershocks have become more than cult: “Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to come across”. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> An alien ship arrives on Earth, towards Los Angeles. One of its occupants goes into exploration and meets Elliott, a ten-year-old boy. A rare and fusional friendship is established between the human and the creature.

Why you should watch it> Released in 1982, Spielberg’s film rocked our childhood. To see it again today is almost therapeutic!


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> We are in April 1912 when Rose and Jack board the Titanic. The ocean liner is sold as a feat of technology, unsinkable … Despite everything, it sinks after hitting an iceberg, while Rose and Jack live a passionate love story.

Why you have to watch it> Because Rose and Jack, interpreted by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, form one of the most brilliant duets in cinema. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Derek is a violent and hateful young man who evolves within a group of neozazi skinheds. One evening, when African-Americans try to steal his father’s car, he savagely shoots them and gets three years in prison. When he leaves, the man is transformed and has learned tolerance, but realizes that his little brother has taken over from the group of Nazis.

Why You Should Watch It> Edward Norton is absolutely overwhelming in this role, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999.

Must See Movies of all time


"Pretty Woman" by Garry Marshall

Synopsis> One evening like the others, Vivian, a young prostitute from Los Angeles, gets into the car of wealthy businessman Edward Lewis. The man does not want to sleep with her, but simply that she keep him company for a week, in his sublime hotel suite.

Why you should watch it> Because Garry Marshall signs one of the best romantic comedies of all time, thanks to a sparkling and sexy Julia Roberts. 


Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> Quentin Tarantino stages three stories of gangsters in Hollywood, all of which will skillfully intertwine.

Why you have to watch it> references to pop culture, humor mixed with merciless violence, flawless casting: Tarantino is making a genius film here.

Must See Movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> To celebrate the seventeen years of her son Esteban, whom she raises alone, Manuela takes her to the theater to see “A tram called Désir”. At the exit, the young man is knocked down and dies in front of his mother. She then goes in search of Esteban’s father.

Why you should watch it> Because Pedro Almodóvar films women like no one. 


Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> Marion does not lead a fulfilling life: her job bothers her, her lover is ruined and cannot marry her. One day, her boss sends her to deposit a large sum of money in the bank. She then decides to run away with it and her troubles begin.

Why you should watch it> Because Janet Leigh is one of the actresses who best embodied panic in the cinema!

Must See Movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> In the 80s in Dallas, Ron learns that he is HIV positive and that he has only one month left to live. Outraged by the lack of involvement of the medical profession, he founded the Dallas Buyers Club, to help people with AIDS to self-medicate.

Why you have to watch it> Matthew McConaughey offers an exceptional artistic performance, as does Jared Leto, his partner on screen. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Benjamin Braddock is a young, somewhat confused student who meets Mrs. Robinson at a cocktail party hosted by her parents. Very quickly, the young man begins a romantic relationship with the mother, older than him. Things get tough when Mr. Robinson introduces Benjamin to his daughter.

Why you have to watch it> To (re) discover Dustin Hoffman in the film that revealed him. 


"Taxi Driver", by Martin Scorsese

Synopsis> Former navy returning from the Vietnam War, Travis (Robert De Niro) now drives his taxi through the streets of New York. Over the course of his nocturnal encounters, the young man gradually loses his mind and sinks into violent madness.

Why you have to watch it> Palme d’or at the Cannes Festival in 1976, “Taxi Driver” is a marvel on all levels, from directing to acting and script. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Marty McFly is a high school student like the others … Until the day when Professor Emmett Brown takes him back in time thanks to his DeLorean. The young man finds himself projected thirty years earlier and prevents him from meeting his parents…

Why you have to watch it> Funny, full of references to pop culture and crazy objects of the future, the feature film has given birth to a whole saga that has become cult.

Must See Movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> He is Thomas Anderson by day, Neo by night. Behind this pseudo hides one of the most sought-after hackers, navigating between two worlds, deciphering the messages of Morpheus. The two begin a merciless fight against the Matrix. 

Why you should watch it> Genius mixing action and science fiction, the film is dressed in unstoppable visual effects and takes us into a unique universe.

Must See Movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Edward Norton plays here a man who wanders aimlessly in his life. Tired of his dismal existence, he became a member of Fight Club, an organization of clandestine fights directed by Tyler Durden, brilliantly embodied by Brad Pitt.

Why you should watch it> A widely controversial film in the 90s, “Fight Club” benefits from an exceptional final twist which gives free rein to all kinds of interpretations.

Must watch Movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Rich young man to whom everything succeeds, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) discovers on the death of his father that the latter bequeathed a good part of his fortune to a certain Raymond. When he goes to meet him, he discovers not only that this man is his brother, but also that he has autism. 

Why you should watch it> Because “Rain Man” is one of the first films dealing with autism in the cinema.

Must watch Movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Ali has no money, a son he barely knows and a sister who accepts to house them at her home in Antibes, where he meets Stéphanie. Stéphanie is an orca trainer in the region. One day, one of the mammals becomes aggressive causing him to lose both of his legs. Alone and desperate, she sees only one person to help her without pity or compromise: Ali.  

Why you have to watch it> Because Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts form a fabulous duo, touching as much as possible.

must watch movies 2019


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Following a car accident on the road to Mullholland Drive, Rita becomes amnesiac. She then meets Betty, an actress who has just landed in Los Angeles. In search of identity, Rita will get closer to the young woman. 

Why you have to watch it> David Lynch and his two actresses exert a rare fascination on the spectator, from which it takes time to recover!


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Located between 1945 and 1955 in New York, the story focuses on the rise of the mafia Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino. 

Why you should watch it> Because it remains one of the best gangster movies of all time.

best movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> 1943, Guido, Dora and their son Giosué are happy despite the racial laws imposed by the fascist regime. But Guido is Jewish and ends up being deported to a camp with his little boy. Wishing at all costs to spare him the horror, he makes his son believe that the camp is the scene of a life-size game, the objective of which is to win a tank.

Why you have to watch it> Touching fable and superbly carried by Roberto Benigni, “La Vie est belle” sheds unique light on the concentration camps. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> In a small village in Turkey, five sisters play carefree with their classmates. Very badly interpreted by their parents, this behavior will earn them confinement in the family home, deprivation of all liberty and the organization of arranged marriages.

Why you have to watch it> For the boundless complicity of these sisters, which generates lots of hope.


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Riggan Thomson was a figure in pop culture when he played a famous superhero. Today, he struggles to fill theaters and dreams of his past glory.

Why you have to watch it> Because Michael Keaton has a bit of the same story as the character he plays here … And we were delighted to reconnect with him!

interesting movies to watch


Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> Originally Tony “Scarface” Montana was just a little guy. In 1980, he benefited from an amnesty from the Cuban government which allowed him to return to Florida, where he murdered a dealer to take his place. Little by little, he will establish himself as one of the biggest traffickers in the region. 

Why you have to watch it> For its casting, its cult replicas, its incredible and extravagant staging. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Jack Torrance accepts a guard post in a huge hotel, closed in winter and isolated from all people. Her son Danny, medium, then begins to have terrifying visions of all the things which took place in the past in this establishment.  

Why you have to watch it> Because it is one of the best-made horror films, with real acting prowess. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Alex is a young man full of violence and cruelty, at the head of a gang of little thugs. Imprisoned, he becomes the guinea pig for a group of psychoanalysts seeking to rationalize the idea of ​​sadism in order to reduce crime. 

Why you should watch it> Futuristic and deeply psychological, Kubrick’s anticipation film has not aged and remains as intelligent and relevant as ever in its madness.


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Accused of rape of a minor, Randle (Jack Nicholson) is interned in an establishment dedicated to people with mental disorders. Very quickly, he leads his room neighbors into a rebellion which will do much damage. 

Why you should watch it> Because the film is a wonderful allegory in the history of the director, who fled Czechoslovakia in the spring of Prague.

10 must watch movies


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> In the North of France, the Currants form a large family with meager incomes. For their part, the Le Quesnoys live easily and should never have had to do with the Gooseberries. But one day, they learn that their daughter Bernadette was exchanged at birth with Maurice, the prodigal son of the Currants. 

Why you have to watch it> The well-crafted scenario portrays with humor and accuracy the social differences of an unequal France.

must see movies of all time


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> As she prepares to celebrate her 32nd birthday, Bridget Jones, an eternal single Londoner, takes certain resolutions. She then begins to write a diary and takes us into her life full of funny twists. 

Why you should watch it> Sharon Maguire’s film stages the amorous tribulations of a blunderer full of humanity, in which everyone can (a little) find themselves!


"Virgin Suicides", by Sofia Coppola

Synopsis> In a Puritan suburb of Detroit in the 1970s, the suicide attempt by young Cecilia disrupts neighborhood life. His four sisters gradually lose their innocence, bond with their fascinated young neighbors, while their parents increasingly deprive them of their freedom.

Why you should watch it> Because Sofia Coppola takes a fair and unique look at adolescence.

must see movies of all time


"The New Savages", by Damian Szifron

Synopsis> Succession of short stories, Damian Szifron’s film stages the nervous cracks of modern day heroes in the form of a funny and satirical homage. A hysterical bride, trapped travelers, or an overwhelmed father: all lose their composure in the face of incredible situations.

Why you should watch it> Because it is rare to laugh so sincerely and intensely at our society. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Three friends from a Ile-de-France city the day after a series of riots. The day is long, full of aimless wanderings and distractions. But so far so good…

Why you should watch it> Because “La Haine” is an essential film on the French suburbs. 


Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis > We are in 2263. If Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) does not discover the fifth element, humanity will die out. It is only with the precious help of Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) that he will accomplish his mission.

Why you have to watch it> Superb soundtrack, brilliant visual effects, ideal casting and rhythmic scenario: Luc Besson signs an essential in science fiction.

must see movies of all time


"Dirty Dancing", by Emile Ardolino Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> It’s summer vacation, we are in the 60s, in the heart of a holiday club. Baby spends a quiet family vacation there… Until she meets Johnny, an outstanding dancer who will introduce her to “dirty dancing”.

Why you should watch it> Because we have never wanted to dance so much in front of a film.


"Mad Max: Fury Road", by George Miller Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Inveterate loner, Mad Max finds himself embarked on board a convoy led by Furiosa through Desolation, a vast inhospitable desert. In their kit? Immortan Joe and his men, each more crazy and violent than the other. 

Why you should watch it> Because Tom Hardy growls better than anyone and demonstrates it here!

must see movies of all time


"Drive", by Nicolas Winding Refn  Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> During the day, he is a stuntman on set. At night, he drives gangsters from Los Angeles without ever getting involved in their business. Cold, indifferent to everything around him, this mysterious driver sees his life transformed when he meets his neighbor Irene.

Why you have to watch it> A minimalist scenario, an anthology of anthology, shots of rare aesthetics, often made with a wide angle lens and an 80’s atmosphere make this film a little gem. 


"Edward in Silver Hands" by Tim Burton  Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Edward is like all humans, except that instead of his hands, there are long sharp scissors. Refugee with a family from an upscale suburb, he manages to integrate into the neighborhood by using his difference, especially thanks to Kim, a teenager with whom he will fall in love.

Why you have to watch it> It is in this pastel and sanitized universe that Johnny Depp and Tim Burton collaborate for the first time. 


"Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind", by Michel Gondry Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> To forget the sad turn of her love story, Clementine has her memory erased. Desperate, his companion Joel decides to do the same and welcomes the inventors of the machine to his home. Before his eyes, the marvelous memories that bind him to Clementine pass by.

Why you have to watch it> Because the film is Gondry in the text, bizarre and magnificent.


"Star Wars", by Georges Lucas Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> “Long ago, in a distant galaxy”, the Jedi confront the Sith, while Anakin Skywalker falls on the dark side of the Force and becomes Darth Vader.

Why you have to watch it> Because the saga was created by George Lucas in 1977 and continues to attract crowds to dark rooms. 


"Mommy", by Xavier Dolan Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Diane raises her son Steve, diagnosed hyperactive and suffering from attention deficit disorder, on his own. Unstable, even violent, he sometimes manages to channel himself with the help of Kyla, a neighbor who will quickly become part of the small family.

Why you have to watch it> Xavier Dolan, Jury Prize at Cannes, is making a feature film with an exceptional aesthetic, full of hope, accuracy and moments of grace. 


"Grease" by Randal Kleiser  Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Danny and Sandy had a summer love that they still remember at the start of the school year. The day of the recovery, they realize that they joined the same school. But Danny, wishing to look good in front of his friends at Perfectos and big motorcycles, snubs Sandy, the girl from a good family.

Why you have to watch it> Because the final has always been remembered!


"Youth", by Paolo Sorrentino Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> Fred and Mick, friends since always, approach the eighty years and offer themselves like every year a peaceful vacation in the Alps. One is a retired composer and conductor, while the other, a director, is still active. Together, they philosophize about the past and what remains to be lived.

Why you have to look at it> Poetic and realistic at the same time, “Youth” shows with sincerity two men facing the few possibilities that life still offers them.


"Requiem for a Dream", by Darren Aronofsky Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Harry, his only friend Tyron and his girlfriend Marion, do little more than use heroin in a grim suburb of New York. We are witnessing their tumble here, while Harry’s mother is addicted to a TV show for which she is sure she will be called soon.

Why you should watch it> Because rarely has a film been so oppressive and disturbing. 


"The Grand Budapest Hotel", by Wes Anderson Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Wes Anderson stages the Grand Budapest Hotel at different times, from its splendor in the 1930s to its decrepitude in the 1960s. We meet the concierge M. Gustave and his faithful companion, the waiter Zero Moustafa .

Why you have to watch it> The film paints a quirky and almost parodic portrait of Europe in the early twentieth century, against a backdrop of political changes. 


"The Voyage of Chihiro", by Hayao Miyazaki Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> At ten, Chihiro is not looking forward to his new life, when his parents have decided to move. Arriving in her new house, the little girl sets off on an adventure and then enters a fantastic parallel universe, where the witch Yubata reigns.

Why you have to watch it> Master of the Japanese animated film, Miyazaki signs a wonderful dreamlike tale that we never tire of (re) seeing. 


"Midnight Express", by Alan Parker Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Billy Hayes, a simple traveler, is arrested in Turkey with two kilos of drugs on him. The government wishing to set an example, the man was sentenced to life imprisonment and then began his painful journey through Turkish prisons.

Why you should watch it> Because the film is so powerful that it prompted the United States and Turkey to start negotiations on the eve of the 1980s.


"The Piano Lesson", by Jane Campion Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> In the 19th century, Ada left with her daughter for New Zealand, where a new husband awaited her whom she did not know. While he is organizing the move of the two Scottish women, he does not understand the interest of his new wife at his piano and therefore decides to abandon her. The play finishes its race at a neighbor and Ada will then undertake to answer the least requirements of this one to recover its piano. 

Why you have to watch it> Because it was the first time that a woman was awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1993. 


"The Circle of Missing Poets", by Peter Weir Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> Todd Anderson has been accepted into the prestigious University of Welton, in the United States. It was there that he met an unusual professor of English literature. Contrary to the conventional world in which he evolves, Mr. Keating encourages his students to be critical and to rebel against the established order.

Why you have to watch it> To find Robin Williams in one of his most beautiful roles.  


"Out of Africa", by Sydney Pollack Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> Karen got married and moved to Africa to start a new life. The Danish woman, neglected by her husband, is passionate about growing coffee and gets closer to Denys, an elusive hunter of wild beasts. 

Why you should watch it> Because Meryl Streep and Robert Redford are more passionate than ever. 


"The Big Lebowski", by Joel and Ethan Coen Must See Movies of all time

The synopsis> Jeff Lebowski, alias Le Duc, leads a quiet existence, only disturbed by the bowling games he shares with his friend Walter. One day, he gets beaten up, confused with his namesake, a millionaire living in Pasadena. The Duke will then go looking for him.

Why you have to watch it> Quirky and crazy characters, completely barred scenes and hilarious dialogues gave the feature film by the Coen brothers the status of a cult film.


"The Lord of the Rings", by Peter Jackson Must See Movies of all time

Synopsis> The trilogy features the hobbit Frodo and members of the Ring community in the Middle-earth. All are in search of the Ring, which will cause the loss of Sauron if it is destroyed.

Why you should watch it> Because the visual effects easily compare with the films that are released in theaters today. 

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Golden Globes Winners 2020



Golden Globes Winners 2020

Golden Globes Winners 2020: The 77th Golden Globes ceremony ended early this morning at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Between sarcasm and noble causes, cinema and series have ended up making a good place for themselves in a rather removed list, but with nothing or almost nothing for Netflix (only one small price out of thirty-four nominations) and … without French.

Golden Globes Winners 2020

Always accompanied by his traditional half ale,  Ricky Gervais wasted no time in blasting the hushed atmosphere of the Beverly Hilton, to the rhythm of acidic projections of which he has the secret. We note in particular the cleat sent to Apple, which will be remembered for a long time by Tim Cook, the CEO of the apple brand, very quickly cramped in his costume … About The Morning Show, the English troublemaker swings: “ A wonderful series, on the importance of dignity and making the right decisions, produced by a company that exploits people in China. Apple, Amazon, Disney … It’s incredible. If Daesh launched a streaming service, you would call your agent. ”Guaranteed atmosphere:

Thereafter, everyone went there from their support for the Aussies (whose country is ravaged by flames) to the cry of ecological alarm from Joaquin Phoenix, punctuated by ” fuck ” regularly censored. Joaquin Phoenix (and some others) finally rewarded for his cabotinage ” actor studio ” (with weight loss and tortured face of circumstance) in Joker, which left with the crumbs (best music).

Netflix did not do better (only one price in the cinema category), which did not fail to surprise, in view of the challengers who made up its ranks ( Marriage StoryDolemite is my NameThe IrishmanLes Deux Popes ). All this for the benefit of the two big winners: Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino (best comedy, best screenplay, best actor in a supporting role for Brad Pitt) and 1917  by Sam Mendes (best drama, best director) . France has not been better served since  Céline Sciamma and  Ladj Ly had to bow to Parasite, Palme d’or 2019. On the series side finally, nothing very surprising except the absence of prizes given to Killing Eve, very appreciated on Vodkaster and The Morning Show, superb indictment post #metoo, for the benefit of no less excellent SuccessionFleabag and Chernobyl. But here is Golden Globes Winners 2020 list in full:

Golden Globes Winners 2020 in Cinema

Best Dramatic Film 

Winner : 1917
The Irishman
Marriage Story
Les Deux Papes

Best Film – Comedy and Musical

Dolemite is my Name
Jojo Rabbit
Knives Pulled
Winner: Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood

Best Director 

Bong Joon Ho, Parasite
Winner:  Sam Mendes, 1917
Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood
Martin Scorsese, The Irishman
Todd Phillips, Joker

Best Actress in a Dramatic Film

Cynthia Erivo, Harriet
Scarlett Johansson, Marriage Story
Saoirse Ronan, The Girls of Doctor March
Charlize Theron, Scandal
Winner:  Renee Zellweger, Judy

Best Actor in a Dramatic Film

Christian Bale, Le Mans 66
Antonio Banderas, Pain and Glory
Adam Driver, Marriage Story
Winner:  Joaquin Phoenix, Joker
Jonathan Pryce, Les Deux Papes

Best Actress in a Musical Film or Comedy 

Winner:  Awkwafina, The Farewell
Ana de Armas,  À couteaux tirés
Beanie Feldstein,  Booksmart
Emma Thompson,  Late Night
Cate Blanchett,  Bernadette has disappeared

Best actor in a musical film or comedy

Daniel Craig, À couteaux tirés
Roman Griffin Davis, Jojo Rabbit
Leonardo DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood
Winner:  Taron Egerton, Rocketman
Eddie Murphy, Dolemite is my Name

Best Screenplay 

Marriage Story
Les Deux Papes
Winner:  Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood
The Irishman

Best Foreign Language Film 

The Farewell
Les Misérables
Pain and Glory
Winner: Parasite
Portrait of the girl on fire

Best Animated Film 

Frozen 2
The Lion King
Winner:  Monsieur Link
Toy Story 4
Dragons 3: the hidden world

Best Film Music 

Brooklyn Affairs
The Daughters of Doctor March
Winner : Joker
Marriage Story

Best Original Song 

“Beautiful Ghosts” – CATS
Winner : “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” – Rocketman
“Into the Unknown” – Frozen 2
“Spirit” – Lion King
“Stand Up” – Harriet

Best Supporting Actress 

Annette Bening , The Report
Margot Robbie , Scandal 
Jennifer Lopez , Queens 
Kathy Bates , Le case Richard Jewell
Winner :  Laura Dern , Marriage Story

Best Supporting Actor

Tom Hanks , A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Al Pacino , The Irishman
Joe Pesci , The Irishman
Winner :  Brad Pitt , Once Upon A Time In … Hollywood
Anthony Hopkins , Les Deux Papes

Golden Globes Winners 2020 in Television

Best musical or comic series

Winner :  Fleabag
The Kominsky Method
The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel
The Politician

Best Drama Series

Big Little Lies
The Crown
Killing Eve
The Morning Show
Winner :  Succession

Best miniseries or best TV movie 

Winner :  Chernobyl
Fosse / Verdon
The Loudest Voice

Best Actress in a Drama Series 

Jennifer Aniston,  The Morning Show
Jodi Comer,  Killing Eve
Nicole Kidman,  Big Little Lies
Reese Witherspoon,  The Morning Show
Laureate : Olivia Colman,  The Crown

Best Actor in a Drama Series 

Winner : Brian Cox, Succession
Kit Harington,  Game of Thrones
Rami Malek,  Mr. Robot
Tobias Menzies,  The Crown
Billy Porter,  Pose

Best Actress in a Musical or Comic Series 

Christina Applegate, Dead to Me
Winner : Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag
Natasha Lyonne, Russian doll
Kirsten Dunst, On Becoming a God in Central Florida
Rachel Brosnahan, La Fabuleuse Mme Maisel

Best actor in a musical or comic series 

Ben Platt, The Politician
Paul Rudd, Living With Yourself
Winner : Ramy Youssef, Ramy
Bill Hader, Barry
Michael Douglas, The Kominsky Method

Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Winner : Michelle Williams, Fosse / Verdon
Helen Mirren,  Catherine the Great
Merritt Wever,  Unbelievable
Kaitlyn Dever,  Unbelievable
Joey King,  The Act

Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Chris Abbott, Catch-22
Sacha Baron Cohen, The Spy
Winner: Russell Crowe, The Loudest Voice
Jared Harris, Chernobyl
Sam Rockwell, Fosse / Verdon

Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie 

Meryl Streep, Big Little Lies
Helena Bonham Carter, The Crown
Emily Watson, Chernobyl
Winner : Patricia Arquette, The Act
Toni Collette, Unbelievable

Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie 

Alan Arkin,  The Kominsky Method
Kieran Culkin,  Succession
Andrew Scott,  Fleabag
Winner : Stellan Skarsgard,  Chernobyl
Henry Winkler,  Barry

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Meet the 7 members of BTS, the favorite K-pop band of 2018



Bangtan Boys, or popularly known as BTS, debuted in 2013 and since then they have gradually won the love of young people in Europe and Latin America. We have a list of BTS Members –

Every generation through the years has had a favorite band, for example, in the 60s, The Beatles marked a whole musical revolution that continues to this day; In the early 1990s, the world went crazy for Backstreet Boys; And now, we have South Korean pop bands, or better known as K-Pop. One of them is Bangtan Boys, or popularly called BTS, who debuted in 2013 and since then they have gradually won the love of young people in Europe and Latin America. But if you still don’t know what we are talking about, here we tell you who is BTS and its 7 members.

Meet the 7 members of BTS, the favorite K-pop band of 2018 1

Who are BTS?

The group’s name, BTS, is an abbreviation for the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan, Which literally means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” According to member J-Hope, this refers to the group’s desire to “set aside stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations directed as bullets towards young people.” In Japan they are known as Bodan Shōnendan, Which has a similar translation. On July 27, 2017, it was announced that BTS would also mean “Beyond The Scene” as part of its new brand identity. This broadened the meaning of its name, which now also represents an “evolving youth ‘BTS’ that overcomes the realities it faces and moves on.”

BTS Member – Jungkook – Jeon Jeongguk

Meet the 7 members of BTS, the favorite K-pop band of 2018 2

Jeon Jungkook, best known by his stage name Jungkook, is a South Korean singer, dancer, rapper, composer, producer and model. Since 2013, he is a member, lead vocalist and maknae of the band BTS, in the agency of Big Hit Entertainment

Date of birth: September 1, 1997 (22 years old), Mandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea.

Stature: 1.78m

Other names: JK, Jungkookie, Kookie, Golden Maknae, Nochu and eat cookies

Zodiac sign: Virgo.

Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, photography and taekwondo as a child.

Related artists:  BTS

Favorite color: Red, black and white

BTS Member – Jimin – Park Jimin

BTS Member - BTS Jimin - Park Jimin

Park Ji min, better known by his stage name Jimin, is a South Korean singer, dancer, choreographer, model and MC. In 2013, he debuted as a member of the boy band BTS.

Date of birth: October 13, 1995 (23 years old) Busan, South Korea

Stature: 1.73 m

Other names: JM, Chim chim, Jiminie, Doolyfai, Mochi, MinMin, Jim Jim and Jimin-shi

Real Name: (박지민) Park Jimin

Brothers: Park Ji Hyun

Zodiac sign: Libra

Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, martial arts and playing video games.

Favorite color: Black, blue, and orange.

BTS Member – Jin – Kim Seokjin

BTS Member - BTS Jin - Kim Seokjin

Kim Seok-jin, better known by his stage name Jin, is a singer, model, composer, dancer, South Korean MC. He belongs to the BTS group, where he holds the position of vocalist, dancer and visual, since 2013.

Date of birth: December 4, 1992 (26 years old) Anyang-Gwangcheon, South Korea

Stature: 1.79m

Other names: GodJin, Jinnie, prince, worldwide handsome and Seokjinnie.

Real Name:  (김석진) Kim Seokjn

Brothers: Kim Seok-Joong

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies: Cooking, playing Nintendo, reading manga and watching anime series

Favorite color: Pink and Blue.

BTS Member – V – Kim Taehyung

BTS Member - BTS V - Kim Taehyung

Kim Tae-hyung best known by his stage name V, is a singer, model, actor, dancer, photographer, MC and South Korean composer. He is a member of the BTS group, under the company Big Hit Entertainment.

Date of birth: December 30, 1995 (23 years old) Seo-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Stature: 1.78m

Other names: TaeTae, Blank tae, Taehyungie, bear baby.

Real name: (김태형) Kim Taehyung.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Hobbies: Play the saxophone and piano, watch anime series, read manga and be with Yeontan (his dog)

Favorite color: Black, green and white.

BTS Member – J-Hope – Jung Hoseok

BTS Member - BTS J-Hope - Jung Hoseok

Jung Ho-Seok, best known by his stage name J- Hope, is a dancer, choreographer, rapper, singer, MC, composer, model and South Korean producer.

Date of birth: February 18, 1994 (25 years old) Gwangju, South Korea

Stature: 1.77

Other names: Hobie, hope, hope, a little sun, Seok, sushine.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Hobbies: dancing, rapping and reading books.

Favorite color: Green

Real Name: (정호석) Jung Hoseok

BTS Member – Suga – Min Yoongi

BTS Member -  Suga

Min Yoon-gi, better known by his artistic name Suga and Agust D, is a rapper, model, composer, producer and South Korean dancer. He debuted in the BTS group in 2013 under the company Big Hit Entertainment.

Date of birth: March 9, 1993 (26 years old) Buk-Gu, Daegu, South Korea

Stature: 1.74m

Other names: Mr. Swag, Sugar, Yoongi, Agust D, DBoy, Dulcinea.

Real Name: (민윤기) Min Yoongi

Brothers: Min Geum-Jae

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hobbies: Basketball, photography and electronic objects 7w7 (ok no; -;)

Favorite color: Black and white.

BTS Member – RM – Kim Namjoon

BTS Member - Rm Kim Namjoon

Kim NamJoon, best known by his stage name Rap Monster or RM, is a rapper, dancer, composer, producer and South Korean model. Since 2013, he is the leader and main rapper of the BTS band. In 2015, he released his first solo mixtape, called RM.

Date of birth: September 12, 1994 (25 years old), Sangdo-dong, South Korea

Height: 1.81m

Other names: Ramon, Mon leader, RapMon, Namjoonnie, Nammie, GodDestruction, Monnie.

Brothers: Kim Jeong Min

Zodiac sign: Virgo.

Hobbies: Browse the internet 7w7 (okno; -; x2), listen to music and compose

Related artists:  BTS; Suga; Kidoh; Warren G

Favorite color: Black, pink and purple

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What Is Santa Claus Phone Number? How can I Call?



what is santa claus phone number

What is Santa Claus Phone Number? – Christmas is just around the corner and you may want to call Santa Claus instead of writing a letter to ask for what you want. If that is your wish, here we fulfill your first Christmas wish by sharing with you the telephone number of the offices of Santa Claus or Santa Claus in the North Pole.

You can call it as long as you are in the United States. When you call, an operator will answer you with the chubby man with a white beard and red clothes. Then, Santa will ask you to leave a message with the list of things you want this Christmas. Below we have the list of Santa Claus Phone Numbers for you to call:

What is Santa Claus Phone Number? – Below we have the list

Austin (512) 904-7499
Phoenix (602) 792-0010
Atlanta (678) 288-7400
Salem (503) 549-8400
Boston (617) 399-6700
Salt Lake (435) 538-7070
Cleveland (216) 588-0900
San Antonio (210) 881-3200
Colorado Springs (719) 622-7100
San Jose (408) 540-1450
Dallas (214) 615-3000
San Diego (619) 996-5900
Denver (720) 306-2070
Santa Monica (310 ) 961-5650
Idaho (208) 621-2599
Seattle (206) 934-1414
Las Vegas (702) 507-9100
Tacoma (253) 883-2540
Los Angeles (213) 807-6565
Tucson (520) 300-8800
Maryland ( 240) 841-2560
Worcester (508) 743-6460
New York (646) 568-4141
West Virginia (304) 816-4434

what is santa claus phone number

There is also an application for you to receive a personalized call from yourself. Please click here to download the application for free.

Another phone number that connects you directly to Santa Claus is (951) 262-3062. You can contact him and even leave a message on your wish list this year. What do you want this Christmas?

What is Santa Claus Phone Number

If you would like to receive a phone call from the North Pole, you have several options when you click here. First, enter your personal phone number. Then, click on “Santa” or “The Elf” to choose who you want to be called. You will hear four messages and you have to choose the one you can read them before choosing.

What is Santa Claus Phone Number

For a free call from the North Pole, click on “Send a Free Call Now”. The call comes almost instantly. You can also click on “Premium Call” on the site. When choosing “Premium Call”, there is an option to schedule a call. In the instructions, you will find how to schedule a call and even record a message as a reminder about the moment.

What is Santa Claus Phone Number

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