Do you know these 5 top secrets of whatsapp

Whatsapp has become an important part of our life. At the same time, Whatsapp keeps changing its features, due to which users do not get the chance to get away from it. Considering what demand of WhatsApp users is always upgraded. Once again WhatsApp has brought good news for its users. There are 5 features in this, which are very important for users to know.

Watch Youtube videos on whatsapp

Talk about the most special feature, it will be seen in the WhatsApp video itself. Also, users will be able to chat while watching live video. There was a separate window open for YouTube links found on Whatatsapp and users would switch to the YouTube app. But, now after the new update it will not be so. Because, you will be able to watch YouTube videos directly on Whatsapp. In fact, this feature will support Picture In Picture (PiP). Apart from this, users can also chat while watching videos.


Sticker in photo and video

Whatsapp users can send photos and videos with a sticker. So far the sticker option was available only on Facebook, but now it is also available on WhatsApp. With this feature add, the user gets a sticker in the chat option. Users can send their photos and videos with unique stickers. Users also get access to live location in the phone. Live location sharing feature is available from iPhone and Android phones since October last year. Users can share their live location with any of their contact lists. At the same time, you will be able to use the sticker feature during personal chat or group chat.

Make friends money transfer

Watsapp has started a money transfer service. You can transfer money through any Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to any account holder on this. According to the report, this will be the first mobile app to work on multi-bank partnership for digitate payments. Whatsapp had in June 2017 interacted with financial institutions such as State Bank of India and NPCI in order to start its instant payment service. You can also send money to friends through this Messenger app. This feature has begun with the introduction of the UPI (Universal Payment Interface) on the WhatsApp Beta for Android and iOS users.

Message delete facility

This feature is the most awesome for WhatsApp users. Messages sent by accidentally deleted for new feature delete for everyone can be withdrawn. The most discussed since the introduction of the Reicoll feature for iOS and Windows Phone users. If you send a message by mistake, you can take it back if the WhatsApp Recovery feature deleted very soon. However, its duration is only 7 minutes. After this the message will not be deleted. Apart from this, if you have sent a message and read it, there is no point in deleting the message.

Hide last online

Well, by default WhatsApp keep on the last seen and read option. But you can change it by going to Settings. But when you disable it, that means you will select this option that no one can see the time of the chat you have read, nor the last time you saw the WhatsApp, then you will not be able to see both of these other actions. Your profile pic, status can also be changed. For this, you can choose any option between Everyone (Everyone can see), My contacts (Only see my contacts) and Nobody (no one can see). For this, go to Settings> Account> Privacy and make changes.

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