Butterfly hair accessories are the trend that will transform your hairstyle


The accessories of butterflies for hair are a lovely trend. These details inspired by the beautiful winged creatures can completely transform your hairstyle, adding a touch of fantasy and originality.

From the popular liceFrom to colorful clips and barrettes, butterflies add a fresh and magical element to any hairstyle. Do you need more reasons to integrate them into your next looks? Then take a look at the hairstyles that we propose in this article.

The infallible ‘tips’ to wear butterflies for your hair

Woman with bun hairstyle and butterfly clips, y2k hairstyle with buns and butterflies
Butterfly hair accessories are the perfect accessory to add a unique touch to your hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr.

prepare your mane

use the shampoo and Conditioning treatment Sedal Care+ Hydra Micellar + Provitamin B5 to provide intense care to the hair, making it feel free of impurities and hydrated throughout the day.

Sedal Care Shampoo + Micellar Water + Provitamin B5

Conditioning treatment Sedal Care+ Hydra Micellar Provitamin B5

Integrate butterfly accessories into your hairstyle

Once you have selected the ideal accessory, integrate it into your looks. Here are some mini-tutorials to help you do just that.

Create different combinations

Let your imagination fly and have fun with your hair! Create multiple combinations with the butterfly accessories that you like the most. You can mix different textures, colors, materials and styles.

Keep your hairstyle under control

Spray a good dose of fixative to ensure that the accessories stay in place. use the TRESemmé Extra Firm spraywith a combination of setting and conditioning ingredients for salon results.

TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Spray

Hairstyles with butterflies for hair that you must try

butterfly hair clips

Woman with butterfly clips in loose hair
Take different brooches and give more dynamism to your ‘look’. Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr.

The best thing about brooch accessories is that you can play with the texture and length of them, some cover the head, while others hang from it giving you a unique texture.

butterfly barrettes

Woman with Chinese hair and butterfly clips, hairstyle with butterflies in curly hair
Give a bohemian and romantic touch to your ‘look’ with some brooches. Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr.

Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic? Then you will love the idea of ​​wearing butterfly barrettes. This fashion accessory for hair is your best bet to reinvent your looks with a bohemian touch.

Butterflies stuck in the hair

Woman with butterflies stuck in her hair, Y2K hairstyle updo with butterflies
Transform that hairstyle that you like so much by adding some shiny ‘stickers’ to it. Credit: Instagram.com/itsinyourdreams.

This looks noventero is perfect to add glow to your hairstyle. Hair stickers are the easy way to put a twist on your basic hairstyle. You will certainly look very youthful.

Butterfly Hair Clips

Woman with braided bun and butterfly clips, hairstyle with butterflies
Butterfly clips come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Credit: Instagram.com/eponavalley.

These versatile little clips are perfect for adding a romantic accent to any hairstyle. You can strategically place them in your hair, either on the side, near the bangs, or at the back, for a visually stunning effect.

Hairstyle with colored butterflies

Woman with hairstyle of braids and colored butterflies in her hair
Butterfly accessories are the ideal choice to bring your hair to life. Credit: Instagram.com/jamienkidd.

These delicate accessories are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and materials, allowing you to personalize your looks depending on your preferences, whether you want a subtle and understated look or a bold and striking one.

butterfly headband for hair

Blond woman with butterfly headband in loose hair
A simple way to elevate your ‘look’. Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr.

There is no better way to show off butterflies than in a hairstyle with headband, either with the hair loose or collected. Plus, it will allow you to hide the ends of your hair to make it look like you have a crown or halo.

butterfly hair clips

Woman with butterfly clip in semi-collected straight hair
Butterfly clips are a lovely option that combine functionality and fashion. Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr.

You can use one or more butterfly clips to create elegant and sophisticated hairstyles, such as up-dos or braids. Additionally, butterfly hairpins can be found in a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, or fabric, allowing you to tailor them to your personal style.

Butterfly Hairstyles for Girls

Girl with loose hairstyle and colored butterfly clips
Girls love colored tweezers. Credit: Instagram.com/jordanswildwest.

Placing butterfly clips all over your girl’s hair will give her hairstyle a lot of color. This accessory is a very cute accent to elevate a looks casual, but it’s also perfect for a festival.

Butterfly hair clips

Woman with two wavy pigtails hairstyle with colored butterfly clips
Give a youthful touch to your ‘look’ with some colored tweezers. Credit: Instagram.com/smallgirlbigblog.

For those looking to give their hairstyle a youthful touch, lice and tweezers are the best option. They will give you that innocent and original touch for the days that you do not know what hairstyle to do and with which you will not fail.

Ribbon butterflies for hair

Woman with butterfly bow in low ponytail, ribbon in the shape of a butterfly
Ribbon butterflies look great on long, wavy hair. Credit: Instagram.com/emijayinc.

If you want a more casual and fresh style, butterfly hair ribbons and bands are the perfect choice. These accessories create an instant visual impact and can be used to highlight your hairstyle at special events or simply to add a unique touch to your looks diary.

Are you ready to recreate one of the hairstyles with butterflies in your hair that we selected for you? Remember to share your looks On Instagram (@allthingshairmex) and using the #AllThingsHairMex.

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