This is how your body reacts during the 4 phases of sexual intercourse

From excitement to orgasm, the body experiences some reactions that you must know!

The beginning of your sex life is totally personal and private, you should know that there is no hurry or age to lose your virginity, you have to go at your own pace! However, it is possible that you are in a stage where the doubts and curiosities concerning the subject constantly torment you, and it is totally normal!

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Besides that, it must be a super delicate and romantic experience, the influence of sexual relations in your organism, the reason why your body has certain reactions when it is in the heat of sexual act. Do you want to know what they are? We tell you!

PHASE 1: Excitation

It is characterized by being the moment of excitement, and during this, your body begins to have many obvious changes that should not distress you at all. When you begin to have an approach with your partner, your body is prepared for a possible sexual relationship, and what you can experience in this phase is muscle tension, acceleration in heart rate and breathing, vaginal lubrication, hardening of the nipples, flushing of the skin, and swelling of the vaginal walls, making it look more voluminous.

PHASE 2: Plateau

After the excitement comes the phase known as the plateau, which refers to the period that lasts from the initial excitement to the point of orgasm. During this process, the bodily reactions of phase 1 become much more intense, because there is an increase in blood flow, the vagina continues to swell and take on a reddish and dark tone.

In addition, your clitoris will become extremely sensitive to any touch or contact. You may notice some muscle spasms in different parts of your body, such as the hands, feet, and face.

PHASE 3: Orgasm

This is the climax of sexual intercourse, or also known as the peak of excitement. Although it only lasts a few seconds, this phase is the one that causes the most reactions in your body. When you reach orgasm, you will begin to experience involuntary muscle contractions in the vagina that will diminish with the passage of time until they lose their intensity.

At the same time, you will feel extreme relaxation due to the powerful release of sexual tension that was in your body and you will notice that the heart rate and the frequency of your breathing are at their highest level.

PHASE 4: Resolution

Better known as the relaxation phase. During the final process, the body slowly returns to normal functioning, spasms disappear and blood pressure levels off. Your nipples lose the swelling, the clitoris returns to its original position and as the minute’s pass, you may experience fatigue, fatigue, and a lot of sleep.

Remember that it is of vital importance to use contraceptive methods because you can get pregnant even in your first sexual relationship. If you are starting this new cycle, do not forget to go to a trusted gynecologist to advise and answer all your questions!

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