The Best Hairstyles for Men according to the shape of their face

What hairstyles for men are trending in 2019? Undercut or pompadour? Topknot or man bun? Everything will depend on the style of your man! It is no secret that there are now many men with different hairstyles, some more daring than others. Guys who care about looking extremely attractive and have risked trying new hairstyling options.

A hairstyle for a man is 100% of his personality and his style

Hairstyling in men is essential because they do not carry so many arrangements or details and this not only serves to give a good impression but also defines their personality and character

In this special fashion of 2019 hairstyles for men, you will know the retail of the styles that set trends and so that you can to advise your boy in that change of look that he needs so much.

Not all hairstyles will favor your boy. The first thing you should know is the type of face he has and together decides the style that best suits him! 

Hairstyles for men
Goodbye to traditionalism! 
Meet the styles that set trends in men’s fashion

Hairstyles for men according to their face type Which one suits you?

It is very important to know the type of face of your boy to find a new hairstyle that suits him. The problem is that there are styles that do not look good in some men because of their face type. Surely your partner has told you that he would like a hairstyle like some soccer player, singer or actor they admire, but if doing that hairstyle is not favorable, he would be making a big mistake in his look.

Choosing a new hairstyle for men is an odyssey because you must choose one that you like and that goes with the shape of your face

There are different styles of hairstyles but the fundamental thing is to know and know the type of face of your man.

Let’s look at the different types of faces of existing men so you can choose a hairstyle according to your face

Hairstyles for men
The shape of the face is decisive to make a hairstyle look like he expects

Hairstyles for men with oval faces

This type of face carries most of the hairstyles in men very well, since it is very proportional and balanced. For this type of face it is always good to consider keeping the forehead as colorful as possible, to give a clean, broad appearance and not reduce or further round the features of the face.

On oval faces avoid hairstyles with sideburns and bangs, because they would give your man an even more oval and narrow face

Usually, this type of face has a more classic haircut for men, shorter on the sides and longer up, which can be combed with gel or lacquer to the side as your man prefers.

Hairstyles for men with square ostro

The square face is a type of face with very marked features, therefore a masculine and attractive face. If your partner has a square face, he has been fortunate to have a face that will usually do most hairstyles.

For the square face the ideal is a modern hairstyle, which softens the jaw line and lengthens its features

The hairstyles of men that best fit this type of face are those whose side hair is short and the hair of the upper part of the head is longer so that the face looks balanced and tidy. A good hairstyle combined with a beard of three days, are ideal for this type of face.

Hairstyles for men
In square faces it is very important to give prominence to the upper part, hairstyles with height to lengthen the face

Hairstyles for men with round faces

For this type of face, which naturally has no defined angles or lines, a tall hair hairstyle could help conceal the circumference of your face. Hairstyles with more hair on the top of the head and less hair on the sides would give an excellent definition to your partner’s face.

Textured hair is the most appropriate in hairstyles for men with round faces

Raised fringes and textured hair fantastically complement men who have this type of face. One tip that you could suggest to your partner if he has a round face, is that he can combine a hairstyle with tall hair, with a larger, well-defined beard to decrease the roundness of his face in the part of the jaw.

Hairstyles for men
Hairstyles with a little height or asymmetric will give aesthetics to round faces

Hairstyles for men with rectangular faces

The rectangular face is very abundant among men. If your partner has a rectangular face it is characterized by being longer than wide. Hair hairstyles for this type of face should be chosen very cautiously, since the face should not be lengthened but should give an illusion to the face that is proportional.

Men with rectangular faces should opt for cuts that leave hair on the sides of the face

The hairstyles that will help your boyfriend, to reduce the length of his face, would be those that are not very short on the sides, and that the upper part is perfectly in the right measure, neither as long nor short. Also the hair on the top can fall to the front or to the side.

Hairstyles for men
This type of face is very common in men, a carefully selected hairstyle will provide balance to the face

Hairstyles for men with diamond faces

The diamond typeface is one of the most striking and sexy among men’s faces, so it is necessary to pay attention when it comes to a new hairstyle. How to recognize if your boyfriend has a diamond face ?, This type of face is characterized by having wider line of cheekbones, a narrower forehead and chin.

For a diamond face you can suggest hairstyles with layers or gradients, but made with scissors and not with machines since they would accentuate their ears more

Longer hairstyles, such as medium hair, seat this type of face very well. Hairstyles that wear bangs also make this type of face look excellent since the goal includes smoothing angled features.

Hairstyles for men
A hairstyle with bangs will reduce the attention on the most notable features of the diamond faces

Hairstyles for men with heart faces

A very common face in Latin American countries, but not as much as men with oval or square faces. The heart face is a face that is characterized by having a wider forehead and cheekbones, with a thin, almost pointed chin. Draw with your fingers a heart on your boyfriend’s face and you will know perfectly if he has a face like this genetically.

To your boy with a heart face you can additionally suggest the hairstyle to use a full beard to visually give more volume and balance the face

What kind of hairstyles can you suggest?

Men with heart faces go better with very long hairstyles, without reduced sides but taking care not to add too much height at the top of the head.

Hairstyles for men
The ideal hairstyles for the type of heart face, are those that are not made at the rate of the sides or back of the head

Hairstyles for men with triangular faces

The triangular face is characterized by having a narrow forehead, highlighting the jaw and nose for being wider. Does your man have a triangular face?

If this is the case, a short hairstyle would not fit since it would make the triangular shape of her face more noticeable.

Ideally for men with triangular faces are hairstyles with medium hair

To get a balance on the triangular face of your partner, you can suggest that you choose a very long hair hairstyle, with many layers on the top of the head and on the sides, medium bangs could add volume and decrease triangular features.

Hairstyles for men
If your boy’s face is triangular, no problem, there are hairstyles ideal for him

Hairstyles for Men

Now that you know how to differentiate the type of face from your fiance, we will show you the different hairstyles in men, from the classic to the most modern. Keep in mind that they must also live up to the commitment and stand out among others.

Short or long, good hairstyles exalt your beauty and attractiveness of your men

Long or short hairstyles for men are amazing because they exalt that innate masculinity that they possess and that melt us so much.

Hairstyles for men
There are many styles of hairstyles for men. Find the one that best suits your boy!

Hairstyles for men with short hair

Short hair is par excellence the style that most men wear. But the fact of having it short does not necessarily have to be classic and boring since today there are hairstyles for super stylish men and full of vanity to exalt the beauty of your man.

Hairstyles for men with short hair are characterized by being full of style and avant-garde

Renew that style of your boy and look for hairstyles for men with short hair that best suit him.

Hairstyles for men
Short hair is the favorite of the vast majority of men. Give it a spin with an incredible hairstyle!

Undercut style hairstyle

The term Undercut refers to wearing double-cut hair. This hairstyle has been in fashion for several seasons and will continue to do so, but with a more extreme touch.

How to differentiate the Undercut style among the other hairstyles?

This hairstyle differs because in the central part the hair is left long and the hair on the sides and in the back of the head is very short, with a professional machine. It is a hairstyle that will allow your boy to play with different styles.

Undercurt hairstyle
Undercut hairstyles are very popular because of how bold and modern they make boys look

If your fiance wants to look more formal or less rebellious, he can use rubber in the toupee towards the center.

More casual?

Now if you want to look informally, the upper hair can drop it to the side with a disheveled effect. If your boyfriend will go out with his friends and wants to look more daring, he can add volume to the upper hair.

Undercurt hairstyle
If the occasion is formal, a gel or jelly will help give that elegant look to the undercut hairstyle

The Undercut hairstyle is ideal for triangular, oval and round faces, also for boys with straight or curly hair.

The Undercut is an ideal hairstyle for men with triangular, oval and round faces

If your boyfriend has wavy hair, he can stretch it with a hairdryer and comb us up with a bit of jelly or hair wax.

Undercurt hairstyle
Although the undercut hairstyle looks better with straight hair, the wavy ones also have their prominence

Stripe hairstyle

If your boyfriend is rude this hairstyle will reinforce his rudeness. Usually, the hairstyle with the marked stripe is for men with a square and rectangular face. For your partner to get a look with great style to recommend the hairstyle with the marked stripe, which must be located on one of the upper sides of the head.

Striped brand hairstyle
The striped hairstyle has increased its popularity, this style will highlight the rough side of your partner

The hair may be gummed to have a wet effect. Although there are many variants throughout the hair, the volume of this will always be in the central area, since on the sides and on the back of your boy’s hair it should be short.

The marked stripe hairstyle is very trending this year will show the rough side of your boyfriend

Striped brand hairstyle
A striped brand hairstyle that includes a shorter side of hair will increase the appeal in your boy

Hairstyle with Bangs

Hairstyle with bangs has become popular and has gained space within men’s hairstyles. In the coming seasons, the hairstyle with bangs will take regardless of the direction it has, it can be on the side, paraded or layered.

If your boyfriend wants a fresher look, tell him to let the bangs grow more than normal, and to see a professional to have a fringe with scales or degraded.

Hairstyle with bangs
Hairstyle with bangs in men has gained quite a popularity in world-class artists

Usually, the fringe hairstyle is worn in short haircuts.

Hairstyles with bangs should be made with the help of a hair dryer to give that chic look to your boyfriend

This hairstyle is ideal for triangular or diamond-shaped faces.

If your boy is outgoing and has one of the previously named faces, this hairstyle will be super. Suggest that the bangs are not so stuck and if you comb it to the side it will give you a modern plus.

Hairstyle with bangs
Good bangs will give an extra touch of sensuality to the look of your boy

French Crop Hairstyle

The French Crop hairstyle was very fashionable in the 90s. If your boyfriend is relaxed and doesn’t spend much time caring for his hair, this hairstyle is ideal. In just minutes it is stylized and looks perfect. This type of hairstyle goes with almost every type of male face.

French crop hairstyle
The French crop is a hairstyle that combines the bangs with the asymmetric one to give a modern look to your partner

In the French crop hairstyle, the lateral areas of the head and neck are shaved, only small bangs are left that should be done with scissors and on scales.

This type of hairstyle will hide very well the entries that are usually marked over the years in the forehead of men. How would your fiance look with this type of hairstyle?

You can recommend it and if you agree it will look like a pretty natural hairstyle.

french crop hairstyle
The french crop hairstyle speaks of a man with a very relaxed style

Gradient Hairstyle

This type of male hairstyle is achieved when the haircut is gradual from top to bottom on the sides of the head. Nowadays men have opted for this style. The determining factor is knowing where the cut gradient begins.

Gradient Hairstyle
A gradient hairstyle is a visual feast


The gradient hairstyle looks great on round, oval and triangular faces. This hairstyle will make focus on him and not on the features of your boyfriend’s face.

Gradient Hairstyle
In the degraded hairstyle, it is essential where this begins so that it provides a great visual show in the hair of your fiance

Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Asymmetrical hairstyle is also a style for men carefree of their hair. They should only keep the side and back hairs of the head short. The asymmetrical hairstyle is simple and clean, it will make your boyfriend look modern and very sophisticated.

Asymmetrical hairstyle
Your boy’s hair can wear an asymmetrical hairstyle, it is a style that will be in trend for a long time

If your fiance has an oval, round or square face, an asymmetrical hairstyle will look amazing

The asymmetrical hairstyle was worn many years ago and again returns with great force.


For your man to look at this hairstyle it is necessary to apply a gel or wax, although it also works perfectly with curly hair. No matter the age of your boy this hairstyle is a safe bet.

asymmetrical hairstyle man
Asymmetrical hairstyle can help your boy hide the tickets

Mohican Hairstyle

The Mohican hairstyle is a style that will not go unnoticed, usually attracts much attention. And this because this hairstyle will focus on the top looking almost like a crow’s crest, the rest of the hair should be very short. If your boy has a rebellious personality and has no problem with attracting attention, this style could look great.

Mohican Hairstyle
A hairstyle that will take full attention is the Mohican hairstyle, the rebellious and original side of your boy will shine with this style.

For the success of this hairstyle, your fiancee’s hair must be naturally frizzy because it is easier to do so, there will not be much effort to stylize it.

Watch out!

Now if your boyfriend has hair closer to the straight one, a fixing spray and a special comb are necessary to give it the proper shape.

Mohican hairstyle
Over the years, men’s hairstyles have increased their diversity, this style will always steal everyone’s eyes

Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour is a type of hairstyle for modern and elegant men. This style is achieved by having the short hair lateral areas and the long upper part.

The good?

They are perfectly on diamond-shaped faces since this hairstyle will provide lengthening and reduce attention on your boy’s forehead and cheekbones.

Pompadour hairstyle
Style, modernism and elegance of a man will easily find a Pompadour hairstyle

The pompadour is unique in its style because a large volume of hair is swept up in the front to create a “pomp”

If your fiance has straight hair this hairstyle would be an excellent option.

Pompadour is a style that has lost space within men’s hairstyles. But all is not lost, this reason can be used in his favor because not all boys risk wearing it.

Pompadour hairstyle
Your boy will not go unnoticed with a pompadour hairstyle

Pompadour disconnected

A disconnected Pompadour is a variation of the generic tuft, according to experts in men’s fashion, will be in trend for a long time. How is the cap different from the disconnected pompadour?

Very easy!

This in the upper part of the hair is separated from the rest of the hair with the help of a short or faded side. This makes the upper hair stand out even more than with normal pomp.

Pompadour disconnected
Pompadour disconnected differs because one side is more polished than the other

Classic Hairstyle

Lately, the attention in the great men’s catwalks has been fixed in the classic hairstyle and this thanks to the predominance during the recent seasons of the asymmetrical, undercut or striped hairstyles to the side. The classic hairstyle in men has resurfaced on a large scale.

Women worldwide love the masculine man again, loaded with rudeness but sophisticated. This is why the classic hairstyle in men has gained a lot of popularity recently and of course, it will continue in the men’s fashion trend.

Classic hairstyles
The classic hairstyles return to raise the appeal in men

What is the classic hairstyle of men?

Mainly it is the short hairstyle that is combed to the side and this one has gel or gum, it was widely used during the 60s – 70s. You surely appreciated it in black and white films, in protagonists who wore suits, they wore elegantly and of course, they stole the heart of the protagonist.

The hairstyle for men that is again a trend are the classic hairstyles of the 60s

Yes, everything indicates that the retro is back and will stay for a long time. If your boy is a man with a strong character, and usually dresses in an elegant way, this classic hairstyle should consider him very soon.

Classic hairstyles
If your partner glued their hair, they will achieve a perfect classic hairstyle

Buzz hairstyle

Within the category of classic hairstyles, there is also the Buzz or shaving hairstyle When to use it?

It is indicated for men with round or oval faces and not so pronounced fronts.

If your boy doesn’t want to spend too much time keeping his hair this is a great way to look stylish

Don’t you think a man with shaved hair, shirt and tight pants is sexy?

Then, have your boy assume this look so that it attracts a lot of attention.

Classic hairstyles
A flush hairstyle throughout the head is a classic that increases the attractiveness of men

Bristly Hairstyle

This hairstyle is popular among the great soccer players. David Beckham is the closest reference. If your boy wants to show off a rebellious hairstyle that projects cleanliness, a bristly hairstyle is an ideal option.

The bristly hairstyle is perfect for men with heart-shaped or square faces.

The bristly hairstyle goes very well in faces in the shape of a heart or square. It gives a casual look and is easy to fix

Bristly Hairstyle
The bristly hairstyle is a favorite of the players of the most important leagues in the world

How can your boyfriend achieve this hairstyle?

You should go to a professional to perform the hair definition. The sides and the back should be polished with a machine, and on the top of the hair, it has to be slightly longer and blunt, then comb each strand in different directions.

In order for your fiance to achieve a perfect bristly hairstyle, you should comb it very well and use gel or wax so that the strands do not fall out.


Advise you to dry your hair with a hairdryer so you can make the hairstyle easier.

Bristly Hairstyle
The bristly hairstyle is a bold, fun style and will give your boy an extra originality

High Hairstyle

It is a hairstyle that will give prominence with artistic air to your fiance.

This hairstyle is located between the ordered and sophisticated, combined with the pompadour or even the Mohican hairstyle, which will achieve this style.

raised hairstyle
An elevated hairstyle is super sexy to the girls

The attention point of the raised hairstyle is the Tupé.

Some boys have renewed the raised hairstyle, cutting the sides flush, and combing the toupee with wax and a roller comb to give this special touch

Regardless of the type of face your boyfriend has, he must have enough hair on the top and the sides quite balanced even with a few inches more.

Super Fashion!

High hairstyle
A hairdryer is indispensable to achieve the sophisticated style of the raised hairstyle

Hairstyles for men with long hair

The trend of long hair in men has increased in recent seasons, this style has increased the appeal of gentlemen. If your boy has a great mane, he is a self-confident and dedicated man, because maintaining healthy hair takes time and dedication.

While short hair is the most chosen, hairstyles with long hair in men remain a trend

Does your boyfriend have long hair and also want to renew his appearance?

It should not necessarily be cut, as there are options to show off your great mane with a lot of style and modernism. Men can also look extremely attractive with bows, braids or with loose hair, that’s why we also wanted to show you the types of hairstyles that your boy could wear if he is a man with large proportions of hair.

long hairstyles for mens
The mane in men talk about their safety, they are an element that increases the attractiveness in industrial quantities

Man bun or bun hairstyle

The stigma that men look long hair has disappeared in recent decades. The bun is a hairstyle that will undoubtedly give a sophisticated and attractive touch to your boyfriend. Suggest that your boyfriend be somewhat scruffy and for a more casual look.

If you have long hair, a bun hairstyle is super elegant and is the most frequent option in holywood

Hollywood actors have used the bow at important events such as Oscar awards or other show awards

long hairstyles for mens
The mad bun style has become increasingly popular among boys

Surely if your hair is long, you are an expert making a high bun. But does your boy know how to do it?

If you have not tried, explain it step by step.

How to make a bun?

  1. First you must pick up the hair with a high tail, but not so precise, rather it should be left a little loose
  2. Let there be a gap with the top and front.
  3. When you go for the last lap do not remove all the hair and there will be a small bun.

That easy and simple, your partner will have a new hairstyle that will show their attractiveness and modernism.

Bun Hairstyle
The «man bun» is a style that takes hold of men’s long hair to look great and relaxed

This hairstyle of a man with long hair is one of the most elegant and sophisticated, it will look good on your boy for occasions such as an outing with friends or a barbecue Sunday.

Low tail hairstyle
Men with long hair who decide to opt for this low-tailed hairstyle express elegance and masculinity

Top Knot Hairstyle

This is a variation of the «man bun», the top knot is a top knot and where it will only be located at the top of your boy’s head. Undoubtedly, this hairstyle can provide a different style, highlighting the urban and manly side of your fiance.

Knot top hairstyle
If your partner chooses the Top Knot you can suggest that he increase his creativity, trimming or shaving the lower areas such as the neck

This type of high-tailed hairstyle is very favorable for those men with a round or oval face, it will allow to lengthen the face a little more and reduce the attention on their features.


If your partner wants to show his rebellious and outgoing spirit, this hairstyle is ideal.

long hairstyles for mens
If your boy follows your advice, surely the top knot hairstyle will give that super modern touch to his look

What are the steps for your boy to make a perfect top knot?

  1. First you must collect all the hair, in the middle of the head and above the neck
  2. Take it back
  3. Then you must tie or hold the hair brought from the front of your head to give it the necessary volume.
High tail hairstyle
The high tail or high bun is also a choice of hairstyles for men who have long hair

Braid Hairstyle

Braid hairstyle is a style to give comfort to your partner. Undoubtedly, a pretty bold look, but that is currently a trend in men’s fashion. If your boy with long hair is looking for a change in his image, suggest this hairstyle, something radical and that will surely leave everyone speechless.

It is super sexy!

braid hairstyle
A braided hairstyle talks about your boy’s safety. These are not just for women!

Among the hairstyles with braids is one of the hottest

The braid hairstyle can start from the root of the hair, but if your boy does not like it, the classic braid that would be from the middle of his hair can be done and this hairstyle will surely look great with his style.

Braid hairstyle
This braid hairstyle will bring fun and comfort to your fiance’s hair

Semi-picked hairstyle

Semi-picked hair styling is a good option in case your man is tired of always wearing loose hair. This hairstyle with a small bun at the top will give a touch of originality to your partner’s look. Again you can explain step by step how to perform a semi-picked hairstyle.

long hairstyles for mens
This semi-picked with braid you can do it for a special occasion with your boy

How to make a semi-collected hairstyle for men?

  1. You must first select two strands, one on each side of the head
  2. Then you must take them to the back and with height, continue the tie with a rubber band or hair clip
  3. And before giving it the last turn, don’t get all the hair out so that there is a small bun that will undoubtedly make a very relaxed and masculine look.

This hairstyle is for men with a hipster touch, if accompanied with a long or careless beard, they will make your fiance look stunning

Semi-picked hairstyle
The semi-collected hair hairstyle is a style that will increase the sexy side of your boy

The Hairstyle of loose hair

The loose hair hairstyle is one of the most worn by men with carefree lifestyles. Styles like hipsters or surfers are great because their hair has great volume. It is no secret to anyone that having long hair requires a lot of care.

If your boy wants to achieve the perfect hairstyling, tell him it’s time to use the iron or curling iron that you sure have.

long hairstyles for mens
This hairstyle must have an important volume and will be achieved with some waves

Another secret that you can give your boy to achieve this hairstyle, is that a classic braid is performed last night, not so tight and the next morning a curling hair product is placed, it will surely give very natural waves and raise its attractiveness.

hairstyle loose hair
Loose hair styling is another style in men’s fashion, usually carried with waves to further highlight your boy’s personality

Combing hair  smooth

We could not leave out the straight hair hairstyle. This depends fundamentally on the type of hair your fiance has. Make sure your boyfriend’s hair is as close to straight, although it can also show some waves to give it volume.

long hairstyles for mens
The straight hair hairstyle will highlight the rudeness of your boy, advise your partner to wear layers on it and thus highlight much more

This hairstyle for men is super simple should always be neat, although you can weather your hair with a professional.


If your boyfriend has a rough and elegant look, a good straight hair hairstyle will further enhance his appeal.

straight hair
Every day there are more boys who care about their appearance. Hair is essential to them!

Whether your fiance’s hair is long, medium or short, there will always be a special hairstyle for him.

We hope you find the hairstyle for your man in this special and you can convince your boy for a quick renewal of style that favors him

Remember that your man can increase his attractiveness by selecting a hairstyle that goes with his personality and lifestyle.

What is your favorite hairstyles for men? Which one do you think is the sexiest?

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