7 Netflix series to get into Valentine’s Day mode

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to discover or rediscover quality series, lovers or single! So, if you do not feel like going out, find yourself a very comfortable plaid and make your choice among these 7 series:

A young and beautiful boy who falls in love with a young and beautiful woman, here is the main story of many TV series that are sadly similar … This selection on the other hand, could please anyone, it is obvious, There is something for every taste !


Of course we do not present it anymore, the series of the moment that you must absolutely see if it is not yet the case!

netflix You series

Heart Plan:

Plan Coeur portrays the story of Elsa, an eternal bachelor disappointed by her last love affair.

netflix series Heart Plan


The new Spanish series featuring some of the actors of La Casa de Papel, revolves around the murder of Marina and the search for his killer, whose identity is revealed in the ultimate opus.

netflix Elite series

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

Rebecca, a renowned lawyer, decides to leave Nex-York to join West Covina in California where resides Josh, her ex, whom she dreams of reclaiming …

netflix series

New Girl:

This series will put you in a good mood but will also teach you how to share your time between your friends and your spouse.

Netflix Nex Girl series


The unavoidable series … which is now available on Netflix to the delight of all fans!

Netflix Friends series


Between comedy and tragedy, Atypical is a touching series that depicts the story of Sam, a teenager with autism in search of love.

Atypical netflix series

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