5 Sex Positions That You May Feel Frustrated By Adopting

It’s a good thing that you want to be adventurous in bed. We fully support your desire to do new experiments in bed. This is why we keep telling you about sex positions from time to time. But here we are telling you about the five sex positions, if you do not try them, then you are not going to suffer any loss. Because it is so difficult to do them that hardly you can get Satisfaction.

Picker-upper position

If you adopted this sex position and you liked it, then it is good. Most people consider it very difficult. You must have seen in the movies that the boy is standing, the girl wraps her legs around his waist. Think what it means to have sex while exercising like this?

69 Position

This is an over-hyped position of sex. What exactly do both of you want to prove by adopting this position? Do you want to enjoy or satisfy your partner? Adopting a 69 position is really a confusing position. You will be so lost in following both positions that the main work will remain.

sex position

Reverse cowgirl position

Cowgirl is a fun position, but if you want to see a wall or a ladder for a long time in this position, then think how boring it will be. This is also the case in reverse cowgirl, where your partner is able to see your beautiful back, but you just have to jump.

Spooning sex position

Spooning sex position is good, but only when you have to sleep with your partner. Having sex during spooning is very bizarre. The more bizarre, the more uncomfortable. You have to raise your legs on a strange angle so that the partner can Penitrate properly.

Flat position

This is a childish position. You sleep on your stomach and sleep on top of you. Since the partner’s entire weight falls on you, it becomes very uncomfortable. Many couples also experience pain. Where there are pain and discomfort, where will the joy come?

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