13 types of ‘skin fade’ to show off a faded cut in 2023


The origin of fade It dates back to the 1940s and the need for military groups to stay clean and comfortable during World War II. In addition, it was a symbol of strength and discipline. Later, it was positioned among the favorites thanks to hiphop in the eighties scene. Today, the faded ––which go from the skin fade until the burst fade, among other variations––have greatly increased their popularity among men of all styles and generations.

Although the gradient can be merged with other styles, these are the ones that are currently conquering the networks and the street style. Take note!

High skin fade cut for men
A gradient or ‘fade cut’ is a style that gradually reduces the volume and dimension of the hair. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

Respecting any length in the upper part of the head, the fade it is a gradual fade of the hair on the sides and the back area. This can be tall, medium, or short, and you have the option of keeping your hair very short or showing your skin.

A gradient is done with a machine or a knife and, as we mentioned before, the door is open to experiment with any other cut.

Editor’s tip: to keep your skin fade in perfect condition, washing the hair with products that provide deep cleaning without damaging the scalp is essential. try the liquid soap Ax Dark Temptationwhich also works for the body and beard.

Skin fade cut for men
A ‘skin fade’ cut reveals the skin on the nape of the neck and ears. Credit: Shutterstock.

Specifically, the skin fade It is done with the intention of thinning the hair to the highest degree, maintaining a longer length at the crown with a transition towards the skin. This can go over the ears and the nape of the neck, or just behind or to the sides, depending on the style you want to achieve.

Skin fade + Caesar cut

Men's Caesar Cut with High Fade
May your Caesar cut be faded if your forehead is wide or if your face is round. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

This is the favorite hybrid of the moment. And it is that, in addition to being a comfortable cut with an urban vibe, the faded César winks at the nineties aesthetic.

While keeping bangs short and more volume at the crown, this is ideal for visually elongating round faces and concealing a wide forehead.

Skin fade high

Short faded haircut for men
Opt for a classic cut like the quiff with a fade for a contemporary twist. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

A fade high requires a transition from the temple to the nape, which can be visually straight or in a semicircle. Combined with a type cut quiff, it can help give your hair volume and a sense of added dimension, especially if it is straight. Likewise, it is chosen by many athletes for its comfort.

Editor’s tip: If you are going to get a cut like the one in the image, the best way to comb it is with the help of a comb and applying products such as eGo Matte wax on the tips.

skin fade haircut with beard

Skin fade cut with beard for over 50 years
Combine a ‘skin fade’ with a polished beard to elongate the face with great style. Credit: Shutterstock.

If you have a beard, then the skin fade tall may be the best complement. Although this disconnects facial hair from hair, its effect is flattering, especially if you have receding hairlines or if your face is round in shape. By leaving volume at the top and creating an angle at the end of the beard, you will get a looks polished and stylized that elongates the face.

Court skin fade mohawk

Skin fade mohawk with beard
Don’t hesitate to wear your Mohican with texture and a fade. Credit: Instagram.com/r.braid.

Cuts like the mohicanhe mullet and other styles that are having a new boom in today’s fashion scene, are being worn with fades. This characteristic gives them a youthful air without compromising their rebellious essence. In addition, it allows you to gain height and play with different hairstyles.

Court mullet + skin fade

Men's Spiky Fade Mullet Cut
Today, the ‘mullet’ is worn with a ‘skin fade’. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

The new version of mullet includes ––yes or yes–– a skin fade. This further emphasizes the cut, since the sides end up very low and the hair can fall with greater volume. Although, of course, the way you style is key to getting texture and preventing the cut from looking flat.

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Takuache cut with taper fade

Takuache cut with fade for men
The takuache cut includes a ‘skin fade’. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

On this side of the hemisphere, the court of takuache It’s making its way among the favorites of the moment, especially among the Tex-Mex culture. It is a hybrid between Caesar cut and a fade, which can be high, medium, or low. Of course, the texture is key to wearing it, as is leaving the skin visible over the ears.

burst fade

Men's Burst Skin Fade Cut
Opt for a semicircle fade, also known as a ‘burst fade.’ Credit: Instagram.com/brodiethebarber_.

He burst fade it is nothing more than a fade in a semicircular shape, around the ears. Although it can be mixed with other cuts, doing it with a mullet or a mohawk seems to be the favorite trend.

Men's Faded Pompadour Cut
The ‘pompadour’ cut looks more sophisticated if you add a low fade to it. Credit: Instagram.com/joshlamonaca.

In Spanish, low fade means “low fade”. Therefore, the longest part of the hair is at the top and reaches the top of the ears, where it begins to fade. wear it with a pompadour to give it a more elongated and sophisticated effect.

Editor’s tip: Turn the eGo Deep Moisture modeling cream in your ally to create hairstyles with movement and a light hold. In addition, it will help you control frizz if your hair is wavy or curly.

Low skin taper fade

Taper fade cut for men
If your hair is curly or wavy, opt for a ‘taper fade’. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

On his side, he taper fade fade hair subtly and only above the ears and at the nape of the neck, with no connecting point. If your hair is curly or wavy, this is the best way to keep the volume in check and keep it manageable to achieve any hairstyle.

Skin fade short with long hair

Skin fade with long straight hair
A ‘low fade’ will bring life to your long hair. Credit: Instagram.com/vitaly.melchenko.

Break with the idea that the gradient is used only with short hair. If yours is long and you want a distinctive touch that will help you keep it under control all day, do not hesitate to add the famous low fade.

Skin fade cut for straight hair
A ‘mid fade’ can be the best complement to a classic cut like the ‘quiff’. Credit: Shutterstock.

in a cut midfade, or mid fade, the gradient occurs right at that point between the temple and the ear. This is perhaps the most versatile and low-maintenance haircut you’ll want to wear with any haircut. Although, it especially goes better with classic styles.

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